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Shining Youth, Glowing Age

We were young and merged in oneness, We are old but we're not sunless. Hearts still youthful, faithful, moving Always active, always roving. We're still loving, we're still giving Ever thoughtful, ever living This is just the start of striving This is not the last of thriving. Lives still fresh with hope abiding, Lives still sweet with wings for gliding, Flying over, worlds below us,...Read On



My back is burning brightly with pain.. An exquisite slow burn that gets warmer and warmer. Turning into flames And the flames go higher and higher Reaching to the sky Getting white hot as the sun. I am merely mortal I try fan the flames out Only to make them hotter and hotter. I fall to the grass gasping in pain. Only to wake up and do it all over again. I think of you but the...Read On


Feels Like Home

Through all the good times and hard, we feel at home... together

Inscribed on the doorposts of our hearts, are markings old and new. Signs of times past, growth of something fresh. The gardener plants his seeds with care: Patiently watering. Painfully weeding. Nurturing. Loving. Then up from the ground, reaching for suns warmth, growing strong, preparing for that wonderful day, when bud finally opens and color bursts forth. The doorpost records...Read On

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Plain Honest Truth

If I were to say all you are to me straight out No fear to hold me back, nothing at all The words would not be understood, not as they should So much I wish to say yet it never comes out right A cut off sentence, incomplete paragraph Tangled languages weaving my feelings This emotion is such, it burns my existence At times anger or need get the best of me ...Read On


My Gift

A longing to gift a lover a passionate kiss

My beach is beckoning Tides turn once again Seagulls soar aloft Calling out my name. Wistful hearts pining On our sandy paradise. Summer breeze sweeps my hair While you are facing winter’s ice. Sand beneath my feet Gazing out to sea. Breezes carry a kiss From your lips to me. Tides ebb and flow Each day more will follow From my lips to yours A memory echoes. A long passionate kiss...Read On


true song

waking dreams have power.

... stars sing softly in a frozen sky.  my sleepy thoughts wing their way along silent breaths to your body. soft breasts brush your chest, the trail of warm metal electric. my tongue licks softly across your lips. wake to me. feel my need slide across your rousing cock. grasp my piercings between your fingers  and pull me down whispering the insistent sound  of...Read On



I I remember meeting you during the Christmas holidays many years ago. A fire burned in the fireplace but you had a glow that tugged at the moth–in-me. Behind your cherub mask your dark eyes darted, searching, I suspect, for affirmation of your beauty, and beneath the bell tones of your laugh I sensed the broken pieces of your past. II And now,...Read On


Stolen Moments

A love gone wrong

Stolen Moments I lay in bed naked and alone Missing you even though You just left my side. I can still feel your mouth on me, Sucking, kissing and tasting My body from head to toe. Your hands traveled from my face to my thighs Leaving a path of electricity Making me tremble and shake with desire. I can still inhale the aroma of your cologne Still on the pillow beside me How...Read On


Weekend in Paradise

Still Smiling

My heart is beating rapidly As I'm happy to see The man of my dreams Walking towards me His smile is so captivating His eyes brown and blazing The passion and fire Within me burning is amazing We kiss and hold onto each other The moment is finally here, of our get together For months we've been chatting Loving and sexting Now here we are Feelings of passion within us wrestling ...Read On



When I found you I was damaged and afraid I offered to you my heart and my soul These parts so essential had been beaten and broke Somehow, someway, you made them whole. If my soul could speak to you, my dear, it would tell you the reasons I am who I am. Whispering to you of the demons I fear, showing you the damage wrought before we began. It would tell you the story of my life A...Read On


What holds you

Gathering of clouds

Fear took hold of you Fear holds you close Your vision blurred Visions you have are blurred, Heart beats steady Yet the rhythm fluctuates Fear of the unknown You galloped towards it. That sleeve of emotion Readily you held out Collecting your tears as they fell, No cushioning, No fanfare Thee ensemble you conduct. Gathering of clouds Random thoughts closing in Darkening...Read On


My Thighs love resides on my thighs.

My friend, my love resides on my thighs. Living within the restricted dimensions of the height, the width, and the depth of my screen there is you. Although confined, the friendship, the laughs, the sharing, and the emotions are as real as possible. At times the words, the sentiment, and the passion on the page seem to escape their boundaries. However, there is no doubt that...Read On


Let us dance

Let our destiny be guided, by the starlight from above

Let us dance beneath the stars On a carpet made of sand Let us shimmer in the moonlight As we wander, hand in hand Let our hearts be bound together  An eternity of love Let our destiny be guided By the starlight from above Let me gaze into your soul See the passion in your eyes Feel the warmth of love and tenderness As wide as sea, as wide as sky May my fingers feel your pulse And...Read On



All The Time ...I Want You

Sometimes I say things That come out all wrong Sometimes I do things Like dancing naked to a song Sometimes I love hard Riding his erect dong Sometimes I cum like A train powerful and strong Sometimes I like it deep and slow Then speed it up make it last long Sometimes I want it standing up Or ride it in bed where I belong Sometimes I want to hold his hand So massive and...Read On


Missing you

I miss you so much

Thinking of you, when you're away,  Loving you each and every day. Our connection is so strong, We haven't been chatting very long. I'm so happy when you log on, I miss you like crazy, when you're gone. I love our friendship, it means so much, My heart is warmed by your touch. Even though we have never met, You take me places, I never will forget. I love you so much in my own...Read On