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Love Poems


Piano Blues (A Love Story) Part 2

The morning after a party, and watching her dance...memories

Morning, She’s dancing still, In a black dress, An empty stage, Silver bangles and that cool grace, That red smile, that shape. One kiss and I could die happy, Everybody wants to die happy, And go down, And be living still. A smooth glass in her silk glove, We live once she says, We must know love and laughter. Each new day is beautiful. Suddenly...Read On



Please see me and love me for who I am Perfection I have found unattainable I am flawed and I am damaged But the worn edges make me beautiful My life has not always been easy Sadness and pain have become familiar Hard lessons taught me to find strength within Only then could I see a path that was clear Through all of the heartbreaks and loss I never let my faith in love falter Though...Read On


To Touch

Dedicated to the one who touched my mind, heart, soul and finally, body... My adored.

To touch the mind With a word. Hello, exchange a name. A smile leading, following, sharing. To touch the heart.  Open, seeking. Desire filled, tears fall. Full force into joy, sorrow, uncertainty. Fearless  in the face of heartache. To touch the soul. Diving in, face first. Accepting  flaws, exposing raw. Connected souls, roots grow. Following desire, finding the path....Read On


Love's pain and joy

A love letter from one who mistakenly feels he had been spurned

Am I to be the last to know? Was I so blind I could not see? My dearest love why must this be? It hurts so much to set you free Why do you have to treat me so? Oh, do I have to let you go? Last time we met it was such joy, We played and laughed as lovers do. It felt as if my heart was new, My love for you, it grew and grew. It was so nice to be your toy, As if...Read On



A wall of silence...

As time goes by I watched us grow apart Day by day it would break my heart I love you so much it’s tearing me up inside What would life be like without you by my side The day we met is all I think about How happy we were how can we forget When I catch a glimpse of you I see the distance gaze Are you reminiscing of our happier days How can we talk about what is happening to us ...Read On


Broken Promises

He makes all things good..

You’re a simple girl, With so few demands It’s but a tiny list That your attention commands I know you well Your passionate heart and mind There’s little that you want or need Just two hearts intertwined It’s been eighteen months now Since your last get away You need this so very much Served and affirmed for just a day Once in a while You’d just like to be first For you too...Read On


If She Only Knew

She probably knows this is for her

If she only knew of all the times, I've read what she has written, She would soon realize, How badly I am smitten. If she only knew that when I read, I put myself in her lover's place; And it's not him but me moaning, When she sits upon his face. If she only knew that the fondest thing, When I read and fantasize, Is to dwell in the sweet softness, Between her...Read On



These are the trinkets that remind me of you, These are the small things that pull me through, For you there is nothing that I wouldn't do, What I'd do without you, well I have no clue. That picture in that frame over there, I remember that night when we lived without a care, If I move it from the wall it looks bare, Just please know my heart you share. The simple necklace on the...Read On


In The Dead Of Night

A million butterflies flap their wings, A million wasps bare their stings. In the dead of night, heart exploding, Your voice a whisper – dreams encoding. I hear your voice, ‘tho’ ‘tis not there, I know you died – it was not fair. To this empty bed, I’m resigned, Soothing sounds – you’re in my mind. My breathing now becomes erratic, You’re in my arms and I’m ecstatic. Only now, in...Read On


I'll Be Here For You Tomorrow

When you're lost and unable to stay,  I'll love you, in all different ways. When you're burdened with pain and sorrow, I'll be here for you tomorrow. When you're in that difficult place, I'll wait to see your smiling face. When the pain is too much to bear, I love you so much, I really do care. If I can just bring a smile to your face, When you're in that very dark place. I love you,...Read On


Pleasure Poem

My writing's a tide of feelings, that ebb and flow Strong underpinnings of passion and lust building slow So much I sacrificed, to be your pet Your absence not easy, to forgive and forget Right now I put aside, the hurt to be faithful to my duty Always ready to serve, like a good submissive should be With eyes on your body, I touch and tease The heat between my legs, only my Dom...Read On


judge me not

soft tears falling on my tablet my heart breaks again I suffer silently as I've been raked over the coals again. please do not judge me or make assumptions for you do not know me or my heart's intentions. so many hits I have taken my body feels bruised and broken my heart sinks and I fall to the floor I crawl on my knees and they are scraped and dirty as I take on more...Read On



Reflection on a life that has yet to be lived...

The beauty surrounds me now like nowhere else. His creation, His perfection is all around. The colors, the sweet aromas, the creatures in all their majesty Are simply breath taking. But you, my love, are nowhere to be found. No matter how beautiful, everywhere I go - if you’re not present - just falls miserably short. My family and friends are gathered round me, Nearly all who would...Read On


For Love

Thank you, L, for your love, your affection Two disparate souls found a deep connection And in my darkest hours and days You gave so much, in so many ways And as our paths now separate Our hearts remain entwined by fate Your strength, character, and honesty Have burned so brightly inside of me I owe my life to one so dear You gave me hope and soothed the fear You made me who...Read On



The sea laps around her ankles, As black waves mimic flowing attire. Skirt, coat and scarf billow, As she stares across the surf. So many leagues between them, And yet, The salt sea air reminds her Of his taste. The sky, dark and menacing. Slow moving grey clouds Like his suit clad, Sauntering form. A black and white vista Like her overcast mood. Lit only by a jonquil sunflower...Read On


