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Love Poems


How You make me feel

A sweet lil' whisper, a feeling of lost love found Soft lil' kisses, tender caresses A stranger yet not, sweet softness Snuggles in the nite. Shared feelings so far apart, yet so close. Souls walking different paths, crossing close. A gentle whisper like the wind. It is there I can feel it but not grasp it. The feelings grow, as once before. This one feels whole again. The feelings of...Read On


She Gets Me

And she loves me just the same…

She knows what I want before I do, Such is the woman I love. She knows the perfect song, The perfect color on me, The right gadget to buy to best meet my need and What will satisfy me when she prepares a meal She knows so much, I’m constantly impressed by How smart and self-taught she is. I can ask a question on any subject And she’ll either have the answer or will find it for me. ...Read On

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Have You Ever

Have you ever found yourself wandering looking for your perfect mate, not giving up when you fail surely sadness can't be your fate? Have you ever wondered why you can't find him just knowing that he will appear, the perfect quiet to your chaos the voice of calm during your fear? Have you ever known in the pit of your stomach that life could be so much more? If only your heart could find...Read On

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Do You Really Ever Know?

Just Thinking and Wondering

Do you ever really meet your soul mate?  Or do you just settle and decide your own fate. You find love and create an amazing life, You get married and are a devoted wife. You have an amazing family and lots of friends, But you wonder is this your forever life till the end. The world is so big with so many people in it, Lots of interesting people I hate to admit. You're in your own...Read On


Standing Alone

A love leaving

You told me you loved me You told me I was the one You asked me to marry you We became as one You said you’d never lie You said you'd stand by me When I needed you the most You left me to stand alone I lost myself, but at the same time Finding the strength I needed from within Did you understand my love? I wonder, as my heart aches I deserve better as I think to myself As a single tear...Read On


Forest of fire

An impressionist encounter of love

Rising high above me, I’m at your mercy tonight, As your forest of fire Is meeting my delight, With long satin tresses, Wondrous orbs are rising, A sacrifice made holy, Expanding your horizon, Tasting the sweet nectar, Your soul is rising higher, You offer me your potion, An angel in a choir, Time is passing slowly, Fingertips so tender, Building my emotion, ...Read On


Long Past Poets

The best way to silence the prose is to take away the ink. But that would be travesty, as the quill is the soul, of long past poets.  Without words of sensuality, on parchment defined, the world is but a stone. Castaway into oblivion.  Love should be saved in one's chest, like cedar to cherish.  Expelling unforgiving dead moths.  The agnostics of freedoms to express. ...Read On


A Poem

First attempt at a poem.

It wasn’t in the things you said But how you threw me to the bed And left me wanting more and more Of all those things that I adore And, once that you are on a roll I love the way you take control Making me your everything Making the connections sing Fingertips seek out my itch Finding my ignition switch Drifting in and out of light Till finally I give up the fight ...Read On


Stiletto Highrise, Hello.

A love story about stilettos.

She struts through the street light Stilletos and stockings leading her up to the sky, A strung up hero lays on the highrise, getting high Thinking about her first life, finally she got it right. Pulls of the wig, takes down her underwear, Makeup cleaned off but she still leaves her stilletos on. Walks over to the mirror, the stars and moon gone, Something she doesn’t want is still...Read On



With what I am familiar, I despise. The unknown, the untested will be my demise.    Circumstances bring us together but keep us apart. Never mending this unbroken heart. Moments unshared together, never existing forever. Worlds apart but a touch away. One must go, the other must stay. Of dark and light, hard and soft, inexperience and knowing. The similarity of our differences...Read On


In Our World

I Love You

In our world, I love you so much. Giving you kisses and my soft touch. You bring me so much joy in my day, Chatting to you when we play. Everything you say, makes me smile, You're so sophisticated; I love your style. You're so kind and loving to me, When we chat, I feel so free. You take me places in my dreams, Many possibilities and many themes. Loving you in our special...Read On


Guard your love. Protect it

Deceit disguised as honest love Can be the bow to break A once sound bond sealed above And cause ones heart to ache. To claim a woman’s heart is grand Enough to love multi men Is fantasy, a house built on sand And it will come crashing down it’s just a matter of when. The other man’s words behind the back In private carves out its piece of heart Slowly destroys and hack...Read On


The New Deal

We needed to regroup and set things right...

It was a foolish time In days gone by When I made the choice That haunts me still I gave something away that day to my wife That you, my love, thought was your own I didn’t think about it at the time But when you shared the hurt with me it made perfect sense A chain reaction was set in motion, The result of that foolhardy day, What once had been given to me Was given back to him...Read On


The woman inside

One woman's journey to discover her femininity. I wrote this for my friend Tracy based on her story.

The sensuous feel Of satin and silk Against my naked body, Enjoyed in secret, Left me feeling guilty -  About feminine sexiness, The feel of a woman. Denying what is mine, I fed my urge With resistance, Ignoring my desires Until the impulse Broke out in sweaty need To be fulfilled. Like a drug I fed my body, Until the fever Filled me with clarity, ...Read On


The Tender Gifts

The yearning never ends The path is fraught with pain The tenderness is gone Why do they feel no shame Now let us sing out loud Now open up our hearts Now touch the peace within And we shall mend their souls Across the land we soar With wings of faith and joy To spread the sounds of love Amongst the living dead They stretch their empty hands They catch our tears of life They grow and see...Read On