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Love Poems


By my side

Night's isn't the same when you’re not by my side, When you say you'll be mine, Oh mine own truth of everything, My own eyes, To see the star's in your own eyes. Almost is enough, For you. Oh how I wish it was true, True for us, True in so many way's, In so many form, Oh how I want to see. But like always, Your out in front, and I was hiding, I wish, I could change, ...Read On


Our Worlds Collide

Dedicated to my best friend and love, I am continuously inspired by his strength and his grace.

Remember a real person lies Behind the persona that you see, Forget the glitter and sparkles Somewhere I am just me. We come to this fantasy world To escape all of life's woes, But you can't escape the pain That only your heart knows. We created a fantasy world A beautiful shiny new place, But reality is hard to escape The mirror still knows your face. Everyone needs a fantasy world...Read On


I Know Who You Are

He is my world

I know who you are. You are the truest And most honest person I have ever known. I know who you are. You are the person who Knocked the breath right out of me  And lifted my feet off the ground. I know who you are. You are the person who Can see right through me See my all faults and still Love me for who I am. I know who you are. You are the person who Puts...Read On

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The paper is empty. The pen lays alone. The words non-delivered. No anything shown. For how can I write now she’s walked away? My words have dried up. I have nothing to say. I needed her grace, her body, her mind, to show me the meaning of all that I find. She once said she loved me. She coloured my soul. My teacher, my mistress, my journey, my goal. ...Read On


Somewhere Forgotten

What better way to show love than to trust in me? Vampire. On the crescent moon, near the chilling sea.  Twelve hours past noon. Jubilation near. Some time in January on a dark winding path. Show casing your mortal body.  Soon to be immortal,  with tassels on your tits.  Fata Morgana dance for me. Swaying.  One must not be cynical if pledged to the coven. After all its just a...Read On


Puzzled Perfection

What is left after perfect lovers reach their height?

Of jagged edges we all are made Odd shapes, different colors Our pieces scattered about Yellow suns and deep green grass Pure white snow and dark black shadows The pieces alone, rather ugly indeed But... As each piece finds its mate A beautiful picture unfolds The more time invested The more it takes shape Until finally... When all the scraps of imperfection Melt together as one the true...Read On


One day, one time

Feelings of the heart

One day, one time Is all I want with you I want to feel your touch Caressing my body I want to feel your lips on my lips Kissing me with your passion I want to want you like no other before With the burning desire inside me I want to love you Like there is no tomorrow I want to hold your hand Feeling safe and secure in your touch I want to whisper in your ear My words of lust and love ...Read On


Just A Kiss

Is a kiss ever really just a kiss?

Something so small It is merely a kiss, But if our love is ever lost It is his kisses I'll miss. His hand on my face With the softest touch, How can one simple gesture Melt me so much? The touch of his lips Pressed against mine, Parts that were broken They now feel just fine. His tongue in my mouth Our tongues do their dance, I am so smitten by him So lost in his trance. His hand in...Read On


The Light Conquers Darkness

Her glow was exciting, it filled my heart, Lit up with smiling, entrancing, in joy. Ours was the essence, quintessence, apart, Showing the world what it could not destroy. Lighting the earth, like a sun, like a star, Sending out rays into all of the earth. Breathing, alive, radiating afar, The buoyant excitement, true love's birth. Summer was here, we were newborns again, Seeking the light...Read On



Ascot and tie pin. Top hat and white spats. What a dandy I am, decked out in black tux.  To prom until dawn, but I wasn't invited. No RSVP... I have good moves. My boutonniere has wilted, but I still want to dance. In search of romance. Vampires fandango. Beneath the moon, my shadow steps. Just me and my muse. She pantomime kisses. As spirits play instruments,  of...Read On


A glance

A lover pines for his girl to talk to him, or even look at him

A glance, even a reluctant one Cast my way,  How long has that been? Seconds slide inexorably along Like hours and days. Many look at me and  Their eyes pierce holes in me, Burning and scalding. Can't they ignore me? Let me wallow in loneliness, Forgotten by time too.  Let me freeze and wait For your warm glances To melt me and bring me  Back to life and time....Read On


Forever Grateful

She once thought smiling was overrated Now her smile brightens up the room He guides her through all her toughest times She sleeps in peace knowing he will be by her side She learned that fear only exists in our minds He’s the light among the darkness in her life The answer to all her prayers Hope was not real, only a dream In front of others she wore a mask Keeping...Read On


Death's stealthy arrow

Bullets, blades, disaster and disease become nought beside the great deceiver's subtle weapon

I cling to speeding, spinning cones of lead That pierce the air and armour, skin and bone; Once deep inside, I ditch my deathly ride, Spread dark destruction, quell life's fragile wick. * I cleave to sharpened shards of stainless steel That separate the living from the dead. A scratch, a nick, a cut will let me in To fester in the ragged bloodied meat. * I steal by...Read On


Songs She Sings

Songs reflecting from the walls of my heart  Echoing with sibilance in chambers Deep within my resentful defenses Built from years of pent up fears and spent tears All it means is that she will never sing With her true voice and her true soul exposed Only under the stealthy wings of pain Falling upon my heaving breast and chest She cannot give what she has never felt But takes what...Read On


Heath Of Aberdeen

On cobblestones I travel,  when not in flight. Scribing within my sarcophagus on wheels.  Pulled by four somber geldings. Without a coachman to steer, or outrider leering.  Their shoes clicking... clicking.  Echoing. On the heath of Aberdeen. This chilly night. Beside me sitting somberly, my muse Lady Fata Morgana. Seducing my words.  As if spoken by mental spirits, her tongue...Read On

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Winter's Rose

My heart Was like a rose, Wilting In the cold winter's night. Its icy petals, Fragile and cracked... Waiting to shatter. Your warm embrace Was like the midnight sun That warmed And thawed Me out, From within. Your voice Was the steady Rhythm That caressed My senses In tune With your smile. Your touch Ignited A dormant need For more, An...Read On


Another Fantasy...

