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Realizing no matter what I do I will never be good enough for you

Packing my things For a long journey A journey I must make On my own I need to find myself again My heart needs time to heal After having it ripped out Toyed with like a feline Does a mouse Just before she eats it There is a hole in my chest Where my heart use to be I gave it to you Trusting you wouldn't break it But like normal I was a fool Now I walk away ...Read On


To Touch

Dedicated to the one who touched my mind, heart, soul and finally, body... My adored.

To touch the mind With a word. Hello, exchange a name. A smile leading, following, sharing. To touch the heart.  Open, seeking. Desire filled, tears fall. Full force into joy, sorrow, uncertainty. Fearless  in the face of heartache. To touch the soul. Diving in, face first. Accepting  flaws, exposing raw. Connected souls, roots grow. Following desire, finding the path....Read On


Loving you

Time only reinforces my feelings for you

It seems I have waited a life time for us, And I can breath us entangled together in passion. Time will lapse before I am with you, But it is no match for the feeling with in me. I cannot stop thinking about you, about us, It is a beautiful wondrous intoxicating feeling. Being with you daily goes far beyond The distance and time, as I am eternally yours. This is more than a moment...Read On



A wall of silence...

As time goes by I watched us grow apart Day by day it would break my heart I love you so much it’s tearing me up inside What would life be like without you by my side The day we met is all I think about How happy we were how can we forget When I catch a glimpse of you I see the distance gaze Are you reminiscing of our happier days How can we talk about what is happening to us ...Read On


Broken Promises

He makes all things good..

You’re a simple girl, With so few demands It’s but a tiny list That your attention commands I know you well Your passionate heart and mind There’s little that you want or need Just two hearts intertwined It’s been eighteen months now Since your last get away You need this so very much Served and affirmed for just a day Once in a while You’d just like to be first For you too...Read On


If She Only Knew

She probably knows this is for her

If she only knew of all the times, I've read what she has written, She would soon realize, How badly I am smitten. If she only knew that when I read, I put myself in her lover's place; And it's not him but me moaning, When she sits upon his face. If she only knew that the fondest thing, When I read and fantasize, Is to dwell in the sweet softness, Between her...Read On


Is It Just A Kiss?

I want to kiss you I think to myself I want to caress your face Place my lips against yours As I look up into your eyes I lean in closer My lips lightly touching yours As I start to taste you I deepen our kiss My tongue slips between your lips I savor you Sucking on your lower lip Our tongues duel with one another Slowly, lingering not wanting to break the kiss To be held in your...Read On



These are the trinkets that remind me of you, These are the small things that pull me through, For you there is nothing that I wouldn't do, What I'd do without you, well I have no clue. That picture in that frame over there, I remember that night when we lived without a care, If I move it from the wall it looks bare, Just please know my heart you share. The simple necklace on the...Read On


In The Dead Of Night

A million butterflies flap their wings, A million wasps bare their stings. In the dead of night, heart exploding, Your voice a whisper – dreams encoding. I hear your voice, ‘tho’ ‘tis not there, I know you died – it was not fair. To this empty bed, I’m resigned, Soothing sounds – you’re in my mind. My breathing now becomes erratic, You’re in my arms and I’m ecstatic. Only now, in...Read On


I'll Be Here For You Tomorrow

When you're lost and unable to stay,  I'll love you, in all different ways. When you're burdened with pain and sorrow, I'll be here for you tomorrow. When you're in that difficult place, I'll wait to see your smiling face. When the pain is too much to bear, I love you so much, I really do care. If I can just bring a smile to your face, When you're in that very dark place. I love you,...Read On


Pleasure Poem

My writing's a tide of feelings, that ebb and flow Strong underpinnings of passion and lust building slow So much I sacrificed, to be your pet Your absence not easy, to forgive and forget Right now I put aside, the hurt to be faithful to my duty Always ready to serve, like a good submissive should be With eyes on your body, I touch and tease The heat between my legs, only my Dom...Read On


judge me not

soft tears falling on my tablet my heart breaks again I suffer silently as I've been raked over the coals again. please do not judge me or make assumptions for you do not know me or my heart's intentions. so many hits I have taken my body feels bruised and broken my heart sinks and I fall to the floor I crawl on my knees and they are scraped and dirty as I take on more...Read On



Reflection on a life that has yet to be lived...

The beauty surrounds me now like nowhere else. His creation, His perfection is all around. The colors, the sweet aromas, the creatures in all their majesty Are simply breath taking. But you, my love, are nowhere to be found. No matter how beautiful, everywhere I go - if you’re not present - just falls miserably short. My family and friends are gathered round me, Nearly all who would...Read On


For Love

Thank you, L, for your love, your affection Two disparate souls found a deep connection And in my darkest hours and days You gave so much, in so many ways And as our paths now separate Our hearts remain entwined by fate Your strength, character, and honesty Have burned so brightly inside of me I owe my life to one so dear You gave me hope and soothed the fear You made me who...Read On



The sea laps around her ankles, As black waves mimic flowing attire. Skirt, coat and scarf billow, As she stares across the surf. So many leagues between them, And yet, The salt sea air reminds her Of his taste. The sky, dark and menacing. Slow moving grey clouds Like his suit clad, Sauntering form. A black and white vista Like her overcast mood. Lit only by a jonquil sunflower...Read On