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Love Poems


I miss you

How I derive a sense of pleasure from my thoughts of you A summery scent finds its way to me and I am reminded of our first night In the darkness I found you sitting in your own little world We were far enough and in my mind I should have tried harder To see if you wanted what I've thought about for a long, long time So quiet As the trees gently whispered and urged me closer To where it...Read On


Her World

sung to the melody of Piano Man (my first poetic attempt)

She collects lovers like barbie dolls, places them all o'er her shelves. Turns all their heads to gaze towards her bed while she sits and she plays with herself. She plays the plastic crowd like a cheap guitar trying to keep each one tuned. Her fingers are silky, which keeps her puss milky as she sits and plays while half nude. They all keep watch with their cold blank stares ...Read On

Audio version available

New Day

Please don't write me off.

This poem only available on Lush Stories This biting night is cold and lonesome: Echoes of the monstrous past Are creeping up and nipping at me, My spirit terrified, aghast. The nails of fear are ripping through me, Slicing open hidden worries; Skin in shreds and bleeding fiercely, Shining barbs fly round in flurries. Screaming voices, hate and anguish, Temporal fears solidify, This...Read On


The Longing of the Heart

The aching in my heart is almost unbearable...

We talk about it regularly Our plan to get together, to be together But that’s all it is, some sort of future event That never quite seems to take place This yearning is my constant companion This hell-bent desire for your presence I want you so bad I swear I can taste you in my mouth My heart just can’t take it Removing what is vital Can kill a man Pushing him right over...Read On


Secret Longing

How does it feel to be left wanting? To know what you need, but it’s just out of reach. No one to confide in, that safety net is gone; Do you feel big and strong, or do you feel meek? When she holds you at night, does your mind wander? Do your dreams betray you in your sleep? Warm in your arms do you dare tell her? In the end you know you only sew what you reap. What do you think...Read On


Longing To Get Home

At work I have had a very long day... My only thoughts are of your pussy, in which I long to play Driving home with erotic thoughts racing through my mind Of making love to you, that beautiful wifey of mine Tonight you're my sexy little angel But you won't return to Heaven, you'll stay where you fell Walking into the house, I head straight for our bedroom My text message informed...Read On


An Old Flame Burns Still

One that would probably have been better left unwritten

I thought that the fire had long ago died out.  The heat of its flames left only in memory  and it's ashes carried off by the winds of time  that had passed between us. I never dared believe that I might find a still living spark where once the roaring flame had been. The world had changed over the years  and the hearth had grown so cold  that surely nothing could have remained....Read On


What Might Have Been

A brief poem on a single relationship

When I saw you standing there my heart stopped all events cleared that day I view you as perfect yet imperfect your movements were like grace I dreamed only that which showed my life altered from one to another In a second there you was know not what was to be and was not to be You was you, and I me lost there on after When you looked at me my heart stopped when you spoke to me...Read On


I Remember

As I lie down awaiting my dreams to envelope my reality, my last thoughts about you before departing

I remember, I remember The first time, the last time The only time my beats froze for a stranger. I remember, I remember Those starry beads, those gleaming locks The first time you held me under your spell I remember, always will The first touch, the first kiss The frozen moment, the fiery bath Of love, life and desire I remember, Vivid The echoes of ecstasy, the union...Read On


Muse 20

Close Friendship

Muse (20) Sitting beside you, thoughts run through my head What it would be like lying next to you in bed Strong urges telling me to go ahead But I use all my strength to make my limbs like lead Because the thought of losing your friendship, creates dread So I close my eyes and see red. I open my eyes to see your red lips parted Sitting beside me, at ease, my torture, painful rest...Read On

Midnight Flower

Our Time Will Come

I call out your name under the Moonlight Even if the Ocean swallows it in vain, taking it deep Burying it within the sands of time, covered, hidden Words that are fire burning without mercy Lifting sorrow, grief and tears far from your heart Lips melt upon golden skin, kisses felt deep within Passion that is ours yet to be consumed Listen, touch, feel the desire, take it all Keep...Read On


We'll Be There For You -- Friends With New Lyrics

A poem to honor one of my best friends, set to the theme from Friends.

We’ll Be There For You (Hotstuff) By Captain Midnight Adapted from “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts (Four bars of introductory music) Your mama never told you Life could turn so bad this way (POP-POP-POP-POP!) In one split second your love’s Life was snatched away … You went through many changes in that year … But when you thought your life could go nowhere...Read On


Armed again

I will not be denied. I will not be crushed.

My helmet my armour my sword my shield All of these you took from me I opened my heart up to you The love I showed was always true I confided in you and told you things Thoughts that only a loving heart brings I gave it my all because I loved you so Maybe that was too much for you It was not the breakup that made me mad It was not the heartache that made me sad What tore me...Read On


He Lies Sleepily

The sweetest start to a day...

He Lies Sleepily He lies sleepily Within his bed Dreams of a woman Of words writ and said His body hardens As he remembers her touch The caress of her tongue He wants her so much The covers move And soft warmth is there He cuddles close To a dream so fair The morning warmth Of her skin Snuggling softly As she rests against him He sighs in contentment As he awakes...Read On


Empathy Soft pooling eyes adoring cast, Sweet empathy they seek. So open up your aching heart, Embrace emotion’s shriek. Confess those ever gnawing shades That flutter through your mind, Unfetter all those dark desires, Release them from their bind. So they may soar on outstretched wings Before your enrapt sight And I may nurture trembling you; Arise, ascend, take flight. ...Read On