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Love Poems

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I knew that day that this was it, That we would end up together. A simple vocabulary change was all that it was, But it's a moment I'll cherish forever. We've talked of our future before; The future that seemed so far away. Too early for the commitment I was sure I wanted, Left only to dream of 'One Day'. It changed as soon as I used that word; You smiled and told me you liked it....Read On



Juices of a watermelon can be an aphrodisiac

As watermelon drips between my breasts His tantalizing tongue draws a picture Twirling around my nipples Sucking all the juices Nibbling my nipples Making me moan His smile captivating His fingers teasing me Placing them inside Bringing them to my mouth I taste myself His head glistening As my mouth captures his Tasting salty sweetness As I drag my nails down his body Covering him...Read On


In Hope Of One Touch

Searching for that one to ease my pain of waiting

A personal reflection on my life... I close my eyes at night, as sexual dreams explore my mind like fire burning bright Thoughts of the female form, laying at my side and smiling back towards me To have that sense of touch, that feel of flesh, only to caress and ease this pain of my waiting To have a woman to tenderly express her own desires, her love, as she touches me To have two hearts...Read On


Beautiful the sight


The fire glows hot The romance be the fire There are flames of white. Beautiful warm night Camping under the moon light Many stars are bright. A romantic night Romance and love in the air Beautiful the sight. In the sky they shoot Stars are flying over head A beautiful sight. Beautiful warm night Camping under the moon light Many stars are bright. A romantic night Romance...Read On


The Love We're Making

A poetic work written the morning after mine and Vicki's first night together.

Our lips and tongues embraced You kiss has a honey taste We're both in our suits of birth You're more beautiful then I can believe Our love's strong and we got something to achieve So, turn off the light No holding back, no faking You're all mine tonight Gonna do everything that feels right Let's get to the love making On my bed, we passionately kissing There's not a spot on you I'ma...Read On


The Way You Make Me Feel

How am I supposed to tell you, The way that you really make me feel, When every time I speak to you, My words all leave my head? So I guess I’m just going to have to tell you, When you’re not online, Exactly the way you make me feel, When you are. The way you talk to me, Like I’m your best friend, Your lover, Your sister. I lose track of time, But you knew that, ...Read On


A Perfect Night

Kiss me, bite me, pull my hair Squeeze me, tease me, everywhere Make me scream, make me squeal Make this lust filled night real Touch my body, kiss my neck Make my body slick with sweat Make me feel you, oh so good Make me hot, my knees are weak On the bed, on the floor Against the door, against the wall Make me tremble, make me yours I'm ready so what are you waiting for....Read On

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To All The Crap Lovers I have Cuckolded

For all the women who have said of their spouse, 'Good husband, Great dad, crap lover'.

You can call me complete bastard, that's certainly your right. You can call me an adulterer, you could even start a fight. You didn't want to fuck her, so I took her instead. I had her in your kitchen, on your stairs and in your bed. And even when you're in her cunt, I fuck her in her head. I showed her sex that's tender, and I've shown her sex that's rough. I listened to her...Read On


Sexed Up Impulses

oh oh ohhh we are riding on the sexual highway

sexed up impulses driven from lust emoting to thrust oh oh ohhh we are riding on the sexual highway rewarded by intimacy together in ecstatic harmony serving all carnal needs oh oh ohhh we are riding on the sexual highway exploring deeper inside back and forth strides screaming...Read On


A Cherished Love

Love is the strongest emotion we know...

My love, I want you to know that not because we are not together that I don’t love you I’ve never stopped loving you You are... my angel my life my best friend and most of all unforgettably my one true love Your presence... your smile your laughter your gentleness your kindness are some of the blissful memories of you I hold dear to my heart You are blessed with...Read On


love i have for you?

Love I have for you? Love can fail or get stronger. Love can come and go. Love I have for you? If I let go of myself, My heart can get hurt. Love I have for you? I’m afraid you will break my, Very brittle heart. Love I have for you? I may never find my love, If I don’t let go. Love I have for you? I’m afraid because I do, Because, I love you. Love I have for you? Love I have...Read On


Trust In Me

My baby been hurt They would say anything Promises of a relationship and a ring Just to get under her skirt Girl, that ain't my way So I say... Trust in me I'm here by your side Drying your tears (Trust in me, babe) Driving away your fears Want your love to run free I'm your Superman, to my Lois Lane Your sex ain't what I'm trying to gain No Let's Get It On or Sexual Healing This about...Read On


Could it be Last?

Could it be last that I see you? is it the last you hold my hand? will I see you no more smiling beside me? will I feel no more your arm around my waist will I be never again hugged by you? will your breath never be felt over mine? is it the last that I feel your glow? will I never hear your sweet ascent? Could it be the last that I feel...Read On

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Swept Away

The ultimate expression of love and desire is to be swept away.

There is so much between us That does not need saying As we intuit thoughts And our shared desire Authentic conversation Punctuated by raucous laughter Hopes, dreams and fantasies All seem possible with you. You are romantic and warm Lavishing me with affection Arousing me always To love you and make love. You are strong and seductive Overwhelming me As I...Read On



A Poem that came to mind as I listened to music

Closed eyes As sensations flow through me The vibrations tingling my skin My body alive with excitement The song brings me to life As we dance His mouth on my neck Sends shivers down my spine Tingling to my nether regions He smells exotic, permeating through the room Filling my senses Opening my eyes I stare into those impossible blue eyes Enthralled Swaying back and forth Caught in a...Read On