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Shadows on The Wall

Shadows on the wall, lovers embrace Towards each other, face to face. His hands on her hips, hers in his hair, Moving in a rhythm that only lovers share. His teeth bite her nipple, making her moan, Her nails rake his shoulders, making him groan. His hand in her hair, causing a sigh As the other traces up her thigh. Her hand reaches down and encircles his tip And...Read On



Something smolders beneath the chit-chat

Coffee and cigarettes sociable vices I don’t smoke, alas but you look so gracious sitting at my table that I can’t not inhale  your secondary smoke and something else besides (pheromonal or otherwise primal) or maybe it’s just the gray glitter of something ashen silver yet quietly smoldering (too faint for any alarm now on the market) behind your crudely sooty lashes that sends shrill...Read On


Thinking of You

All I can do is think of you

Sitting here looking out my window all I can do is think of you and the love  I thought we shared. I look at the sunset as it gets darker and  all I can do is think of you, and how my  love for you meant nothing.  I see you in the leaves falling from my trees.  Have you slipped away from me? You say things can go wrong when our words and actions are misconstrued. But thinking...Read On


An Amazing Thing

It means so many things to so many people

To my amazing and wonderful friend Marsha. A kiss is an amazing thing. It can be hard as steel... or soft as a baby's blanket. It can mark the beginning of one event... or the end of another. It's tender, playful, funny and sweet. It helps us remember the good... and forget the bad. It can be as cool as the afternoon rain... or as hot as the summer sand between your toes. It's...Read On


No Time for Pretty Words

Two potential lovers argue over the terms of their encounter

No time for pretty words, you say, Just fuck me fast. There's always time for pretty words, I say, Let me make love to you. No time. I want your cock inside me, I want to be filled, I want the sweat to pour down from our Foreheads And onto our bodies, As we fuck each other, Fast and hard. There's time, I say. Let me undress you, Savor you, Let me treat you the way I would treat my...Read On


Just a Fantasy

Misunderstood Love.........Just a Fantasy to You

We started out great just you and me in a friendship full of understanding, listening, and patience. It continued to grow, the longer we talked and the more we shared of  each other’s dreams. Then just yesterday you looked back and decided no more! Why did you tell me things you would later take back? Did you even want me at all or was it just a game to you? I guess I can continue to ask...Read On



masturbation , program

This is a computer program I wrote as a computer programmer with too much hands on my .. function(stroke){ $palm="left"; move($palm,down); move($palm,up); return stroke;} ... //begin strokes while($done="no"){ stroke($dick); $strokes=$strokes+1; if($youcame="yes"){$done="yes";} } //end strokes print"You came in $strokes strokes"; ?>...Read On



you are the only one who can make me see stars

I lay on the bed staring at the glowing constellation, a leftover of a moment of pure silliness. My mind is consumed with thoughts of your mouth on the mug at breakfast, the fork at dinner, the glass of wine. The end of the bed dipping under your knee makes my heart race wildly, beat with joy, fill with giggles. Your hand is warm moving across my foot and then it...Read On


Indulge Me

Hoping to tell her how I really feel…

You and me We spend a lot of time together It’s hard to come up with the words That express just how important you are to me I have something on my heart And that’s exactly what I tell you You sit down beside me here in our hotel room And I take your tiny hand in mine Your reaction is part excitement, part fear I notice your angst immediately “I just have something to say,” I begin “So...Read On


A Return to Hiding

how do you know when you have revealed too much?

Who has seen the truth peeking out of my heart revealing itself to the light of day? What voice convinced me it was a good idea to confess so much? When did it begin? Where are my barriers? How was I stripped naked? Now is the time to move back into the shadows, to cover myself with fallen leaves. Alone and lonely, but safe....Read On


Darkly Ablaze

There he sits  Upon his lofty precipice  His tall pedestal  Risen up in my eyes, my heart, Untouchable Unattainable And yet I touch him, as I can So deeply  So fully As I sing for him The music of my body yearning for him  The sigh, that sweet, happy sigh That escapes me only for him And I speak the words  That fill his ears... his heart  Of how he sets my...Read On

When I Think of You

Memories of an online chat

When I think of you my heart skips a beat your kisses on my lips so sweet and soft yet passionate a divine treat I breathe so deep When I think for you my body tickles I remember our chat reflecting our desire none other resembles Such a daring treat When I think of you lust fills my soul Vivid images dance in vision I was in need you came and made...Read On


If I could

The lovers lament...

If I could Each and every day The hours we were separated Would be reversed The investment at work, eight minutes Daily occurrences at the gym, two minutes The occasions of errands and eating and sleeping? Mere seconds If I could ordain What my time is dedicated to It would be an end around A complete 180 The menial would be discarded The mundane all...Read On



Sometimes you curl my toes the feel of your tongue rough leaving me in throes of giggles as it wiggles its way deeper into my cunt just as you worm your way now there is an apt metaphor, or it would be if you were a gentleman, or even a man, your cock at attention, demanding mine into the heart of me, my velvety sex pouting and pulling pulsing and purring as I explore your anus and yes...Read On



I couldn't say 'no'.

I’m a very good lover, not the most doting. I know what you need though you’ll have to give over grief. your ring will be returned to you less lustrous once you’ve been well-worn. out and about, safe and shrouded you’ll remember this. what’s seen cannot be undone: your mental pictures you’ve surrendered to me are about to become your whole reality....Read On