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Love Poems

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A Spontaneous Connection

Work can wait... Our love cannot, so run away with me now.

Shining stars brightly hung On a black velvet night, Compares not to the gleam In thine own darkened eyes, When playfully your mind Muses afternoon love. Heavy butterfly wings Pounding dense sky whilst The delicate movements Of thine lashes whisper Seductively into mine eyes, And I am lost as in a trance. Tender lips doth lightly curl, Revealing that smile which Thieves brightness from...Read On



Don't push me away. Pull me closer.

Without you, I can't breathe. A sharp pain, Shattering fragments, Fly around, Free souls, Drifting to find a match. Don't leave me, I beg you, Don't give up, I love you. I know deep down, You feel the same. Pushing pulling, Tearing thrashing, Just above surface, Stay leave, Love hate, My heart is crying. Pull me back, I'll push you forward, We belong as one, Not two. The fragments...Read On


Forever and Always

Every time I tell you that I love you, I hope you don't take it for granted, It comes from my heart, Where I hold you dearly. From the first time we talked, I knew there was something special about you. The day finally came when you told me you loved me, I longed for this moment, You made me so happy. I knew I was in love with you, I knew you were the one and only man for...Read On



I fit just perfect, Wrapped up in his arms. I sit just perfect,  Flaunting all of my charms. Then a look comes into his eyes  And my toes start to wiggle. His blues so intense, That I start to giggle. Then through my lashes, My eyes peak at his. Boldness creeps in, With a wicked girl grin. He wants me to reveal, Every curve and dip. From the nape of my neck, To the length of...Read On


Calming My Storm

You didn't know that Your love was saving me That I was dead inside I was just surviving Not truly living life Not seeing life's beauty Your love became my drug Intoxicating me Arousing my broken spirit Reviving all that was Long ago forgotten The me, that I long ago lost Your unconditional love It gave me life again You gave me new purpose You breathed your spirit Into my...Read On


Where Is My Love

Where is my love, My one and only. I do not think I have met him yet. A man to tame My deepest desires, To cool my hot fires. To be there so I Will not be lonely. To stand up for me To love and protect me. Who will he be? What is his name? When will I meet him, The man of my destiny....Read On


A Soul On Fire

The waves of lust sweeping away his dreams The wind of memories blowing him away The flames of her memories burning him down The land of unending sorrows pushes him to the never ending land, The never-land! -- The one he cared for left his life The men he trusted smacked him on the back The friends he adored left him stranded  The life he's living tickles him The hope he...Read On


I am his

Sensuality, erotic

Listening to your voice, My eyes watch your mouth, While my fingers touch your face, And I plan my next kiss. My lips brush your skin, A moan trembles me throughout, As your voice caresses my heart, Softly, a whimper escapes my mouth. Soft hairs scratch my tongue, Tracing hearts upon your neck, I linger on your pulse, dreamy, Intoxicated on your scent Follow my whisper in your ear,...Read On


They Must be Angels

They know who they are, and they've changed my life.

I've been down the road of deception, where lies are a way of life. The darkness seduces and entices but always cuts like a knife. *** That road is crooked and leads nowhere and most always results in pain. The lies pile up, the stories get twisted to the point where you cannot explain. *** For to go there is only to fool yourself again and again and again. Eventually...Read On


Another Day In The Life Of Miranda

Wind carrying her true love's whispers Forever calling out her name The once quickened pulse that skipped Now beating dispassionately in her veins A smoldering candle on the nightstand Extinguished of its flame Rose petals scattered earlier with precision All that remains Now laying trampled upon the floor Just another day in the life of Miranda Not worth dwelling on anymore As she...Read On


It Is Time

What seems like the end is but a pause…

We both knew in our hearts that this would one day come When you wouldn't walk, you'd have to run And leave my side, just knowing that, It is time It's the last thing on earth that we wanted to hear, A future marked with doubts and still unclear Yet we had peace in our hearts just knowing that, It is time We know not yet what next month will bring, But we do know the One who...Read On



Random midnight poem

What is it.. About the moon..  To look above, She makes you swoon. She is so hypnotic, Mystery and unknown beauty. In some ancient language, She speaks of an eternity. Lovers share that same moon, Some nights tears are shed, Crying for the sun, To erase the memory of why we bled. Others lie embraced, Grasping at the light, Touching that eternity, That's only felt...Read On


More than Making Love

Fucking, just isn’t the word. Neither is plainly making love It’s a passion and a hunger A thirst and a need The length of you in my fingers The tip of you in my mouth Leaves my insides lingering with lust Desire runs rampant in every kiss The taste of you and me combined Is more powerful than Fireworks in July Longing for more Whenever your fingers touch me When your toes curl into...Read On



She needs to be held, Feel protected and safe, Like she matters, Is treasured by him. She wants to be seen, To be heard, understood, Her feelings respected, Not made to feel guilty for them. She longs for his desire, To share passionate kisses, Tremble for him As he enjoys her body. She tries to please him, Make him happy, even proud, But she can only be herself, Anything...Read On


Open Skies

The skies are open, tears may freely fall,  Your sacrifice is known by those who care, So wash away the pain and stand up tall,  His baseless accusations are laid bare. Be brave my love and laugh with tears of joy,  Allow the rains to do what they may do, Erasing vain attempts that would alloy Your heart so strong and pure as morning dew. Remember when you first were here for me ...Read On


Heartbreak Memories

We first met in autumn, crunching leaves in sunset light A house of laughing students drinking long into the night Singing in the accents of wherever we were from We’d be the closest friends until our short three years were done You stood out from the bunch with sultry looks and fiery hair I should have had you then but wasn’t drunk enough to dare That first night we played our games and...Read On


Heaven Sapphire

Adonis awaiting your command mi-lady...

