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Love Poems


Honey Bee Wings

Euphoria is sensuality. Like an open book it reads. Straight from the soul, as if played on Grand Harp. Refreshing. I croon of love,  and Valentine hearts. Erotic words nesting in my pocket. A gift to you on honey bee wings. Whispering sunshine melodies. Euphoria is like a honey comb, of miniature condominiums. With an elevator to visit chapters. Condiments of my tome. A...Read On


I want you inside of me

I want you inside of me... slick,wet and hard, crashing against my pelvis with such ferocity it stuns me, grabs ahold of me and makes me lift even higher to melt into your beautiful cock. I want your fierceness, your ripping need to fullfill your entire desire for my heat, my warmth to cradle your ravenous smoothness inside of me. I want your teeth to dig into me, in anger, ...Read On



Two lovers bring the world in balance

Two lovers bring the world in balance, Seeking a blend of Harmony and co-operation, Friction and opposition. You are dark, You come to me at night When I am at my weakest, Mysteriously appearing From the corners Of my mind And taking me With your cold heart. I am light, Waiting for you Through my daydreams, When everything is clear And I am strong. You take...Read On


What She Didn't Say...

That day the wind was whispering  Inaudible sounds to my soul Planted and embedded a seed That waited for a sound A sign to grow and unfold This moment of sheer magic Imprinted but forgotten Treasured but lived alone Waiting to be shared Waiting for a voice That night when magic was shared You spoke from within You rushed through my blood You set my veins on fire You made me burn Days...Read On


When the Pedestal Descends

Be wary of the Dom who sits atop a counterfeit throne

My Darling Subs, know you are not alone We all fall victim to false idols or one on a counterfeit throne They profess to be pious, warning what you reap you will sow Yet Decalogue be ignored, when for them, it is convenient to do so Be wary of the Dom, who has no power to wield Be sure in the background, is another, to whom he must truly yield Channel your intuition and...Read On


Where’s my valentine?

a valentine poem

It's Valentine’s day dear, All those memories are flushing around, But you’re not! *  This day should be filled with gifts, and wishes; But it’s full of regrets, and sadness surrounding my heart, Thinking of you. *  Last year was the most amazing year of my life, But this year has been the most sorrowful one, Where I couldn’t enjoy even a single moment! *  I know how...Read On


Be Mine

A simple question for Valentines Day

I know you have options, a woman like you has a myriad of choices But I ask one thing of you Be mine I know you have not been treated well at times, that your tender heart was left wanting, Left alone and neglected Be mine I know that, just like me, much damage has been done, That fully entrusting yourself to another is a very tall order Be mine I know that there is a fear...Read On


Stay With Me

My Love

If you walk into my life Stay, stay for a while Leave your mark With kisses on my body Burn your love Deep into my soul Let every thought Begin and end with you May every breath Fill me with your passion Show me what love is Through your desire of my flesh Let every touch Send electricity through my veins To know you Is to love you To want you Is my life, my always So stay, my...Read On

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Loving Sentiments

I Love You Always

Loving my spouse all through my life,  I am his devoted and caring wife. Loving each other every single day, Being thankful in so many ways. The day we were married together, A bond and commitment to each other. The days are spent loving one another, Eighteen of the best years of being lovers. A marriage is work every day, Showing love to each other in many ways. I love you with all...Read On



Do you remember when we met Or have you started to forget It's been so many years ago I wonder if it's yes or no You took me to your secret place Above the mundane world in space A tower built to watch for fires I thought my love would fill desires You never left my heart you know Not even when you let me go And pledged your troth to someone new Rejected I still pined for you He flashed...Read On



a girls first Crush

I look at her She looks at me She's got me thinking About her constantly But she doesn't know How I feel No she doesn't know How I feel She Carries on without A doubt Oh will she ever find out I am crazy bout This girl Crazy bout This girl...Read On


Always and Forever

His Declaration

Always and Forever I will love you Always and Forever Words so true Always and Forever Escape from your lips Always and Forever Til our next kiss Always and Forever Your arms hold me tight Always and Forever You love me thru the night Always and Forever Our passion will rise Always and Forever We will never compromise Always and Forever You whisper to me Always and...Read On

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Sitting in obscurity, Drowning in thought, I plunge my hand Deep into the cold, moist soil Surrounding me And sigh in relief For something tangible. Movement to my side Makes me turn. Grappling arms of midnight Stretch to capture A straining Kaleidoscope of light, A form that won’t heed. The blackness snaps. Its talons burst, Splaying into expiring smoke ...Read On


My Heart Belongs To You

Love's Devotion

We share our love Our open and honest feelings Our devotion to one another Our desire for more times together Love is what we share Love is what we give For our love is what we know For our love is Us Passion we seek Passion we give In our moments of intimacy Our bodies meld into one Promises we make Of more tomorrow's If ever we leave Let our kiss be our last Take my...Read On


Autumn Breezes

Like a whisk of new morning. Frost on the willows. Weeping. Poetically natures rises. Autumn breezes in her hair. My Lady of the trellises. Sashaying on marble stones. A pathway to sensuality, beneath the frozen dew. She smiles golden halos. Her gift to me proses and words of tomorrows. Like bedded spirits, she whispers euphoria. Kissing me with honey lips. That which...Read On