Petal of Roses, candles, silk sheet Touching, words, the sensuality wanders underneath Your softness invades my whole being My strokes make you more exciting Every time you redraw my whole body And make me desire you marvelously This night was like a long dream I no longer want to end this stream Your lips’ taste has the temptation You feel mine with all passion ...Read On


New Loves, New Blossoms

You awake one morning and there it is, A flower bud waiting to burst and bloom. Anticipating beauty, Nature's kiss, Gaia awaits it like a brand new groom. Flowers are female, this is very true, But the male is there doing its duty. So know that both genders are coming through When you gaze upon a blossom's beauty. Finding a new love is like planting seeds For flowers to grow in the days...Read On


That Man

When meds stole my heart and soul

I want to be THAT man... The one whose hand you hold, Who makes you smile and laugh. The one who makes your heart skip And allows your mind to soar. I want to be THAT man... The one who occupies your mind, Your heart, your soul. The one whose arms hold you tight, And makes you feel loved, secure. I want to be THAT man... The one who makes your heart beat hard Who makes the goose bumps rise....Read On


Played With My Heart

How can you be near me yet so far away? I look into your eyes and see nothing inside I gave you my heart to keep And you gave it back to me in pieces I should have seen it coming But I was too naive and innocent I fell right into your trap Day after day you said you loved me I felt like I was floating on cloud nine I believed everything you told me Everyone tried...Read On


Lusty Girl

This crazy little lady

It happened just by chance one day I didn't even know. What was hidden in the skirt of hers Could make me come to blows. She had become my mind's obsession I really tried to hide.  A long and lusty passion I cannot openly confide. I needed her so soon one day Her scent was on my mind.  She always had this effect on me And I thought it would be kind. I walked into her office And knelt...Read On


Name The Wind

My love is as the wind. I cannot change her nor do I wish to.

Mysterious, powerful, relaxing; all words that describe the wind It’s everywhere and nowhere. So perplexing!  It’s will, no man dare rescind. She refreshes more than sun or seas When she chooses to wear her outer breeze  Just as quickly she dons her wrapping glove Enveloping all with winds of love. She has neither shape nor substance true But when she chooses to blow on you  ...Read On


Minuets On Paper

One cannot write ominously without a semblance of luminosity,  and a cup of grog.  To ward away chills. Cellos humming goodbyes and sighing.  As my quill minuets on paper. Under the spell of Fata Morgana... my muse.  Simmering titillation of sensuality, and a touch of erotic desire. She seduces me. Writing lines. Hungrily etching, I scribe.  Tasting her cunt,  my tongue...Read On


Unyielding Hearts

Singers sing, and poets dream Of love's many splendor things But love is a journey of highs and lows Sometimes it works, sometimes it's not so When love is neglected, it withers on the vine For it will not survive the test of time Hearts will break and tears will flow One to stay and one to go Never more to have and to hold Loves warmth has grown cold How did this all come about? When...Read On

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Sweetest Harmony

Tell me, I will listen Speak your truth, say it I expect nothing yet want it all Look deep, past blinded shades Feel yourself within my core Clouds grow yet hearts beat Take with me that desired leap It calls to you in dreams of bliss All we will have is to be seen You shy away from my pull Your frown becomes a smile Birds sing the sweetest harmony ...Read On


Her Wind

Rising through the silence of the night The wind is blowing through her heart Her mind slips into a fantasy world Asking to be free with him like the breeze He is the wind beneath her soul Wherever he blows, he takes her with him His breath sings softly in her ear As the wind rustles against her body She surrenders and lets the wind carry her Her whole being is trembling for him As...Read On


Doffs Their Hat

Even in winter when it's cold, blizzard snow on my mausoleum. I wear shades to cover my pupils, watching mere mortals sleigh. Out of courtesy. When it's cold and freezing outside.  Even a vampire doffs their hat.  Dark green ivy showing frost patterns, like sparkling diamonds in her hair. As I lust my vampire soul, desiring that which is. Mortal flesh and breasts. My cock drips, ...Read On


Dragon Of Glory

Love displays itself in the bond it makes,  In ways that you might think strange and bizarre, But love is love whatever shape it takes And it makes us whole, makes us what we are. Trampling along the pathway of Glory  Came the Green Knight of the Island of Lies, Leaving behind him an evil story Of hopeless women and their painful cries. Not knowing now he trod on sacred ground On his...Read On


Lush / Life

Somethings I need to be reminded of

Lush/ Life We came to this place Not knowing a thing Then it all started happening So very fast The reading and pictures So erotic and hot Compliments, confidence Dominant, dominance We start very slow To add people we know Skeptical of all So we won’t happen to fall Once this is in motion Things start to look fun Questions and answers Would not make us run But then...Read On


Toasting Rum Libation

Muted passion  is all the fashion, when writing pleasures behind closed doors, as tapers drip musk. I thirst. Toasting rum libation.  Destined to arouse and palpitate libidos. Scribing with quill, the paper wrote on.  Masturbating into my inkwell.  Sensuality is the key, when titillating that which is. Eroticism in dark places, upon a dais, shrouded by web.  If...Read On