Beyond a mortal man impassioned far, At these voluptuous accents, he arose, Ethereal, flushed, and like a throbbing star, Seen 'mid the sapphire heaven's deep repose, Into her dream he melted, as the Rose  Blendeth its odor with the Violet -elixer sweet: Meantime the frost-wind blows Like a lover's quarrelled rage Against the windowpanes; MidKnights' Moon hath set Within your...Read On


Will this be the end ?

Only time will tell...

He touched her heart by reaching out to her showing her in his own way that he cared but now it's like she doesn't exist the tears that fall silently at night are never heard. Now as they walk away from each other neither looking back both too caught up in their own drama  to really acknowledge the others pain. Who will be the first to calm down and possibly reach out to the...Read On



Even within a broken body a spirit can soar...

The pain is ripping through her As she is curled up in bed, Silent screams on her lips, Cheeks covered in salty tears. Tonight the agony has found her again, Her body feeling like a prison, Holding her captive, in torment, Betraying her, making life so hard. Most days she puts on a smile, Live with the discomfort and aching within. She has found ways to live with it,...Read On


You Are

Inspiring… The way you speak about life, I'm forever drawn to what you have to say Exciting... Nothing stops you, you're fearless, You give me strength Thrilling... Just looking at you from across the room, I get butterflies in my stomach Intoxicating... Your lips feel so addictive, I crave for them each day Arousing… Your eyes are like my kryptonite, I get lost in them...Read On


“Imagine,” they said.

“Imagine,” they said. And I listened. “Imagine meeting someone." "The one." "Your other half, your other self, your immortal beloved.” I thought about it long and hard. I ached. One day, something whispered to me, deep inside. One day, she was revealed to me. “It is her,” the whispering voice proclaimed. Fate, destiny, serendipity and all the Gods, smiled upon us. Two,...Read On


How to Care for a Rose

In bloom.... for now.

A rose should not be awake to hear crickets and the rustle of Midnight's breeze as rain drops dance on leaves and eaves In the quiet moments you can hear a whisper But then it's gone but not forgotten A rose she needs things she's really just a shrub lucky enough to have beautiful moments between dying and death She needs room to breathe yet such tender care Leave her too long ...Read On



It is you I long for, It is you whom I want to be with always. You are my beautiful universe, My shining star. The brightest in the galaxy, Or all of them. You are my beautiful world, Unseen by anyone but me. I'm your flora To your fauna. You are the moon to my stars. You are my love, My heart, My infinite universe....Read On



He took her hand and led her, Out of the mist, thick and heavy.  She was lost, no path in sight, Fumbling, she could not find her way. The cold, damp air clinging to her skin, Blinding her, taking her voice.  The chill penetrated deep inside,  A frozen soul, about to give up. He became a glow, A guide out of despair. The fog started to lift, The icy cold loosing some of its grip. ***...Read On


Traces of My Lips

It will stay there

Traces of my lips, Of my kiss on your skin Of my breath, Left behind, let us begin  Our heated night out and flirting together My hand on your body light as a feather  You took me dancing and romancing While the onlookers were glancing As your hand slid down my back  You gave my ass a gentle whack Wickedly I smiled up at you  Knowing what soon you would do My body molds into yours...Read On


Star-crossed lovers

It is said the Moon and the Sun were once lovers, Torn apart, forever chasing each other, Rarely ever able to meet. A girl curls up, looking up at the night sky, Thousands of little stars twinkling back at her. In their midst the Moon stands, Her cool light shining down, filling the girl with sorrow. As the Moon misses her love, The girl is longing for hers, Alone in the night,...Read On


Nights Without His Lover

He tosses and turns in his bed, trying to go to sleep.

Lying there, In the middle of the night. Tossing and turning Trying to go to sleep. His mind always thinking of her. How she could calm with just a Touch of her hand, Gentle kiss from her lips, He moans and groans Missing his love Needing her more now than ever. But she is nowhere to be found. He can not reach her. Can not touch her. Her side of the bed is empty Cold to the touch. Tears...Read On


the Tanooki and the Kitsune

My witty night with a man more then I could bare

Two minds play and clash with heavy teases Bitten lips in flustered agony, that only they notice in full rooms An orchestra of heart beats, and shallow breath, as the sting of sharp glances across the twisting gravity of their physical beings try not to collide Purposeful nudges instigate and exert will power, into hazed dreaming trances with fast minds and quick wit racing,...Read On


What I Would Give

For My One Only..

Just to kiss and feel your lips Your lips of cherry red on fire Full and sensual burning with desire Just to look at you and hold your hand To smell your hair and feel your touch It's you that I love so very much As long as I live and beyond eternity You are the one that holds the key To the heart of a man that you love so freely And I will forever and always love thee I...Read On



Bright pain burns my orbs,  Stabs through the gray.  Salt trembles to spill. Do you not think of me?  “Its not fair,” I long to screech at your back,  Yet I am prostrate before,  Begging your return,  Trembling pink pout, and aching core. My friend gone, a husk there remains,  Shade of the past that was,  Future hidden in that ghost. Crying from my cellar door,  Seeking in the heavens...Read On