Secret Love

They can create something beautiful Waiting hours, to get to each other Can't resist the desire of forbidden love Living in this moment Spending this special time Here in their secret place It's their secret rhythm That keeps them moving Finding some comfort in each other's words Their words are wandering far away So far, so near, reaching for each other Speaking the language of...Read On


It Is The Least I Can Do

The least I can do is love her The most I can do is love her The worst I can do is love her The best I can do is love her When she found me I had been lost When I found her she had been lost When she loved me I told the truth When I loved her she told the truth Since she lost me I'm a loser Since I lost her she's a loser Since she rejected all my needs Since I rejected all her needs Both of...Read On


Still dreaming

Still dreaming of that evening while sitting at my desk

I am still dreaming of that evening, Sitting at my desk with nipples straining against my blouse, Far too often my head is still Wrapped around what happened With the street lights streaming Through the motel window Onto a king size bed As a fan slowly turned on the ceiling, Throwing shadows on strong fingers Stroking the curve of my bottom Through silky stockings, ...Read On


Beneath The Lemon Moon

On tea leaves of green and emeralds.  Her eyes capture me. Like ivy embracing my vampire soul. Surrounded by trellises and spirits. On scented paths of lilacs, I call my abode.  Twenty-two kilometers  from Aberdeen. At a hint of breeze, I felt her presence. Behind closed gables this lonely night.  Emotionally churned, yearning soft lips. Ambience of love, of my cold chill.  ...Read On


Alone in the Wild

why am I feeling so alone?

God, why am I feeling so alone? I hate being alone! I feel so terrible about myself Whenever I see a woman, it was you in front of my eyes With those constant staring, raising eyebrows, and a beautiful smile Whenever I walk across the park, it’s our beautiful moments that I remember Our hanging hands around each other, laughing and kissing Whenever I wake up late in the midnight,...Read On



Turned trillions of times over and over in a meager mind, stunted by nondescript fossils that calcify, atrophy, and made irrelevant by one, grandiose, sweep of her arm. Harsh, cruel contrasts of her chiaroscuro diorama, corralling, reigning in our ordered, sordid attempts at fastening the fetters that kept me bound to her. Gibson Girl hair, coming undone ...Read On


One Last Plea

Love so consuming

This love, our love consumes me. It's powerful, its dark It hides in every corner It has a mind of it's own It controls my every move. It pulls at my heart, It bleeds out my soul And leaves me asking why. You love me, you hate me But do you really know? You want me, but you don't Your sorry, you're just busy But is that really all? I chase you, you run But do...Read On


Love Through The Ages

For a Lover

Love Through The Ages We have survived so many things together, Our love has stayed strong, We held each other up when we were weak, Seperate we are two halves, waiting to be joined, Soon we will...Read On


Smiling Evening Rainbows

Like a tiara. The sun on horizon, retiring from the day. Whispering,  un-recanting sensuality. A crown of your loveliness,  settling for the night. Rays of echoes sighing, like seagull floating in air.  I take up my quill.  Scribing poetically, words and prose. My muse comforts me, smiling evening rainbows  Gifts of tomorrow's sonnets, poetically my trove. I kiss her...Read On


A Birthday poem to a special friend

My way of saying Happy Birthday

I don’t want to make this sound like mush  But you’re really one of the best on Lush You raise me up when I am feeling down  Ensuring smiles replace my clouded frown  You write like an Angel, scribing your lines  Your words so clear, silken poetry, so fine  Your heart lifts mine with well-chosen words  Your stanzas sing like a chorus of birds  You’re always funny and you’re...Read On



Kinda of a jokey poem....

She called me over at a quarter to two. Her name was Alicia and this story is true. She was quite pretty, brunette and small, so I headed right over when I heard her call. She said she wanted to see my John Thomas and she wouldn't ask for commitment, she promised! She just wanted to fuck while her parents weren't there and, Hell, I was willing for the chance was quite rare to...Read On

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A Poem for the One

Ones true self is revealed

I was taken aback, yet held my tears at bay Not wanting my vision blurred, and the focus to stay Who you really are, with certain I feared Was not the falsely accused man, whom previously begged to be cleared Your mask slipped to reveal what was behind the attractive wall A man on the verge, with one foot on the ledge, ready to fall Shades of the true you, a swirl of dark and light A...Read On


Finding you

Finding You  Ever since you came into my life My life has been surreal  During the day you occupy my mind At night you are in my dreams  I see your smiling face Looking into my eyes  As we stare into each other's soul We see we will never let each other go  We started as friends And turned into lovers  The one thing I know without a doubt That you have become mine now...Read On


Echoing Off Rocks

Words can best be described, as pictures of the soul. Sensuality in writing, like the kiss of a rainbow. After a warm rainfall. My muse instilling in me, conscience and thought. What romance is to mortals, tides are to seas. Echoing off rocks. What pleasures me in scribing,  be it prose or poetic, are the sounds of the unheard. My lusting emotions,  embracing my love.  ...Read On



Unnecessary barriers erected like dispatches from discarded partings unwelcome at my window. Remorseful, I repair to rooms where I prepare to escape what I've laid bare. Refused musings eliciting remorseful borders, mordant, ordered, conforming to my contortions. Her shelter I seek, affording glimpses of adoration of succour of warm harbour yet seining in...Read On