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Gathered Dust

Prose is only as meaningful as the words expressed. If from the soul, of sensualities keep chest. At times they have set, and gathered dust. Upon the shelves of time, but never forgotten.  Now years have past. Time has caught up with me.  My memories have remained, as if yesterday's kiss. Poetic love, bundled and tied. Like ribbons in your hair, never turns mellow. ...Read On


Oh, As the Moth Doth Fly

Oh, as the moth doth fly on fickle wings Towards the fiery flame that unfolds, So to do I flock the same as the moth Towards the brightly burning heart that you hold. And as the moth doth warm his weary wings As to bathe in the basking of the light, So to do I soak in a sea of love And rest in your comforting arms of night. And though the moth may knoweth not Why...Read On



Poetry inspired by a special person.

Your greetings appear within my browser,  and I feel warmth cascade over my being. A lustful smile stretches across my face, prepared to respond in kind. Our fantasies twist through our words, coalesced and infused together. Painting the vivid dreams of our hearts, spilling out our carnal desires freely. We co-exist in worlds of torrid beauty, as I grasp at the thought of you ...Read On


My Addiction

I think I found you at the perfect time I had almost given up trying I was struggling to live some kind of life Swallowed whole by my fear of dying I welcomed you gladly into my world And you turned my own personal hell Into a sexy and beautiful place A grown-up version of a girl’s fairy tale Your deep kisses stole my breath Leaving me wanting many more The way your hands touch me now...Read On


Heaven Sent

Brilliantly composed, her heavenly body exposed. Never reaching for heaven, when she's near I know it's close. Instigating unusual prose. Internal vault rigged to explode. The heist of the century carried out by a one woman show. Visual Dolce. So amazing. Breathtaking. I'm salivating. Everything about her elating. She keeps me patiently waiting. She's my heart, my amorist,...Read On



Just a very short poem about my recent break up

As I lie alone in this empty bed, I close my eyes to feel your touch. I wish for the taste of your dick in my mouth. I long for the sound of your mouth on my breasts, The sting of your teeth as they bite my tender flesh. I miss the way your hips fit between my legs When your length is buried so deep inside me, Touching places no one else ever has, Bringing me pleasure as only...Read On


You have lost your cyber lover

Feelings of how you feel after this loss

Cyber relationships can come to a halt,  They will stop abruptly, it's not really your fault. Real life situations may come up in their lives, And you're not part of that, how will you survive. These relationships can be a bit too intense, You have to be smart and not lose common sense. Even though you have never actually met, Losing them would make you rather upset. You've spent lots...Read On

Recommended Read

We are the ones that will make this day real

An old poem rediscovered bringing back passionate memories...I'm a romantic...Can't help it...

We are the ones that will make this day real (and the morning sun is beautiful now) We are the two that (as one) will grow insane Because love is mad and always true We are the ones that will call the breeze to tighten our minds And dry our eyes, and whiten our skin with the salt of the sea We are the ones that will never know That tomorrow is lonely and impossibly far....Read On


Pieces of We

Un-pretty little pieces.

Pieces of We I hold your heart in my hands, and it is my own. A broken thing, fragmented and beautiful. A fiercely delicate, dangerously sharp work of art. It is an exquisite glass sculpture. A rich jewel of life and goodness and truth. It has been dropped and stepped on until it's all jagged edges and wicked angles and shards of sweetest, painful love. It is my own heart of...Read On


I gave a rose

A man gives his love a rose

I gave a rose to my love Brightest red and free of thorns On our first date to celebrate Upon her beauty it did adorn. I gave two roses to my love On that day she answered “Yes” Small token for lives ahead And on this day I felt blessed. I gave three roses to my love On the day we finally wed Fiery red hued blossoms three For tonight we shared a bed. I gave four roses to my love This date...Read On


A Dedication To My Lover

A tribute to my second mother, lover and confidante.

We met here on Lush, over two years ago Our hearts for each other beginning to grow, Seeing each other for the very first time Drinking gin and tonic, garnished with lime. Like a mother who brought me from depths of despair Loving me tenderly and brushing my hair, Sharing her husband in times of my need Bringing me to orgasm, and doing their deed. Her sweet smiling face...Read On


Walking Apart

It's over

How is it that we once walked together Shared our hopes and dreams Now, we can't stand to look at one another Without feelings of disgust to the extreme You are a disappointment In every fiber of my soul You took from me my love And now I have to do some damage control I trusted you and honored The vows we once took You never appreciated that And gave the others more than just...Read On


Happy Reminders

They say it takes some time to heal when losing love the pain you feel In biding time you realise it might just take more thoughts apprised To ask myself what did I do to let her down without a clue Sure, certian things come into play but don't add up to my dismay To pick apart the scattered clues and tell myself this was no ruse I can't keep track of all of these sadistic...Read On



Running from the pain as far as i can as fast as I can.

Running Crying Tears feel my eyes Blurring my vision Causing me to run into everything in the way knocking it down Pushing trees out of the way Trying to get away from The pain My heart Still bleeding where I left it on the cliff side Running faster and faster my chest hurting Still I keep running leaving it all behind me Remembering the time we shared with...Read On


Verses Versus

Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges

VERSES VERSUS – Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges Shower Scene The spray was hot, and full of steam. The couple stood beneath. His fingers in her female seam; She sucked air through clenched teeth. And even though the water cooled, (They'd been in there an hour) She loved the way that he had fooled With her clit in the shower. Belly Buttons Some...Read On