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Love Poems


You Had Me At Hello

You had me at hello

You had me at hello The crinkle of your smile The softness of your eyes The palest blue of summer skies You had me at the first handshake Firm, warm, the touch of a lover Leaving me wanting more To discover everything about you You had me with your first glance Passion I'd not seen before Short of breath, I felt the floor Whirl away beneath my feet You had me at the first dance...Read On


My Everything

Why is it that when you're not here, that I can feel fear? It's because... You are my everything. And when you return, and my heart starts to yearn, it's because... You are my everything. All the times that we kiss and it feels like pure bliss, that's because... You are my everything. We make love almost nightly, and you still always excite me, that's because......Read On


The Poisonous Pen

That time waits for no one

THE POISONOUS PEN The poisonous pen Articulate in its prime Spills forth with illusion Onto white pages as if by design  It's dark purpose unthwarted It's author intense Spiral words too long unspoken Set here now she vents Surrounded by Foolish Mercurial Light  Mere fancies of mockery Unhinged in its' plight  Dense canopy of promises Now laid to rest ...Read On


A World of Love

A world of love Gazing into your eyes so blue I am caught in a world of love Your soul is strong and true Like an angel sent from above As I hold your hand in mine My life feels safe and calm Your touch is so sublime My heart within your palm When I press my lips to yours There's tenderness in your touch My joy flows like rain that pours There is magic in your clutch ...Read On


I Miss You

for Robert. (Lynar)

Do you feel me missing you Across the miles? All the while I ache and long, For you to say The words I need to hear... I love you. I miss you. Do you feel the Wetness of my tears, As they fall down my cheek Over and over again? Sliding down, trickling down. A tiny river they have become. I love you more than anyone. I miss you. I miss you as sure as my heart...Read On


The Transformation

A vision of the redemptive work of love...

Such a fragile, beautiful creature, Breathtaking in every sense of the word. Whether gazing at your lovely form Or considering the tenderness of your innermost being. What I see is all good and above and beyond Even the harshest critic’s scrutiny. But you did not always believe this to be so Because of the dark season... For years ago, Before the new you was formed, They came at...Read On



My hands smell of coconut and vanilla. Lingering warmth and your skin. Memories of you. Fresh. Your blanket curled around you. Tired eyes. Gratitude. The simple comfort of my hands on your feet. Just hours gone by. I miss you already. Every moment spent together For all eternity won't be nearly enough. ...Read On


My Everything

You are the one I love. You are the light in my eye. You mean everything to me. You are the one I think about every day and every night. You are the one always running through my mind. You are my warmth when I am cold. You are my best friend, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. You are my lover, my friend, my one and only. You are perfect for me. You...Read On


The Chill

The chill sets in whenever I approach,  It's been that way since she lost faith in me. However much I try there's still reproach. This cannot be the way it's meant to be. Forgiveness now would be a kindly act For what our love has been to her and me, Because my faith in her remains intact And she must see how great our love would be. It all began with something that was done That cut her...Read On


Shades of You

Everything in her colors.

Everywhere I look, I see shades of you. Coloring my world. The sweetness of your smile. The freedom of your laugh. The flash of fear in your eyes. Tremble of your lip. The quiet stubbornness in your posture. The darkest of nights is nothing to the depths of your eyes. Glossy and shimmering Like moonlight on dark, still waters. Your joy is the sunshine of my world. ...Read On



Trying to make sense out of the chaos in this life…

Our world's filled with confusion Sometimes we're desperate to belong We long to be someone's destiny And the focus of every song It seems as though if we were To just vanish in the haze We fear we’d be forgotten Inside of just ten days It’s a crazy time we live in With uncertainty all around Unsure of where we’re going Or if peace can be found There is no consolation Second...Read On



Sometimes she just feels small, Like she can’t meet the day, Overwhelmed, haunted by memories. She has worked hard to get away from pain Both physical and emotional, sometimes crippling, But some days it is like hitting a wall, Climbing it seeming an impossible task. Those days, having His strength means everything, Having His lap to curl up on, Arms to hold her close and safe. If...Read On




Your name is like love whispered on a dying wind That travels the long distance from my lips to your heart Caressing your skin and embracing your form Keeping you safe in a bubble of ethereal adoration. I hope it's enough, it helps me endure The vast separation, I'm not even sure How you feel. But here's the deal - You have me I hope you want me....Read On



No one ever tasted so satisfying.

I love the many tastes you yield. The soft, fresh sweetness of your lips, tasted in threes. The silky smooth tones of your skin, warm and supple on my tongue, tasting of pleasure sweat and salt, and rich vanilla evening times. The tang of your dark places taste like a sweet, heady musk, low and deep and powerful. The taste of secrets and sharing and pinkish sin. The taste of your...Read On


Our Love

Until you find it, you don't realize how much love can change your life

Our love so new, yet so familiar My carnal need for you is so raw Our love demands my full attention It is a pure emotion without flaw Your love is a comfort to me Pulling it over me, covering me A familiar blanket protecting me Finally from restraint, I am free Your love eases my suffering My very own medical miracle Comfort where there was only pain Making the long nights bearable ...Read On


Siren Sappho

A beacon to lost lesbians

Homeward I sail to the shores of Lesbos Sappho is my Siren Once outward bound I faced away And saw not home and comfort My course was plotted by others’ hands To learn the worldly way And seek what others sought before Our nature to betray We did not know the sails we set Were sewn by hands so foreign That we would lose the memory Of lands where we were born And now...Read On


Four Remembrances

Remembering being young and in love...

