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Love Poems


The Bitter Sweet Impact of Fantasy to Reality

If he only knew how much he affects me...

Did you know that I already looked at your picture last night before I went to sleep? As expected you don't look like the man in my imagination. You looked good and tender as your words in our conversations. And I slept last night with you in my thoughts. I lay in bed with a pillow beside me assuming it was you, Your widely spread arms enclosed me from behind, ...Read On


Madgascar Leave

Do You Remember Those Secret Days?

MADAGASCAR LEAVE We boys casually pal’d around before we got down to making love In the Beautiful waste of days in the empty nothing that had become our lives. We then burst from our confining clothes to be Naked, playing cowboys on the pallet, Searching our shells for something other than These lonely little moments. We eked out solace like we were Digging in poisoned ground But,...Read On

If You

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to be erased, As the sand covers them without remorse Would the birds continue to migrate? If I were suspended, caught between...Read On


What Is Love?

Love Poem

What is Love A handful of promises That can be broken A heart full of Happiness That can turn into loneliness Can I love again Like I loved back then Back when life was much easier Before my heart was broken in to pieces all those years ago I have loved since then But, could not hold onto it I push everyone away If I can love myself Why is it difficult for me to love another.......Read On

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No Room

you take everything

You overwhelm me with your need as you pull me too close and steal my breath with your lips. Your hands tear at my body as I moan for your love. That mouth... oh my god. that mouth sucks my breasts as if to drain them of life. The entrance you crave is wet in spite of all efforts because I need you and hate that need at the same time. You slide through the folds ...Read On


Sweet Serenade

Sweet serenade of my heart Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh Those brassy tones all soft and mellow Tender music of my lost soul Reaching out from the past To touch me on the morrow. Sweet notes that cascade and fall, And tumble Across my dreaming flesh like A soft caress That fills the void inside of That loving heart of yesterday. How my spirit...Read On


I Cried Tonight

I love him so...

I cried as I drove home tonight But you didn’t know. I left my heart out in the air And it cracked as it fell. But it’s not the first time My heart has been damaged or contused. Can you not see The pain that seeps out of me? Sometimes I think I love too much, And, while you love, it’s not as deep. Should I stay and be in pain, Or should I end it now while I am still sane? ...Read On


Letting Down My Guard

Tension in the air, I feel his eyes peering through me Is this hate or is this lust, I'm growing weary I don't know what to say, I'm struck with fear My mind is clouded, nothing is clear He scoots closer to me, that look still in his eyes I jump, startled, I want to cry His hand touches my thigh, he leans in Unsure of what to do, I gently place my fingers on his chin Caressing...Read On


He is my Master

Master, You are who I so look up to Master, You are who I melt for every day Master, You are who I kneel in front of eyes downward Seeing in front of me, your greatest gift to me your hardness excites me Sir Your kind eyes looking at me that can turn to steel in a fraction of a second making my tummy excited my red bottom squirm wanting only to please you, my Master ...Read On


And When Reality Strikes

It's ironic and I don't understand how did I end up feelin' this....

I am bewildered because the thought of you makes me weak, but pretending not to care about you makes me seek. When you were here, my eyes can't blink; I poked you thrice before I’d think. In this world we are in, we talked about anything, but in reality, we can only do nothing. For all the good times we shared, there’s really nothing can be compared. As we go back to...Read On



Just Can't Get Enough...

Cigarette The drag in is like a he pushing in you So deep So Slowly and gentlly. You swell in joy and bliss Till the exhalation of the smoke is Like you in a she … and With the spasm and the inevitable spurts of cum, your cells melt in pleasure… ...Read On


The Colour of Your Eyes

What colour does your gaze cast upon me?

The rosy pink blush of dawn and the cerise of the rising sun Warm my face as you sleepily smile at me in the morning. Luscious green emerald depths of the grass soothe my soul as you hold me in your arms And murmur to me of our growing closeness. White delicate blossom petals swirl like sweet snow As you kiss tenderness over my face. Fierce black clouds gather and gloam when the...Read On


No Comparison

In a lot of peoples lives there is an other...

In a lot of people’s lives there is another. Another man or woman besides your spouse that you have that special connection with… In some cases that other is just one of many men or women that we have in our lives to fill that void… I feel your lips brush my forehead and your words love you. But your words spark no emotion in me, nor do they have any of their own. I know it's not because...Read On


Sweet Memories

How you cared when I needed it was soothing and sweet; There is something in me that only you can complete. I got used to you wanting me it just felt right; We get along so perfectly there was never a fight. I think about you all the time and I miss your voice; I understand why you’re not here you have no choice. I worry about you, wonder how you are doing; In the back of my...Read On


The Heart's Treasure

There’s something a miss In my heart, In my treasure chest I do keep it locked Because I get scared When someone comes to knock It’s hard to see When others get hurt It frightens me What will I say To that one On that beautiful day The one that gets my key To my treasure chest What will she be I hope my best friend, My lover, my spouse, my partner, and my equal For ever...Read On