I was yours

We had each other for awhile We held on together in our love You let me walk away from everything, I was yours forever I'm now on my own with nothing for anyone to see or touch My heart stays with you always I was yours till you let me go far away, never to touch again I was yours till you broke my heart and soul You gave up on everything we were together I was yours...Read On



Your soul sings to mine and mine sings to yours and together we make a beautiful melody that only we can hear.. Your love is as bright as the sun cascading over me, covering me with eternal warmth. Heavenly notes and an unforgettable tune the sounds of our exquisite lovemaking Fill our hearts and ears Our hands clasp each other as we cry out in harmony In mind...Read On


Losing A Friend

His stairway to heaven ... I lovingly remember you

When I woke this morning, you were gone The news came, and my heart broke My friend, my love for a friend Gone in an instant. How could this happen, We were just together Dancing and laughing Loving and hugging You were so close to me A caring friend, love that was safe I smiled at you, and touched your face We stood together in a long embrace Shared our lives, our future hopes...Read On



know me

... Dawn bleeds into the stars. My arms enfold you, heart wooing you  to taste my desolate beauty. These kisses cover your heart in silent words. Oh beloved, this is a deep rich thing, this awakening, this forever rising. I breathe my longing into your flesh faster and  deeper... pressing you  until that moment  you become utterly uncontrollable. Mists rise...Read On


What Once Was

Watching drops of rain Feeling you warm beside me Cocooned in the down In peaceful silence Surrounded by raging storm Electric feelings Hands drifting over Exploring each other's love Insatiable lust Kisses softly, sighs Sweet, tender ministrations Piercing ache inside Hot breath, teasing bites Succulent sensations, yours Sparks combust around Excitement courses Veins pushing...Read On

Recommended Read

Piano Blues (A Love Story) Part 1

This is the introduction to a romantic,sensual love story, part poetry, part prose...l

Piano Blues (A love story) (If you don’t know Pintop’s Boogie Woogie, by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, have a listen. The references in this will be clear. This is Part 1 of a love story.) 88 keys, Black and white, Unlike life, Blur the two. The blues are beautiful, A girl dances, And an empty bottle spins. She sways in her gold dress, Caress the notes, Everyone...Read On


The Greatest Loss

Words of love were spoken. Trust was asked and given. Faith in truth was broken. Hope and hearts were riven. What does this betoken? All my life I'd striven But her oaths were lying. Even though protesting Honor, vows were dying. Pledges made, attesting To the end denying, Twisted lies divesting. *** At the start we married Both our souls became one, And our hopes we carried...Read On


When The Stars Refuse To Shine

I will love you, Even when the stars refuse to shine, I will cherish you, Even when the moon stops its gentle beams. Butterfly kisses, In the bright of day, I feel their lingering touch, Even when the stars refuse to shine. I feel your presence, Wherever I am, I feel how close you are, No matter how far. I don't need the light, I can see where I'm going, You light up the sky,...Read On


A Moment of Relaxation

A special moment..

Listening to the rain hitting the tin roof, The aroma of sweet smelling candles filling the air Slowly twirling my hair up onto the top of my head, letting my dress fall, crumpling on the floor. Getting warm sensations all over my body stepping into the tub, my muscles relaxing after the rigorous day.  Body disappears as the bubbles brush over my skin. I smile to myself as the door open...Read On


I loved

I loved Figuring you out Well-known quirks and well-kept secrets Whispered words in Private places Different antics with Friends and strangers. I loved How you allowed Me to unearth Your hidden wonders For physical pleasure Emotive indulgence Your faultless timing For each reveal It kept my attention Engrossed my cognition. I loved Teasing, forcing Carefully extracting Each part...Read On


Flesh on flesh

A poem I wrote for my lover

Kisses that linger on my warm flesh Strong hands caressing my soft breast Heart pounding inside my chest. Stroking a fire deep within Bodies touching, skin on skin. Bringing me to my peak, again and again. Both of us slick with sweat A night I'll not soon forget Only you can get me this wet. I scream out your name Letting you know I came Soothing the fire only you can tame....Read On


Rhythm Of Love

The new dawn is in its morning-glory And the joy of a new day begins  Longing to have each day's promises The clouds billowing in the sky endlessly  From above, you look so beautiful Shrouded in mystery clouds Where the wind is rising and passing softly by  It begins to whistle a sweet melody  Openly   Eagerly Everywhere birds are singing in the trees  Leaves dancing in the breeze ...Read On



Whatever the hurt and pain That we carry deep inside Let it be healed and resolved May all of our tears be dried For hearts that are shattered May they feel real love again Get past the tears and heartbreak Let our faith in love begin May we believe in ourselves Identify and conquer our fears Lift ourselves back up again Smile and wipe away the tears Show others the strength of...Read On


What is Love?

What is love? I’m a man, thus have to learn Many things that women know intuitively. About emotion, commitment, trust and Being able to give fully even knowing the risk. The birth of children was my first clue That these feelings dwelled so strongly within me. Easier to gaze upon those tiny faces and feel the void filled At least for a while. Learning at a much greater age that...Read On


As Our Love Slowly Dies

I wrote this poem for my partner as a last attempt to be heard. My pain was very real...

I don’t know what’s happening, what I do know is I am nearly out of fight, my fire is dying. The lies, the cheating, the blank face staring back at me, the cold dead eyes that once were alive. No love, No conversation, No affection, No Connection, Darkness is all that surrounds me. I’m not sure who you are anymore; I don’t know the person I’m living with. What am I fighting for, who...Read On