Cafe, dancing girl, rich girl and Romeo, Cigarettes, whisky, cheap and grainy video, Neon, moonlight, long past midnight In Paris where, Syncopated second line And dancing to the ragtime, Make her head spin, And she though always splendid In silk and lace, Hides her beauty in another place. -  Riverside, fairground ride, laughing girl and Romeo With little...Read On


I Guess

When you think of moments ago,  Of words said in silent whispers,  Empty shadows of one's soul.  Falling snow, upon frozen dew,  Sipping thyme tea most eloquently,  In darkness of the quivered quill.  Feelings of my endearing lass, I cast my self on your eeriness, With love, I confess my ever'ness.  Aura of my musing companion, Sensing vibes, I confide, Inclinations of...Read On


White Knight

Even vagrants live by some golden rule That love makes one act like a fool Or that money isn't what makes the man I'm just a poor boy wearing a poetic heart On weathered sleeves unraveling apart And I just don't seem to give a damn My love for you is like no other What you certainly won't get from any ol' lover It's the kind you read about in fables I am your white knight with greying...Read On


Sonnet: Love So Fleeting And So Rare

A poem of love lost, not about anyone specific, but just reflecting my mood at the time.

Ah me, that love so fleeting and so rare Should touch me for a moment, and then fly, Never to return. Love divinely fair, So tender and so sweet, I can just sigh That you were briefly mine, but now despair, As alone once more, in dull grief I lie. The truth I ponder, so in sadness now to yield, And think no more our hearts were destined to defer The march of time; the hard and brutal...Read On


It was Good

Remembering the best of a broken relationship

We burned white-hot, consuming all around us as our love intensified. *** Soaring like eagles, the two of us reached dizzying heights that few dare dream of. Like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun and our love couldn't withstand the flames created by our descent. *** The end came suddenly, the funeral pyre fanned by lies, accusations and mistrust. No love could thrive in...Read On


My Unwanted Bedfellow

Sometimes you don't get to choose your bedfellow

While the rest of the world sleeps Pain creeps in like a villain in the dark It is a formidable opponent to battle The contrast it creates is quite stark My curvy body, is so readily sexual But it now betrays me while lying here I can feel the pain's grip on me so strong My whole body shivers as I also feel fear My veins are filled with liquid adrenaline My body ignited as the...Read On

Recommended Read

How I Loved You Then

A sad little take on a Break-Up

  The shining sun still shines the same We, smiling, play the older games And paper over wounds and pain Knowing neither of us are to blame. And in the air a hint of rain, We're heading for a storm again. Know you were my closest friend and How I loved you then... I see it in distracted eyes, Avoiding rows with sad soft sighs, Whispered excuses and White Lies, Creating a space where love...Read On


I'll Stand Aside

I'm causing problems. I love you enough to leave.

I can see that I'm causing you problems.  I can see that my presence causes stress and pain. I don't mean to be annoying. I don't mean to get in your way. Maybe you felt bad for me at first and came to my aid. I know I'm not the worst, But I am tired of this charade. I can see I'm not helping you No matter how hard I try. Everything that I do Ends up not being right. It's got to...Read On


Innocent Smile

You can’t forget the first love; you search her in every girl

She is back again I lost control, trying to regain She looks gorgeous than ever I savour the moment forever She is smiling, she looks happy Can’t express my feelings, she will be unhappy I loved her, when I met her first time Arghh it’s tedious to write a poem in rhyme She got engaged a month ago I heard, my heart sank, can’t let her go Loved her very much, continue...Read On


I Love You Even Though You're An Ocean Away

Loving You Each and Every Day

My cyber lover brings joy to my days, I love him so much in so many ways. I enjoy him every day when we chat, We talk about this and lots of that. Sometimes we fight and I get very upset, It hurts just as much, even though we never met. We turn each other on and make love every day, The cyber sex is hot when we start to play. We've played a few scenarios and they're very hot,...Read On


Looking Glassed, Rabbit Holed

Her voice penned in the journal of my mind Takes me back to an earlier page and day One abreft of sunrise or moonset Bereft of ending and beginning In most peculiar, abbreviated way Scribblings of her laughter, ambient Return me to that unique time and space Streams of joy dribbling down my cheeks Heart skipping forward in a three legged race Since our abrupt parting, dreams there have...Read On


When we're apart

When we’re apart my mind and body ache, In half divided, angry, naked, bruised;  A gift so rare I leap to reach and take, But stumble, miss, and fall again, bemused.  When she is mine I heal as if from prayer, My halves rejoined, my focus sharp anew  On thoughts and pleasures only we can share  In hours late, a rapture meant for two. In breath, in voice, in body, spirit, mind, ...Read On


In and Out Of Love

From the moment I met you, you touched my soul  We had this deep connection, a bound  We became one, you in me and me in you  It never crossed mind that we could ever part  You were my heart, my everything  This is the last time  The last time Together we lied, we cheated , we stole  Together we won, and we lost  We stood by one another through it all  And just like that, you...Read On


Pretty Little Dead Thing

That saying, If you love someone, then you should set them free Well, you really don't seem to get it I suspect you're not even listening to me Pretty little dead thing Don't come around here no more Let the past be as it was I've already asked you this nicely before Pretty little dead thing Why can't you just rest in peace? And let me move onward with my life I'm begging...Read On