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Love from Afar

Love conquers great distance.

Oceans apart, yet have not known this closeness Your warm touch denied, yet our bodies are one Your past I’ve not shared, yet deepest secrets are known Your voice I’ve not heard, yet you speak to my soul Though our time has been short, I feel I can’t live without you So much I can’t have Though your flesh I can’t feel No one can tell me my love is not...Read On


Cemetery Gates

Dance, Dance like it's your last chance.

The devil comes knocking at my door, Asking me to dance. Let's go dancing in the cemetery, Like we did in days past. Stumbling out of the front door Hand in hand we waltz down to the gates, A soft kiss; planted on my cheek; My soul now in the balance of fates. Holding the ice cold steel in my hand I gaze into dances of once before, Grasping air in the other In the gaze of the...Read On


Dirty Dreams Come True

Inspired by and dedicated to Soleil

More than a year has passed And so much has changed Or is it an illusion? A trick of the brain? I read her profile It sounded so real I wanted to know her If it were but true That first conversation She found one of my kinks Somehow she knew me Her perception was keen We each shared some secrets And our everyday lives We grew closer and closer My love for her thrived More and more...Read On


The Voice Inside

Trust your inner voice to be your guide.

We all have a dark part of ourselves That we desperately try to hide A part that is full of worry and fear Engulfed in envy, lust and pride Society too often becomes obsessed With only our outwardly existence Forgetting what's inside matters most Our insecurities must meet resistance So drop all your walls and let love in You can grow if given the chance Open your heart honestly...Read On


Why do I Love You

Why do I love you? I don't know why, Maybe I do, I haven't search enough, Why I love you. You're special to me, You are great, Why do I love you? Maybe it's fate. I'm glad that we met, I didn't expect this, Why do I love you? You're the greatest....Read On



Above and beyond both near and far Throughout time and space together or apart Reality and dreams bonds unbroken Everlasting moments words that remain unspoken I formed you inside of my thoughts then dreamed you into reality Though I never knew you existed you are everything I imagined you would be Both wrong and right blinded yet full of sight ...Read On



8:00 pm; staring to the bottom of a glass Here's wishing you happiness again Unfaithful companion, she left  Refusing to be a slave to this... Misery; nightly I pray for your nakedness And it does not have a shadow anymore It is alone without the bright moonlight Shining iridescent through the small pane In my shrinking world without any next day Misery; where when I cum I cry ...Read On



A reflection of love

I have seen the early sunrise Glowing softly With the love in his eyes Gently falling raindrops touch The cheeks of my Love when I cry Holding tight to something Felt so tender I've never held before In my life Feeling and believing All the loving Could never ever end...Read On


A Look Inside

You must be brave enough to look inside your heart....

Somehow it took me so long To see the err of my ways, I really fought to find true love But the same story always plays. For lessons learned about love I had to bravely search within, You cannot truly love unless Your comfortable in your own skin. So much self doubt inside I found I know I am my own worst critic, Figuring out how to fail at love Without letting myself becoming a cynic. ...Read On


Journey's End

Wandering soul 'Midst the stars of the morning Scattered like tears Upons oceans of Lost, Where treads your heart Far away from my eyes, And where dwells the Kiss My wet lips crave to bear? Where sings your life In the joy of this home-fire And where do you search For soft breast And flushed skin? Who wraps those stars Intertwining around you And slides liquid diamond Down Hardening length?...Read On


Snow Shower

Winter wind biting my face My work gloves doing little to stop the cold After an hour of shoveling snow, I surrender. I see you watching me through the window. I wave and lose my balance, falling in a two foot drift. You rush to me. Helping me up. Brushing the snow from my coat. Helping in the house. Ushering me in front of the blazing fire. "You're chilled to the bone," you say. You help me...Read On



Surprise You ask if you can have me. I ask if you'll be my valentine. Now i'm yours,  And you are mine. I think of you all the time, Day and night. When I see your text, Makes my day shine bright. I really like you, Yes, it's true. We're not in a rush, I love making you blush. This was a surprise!  I'm happy we met. With my eyes, Upon you, there set....Read On


Love you always and forever

L oving you is easy O ur passion is deep V isions of tomorrow E verlasting and deep Y ielding to our desires O ur kisses and hugs U sing imagination A fter many good fucks L usting and wanting W ays to uncover A fire that's buried Y es in me my lover S ave all your love A ll the burning desire N eed to have you D rown in my fire F irst thrust is filling O hh I...Read On


If It Isn't Me

If it isn't me you're looking for, Then you're just playing with my heart, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then I need a new start, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then it is time for me to go, If it isn't me you're looking for, Before you ruin a work of art, If it isn't me you're looking for, I need to know quite soon, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then I'll sit and...Read On



Soaring upon your thrusts, Clinging to your whispers, My whimpers tangle in moans. I scream. Clutching your back, Colliding with sweat, I arc against you And take flight. Speeding into darkness Hooking onto shadows Severing should haves And should nots Gasping, groaning Fingers claw my heated flesh Strident growls Drug my mind Pleading in a hundred tongues ...Read On