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Love Poems


My Obsession

About him, he should know who he is. You gave me unmeasurable pleasure.

You are my obsession. My only thought and Only care. You're the reason My heart keeps beating. I need you every day. I need your love. Please don't ever go away. Stay with me forever. You're my one desire. You're the one who Sets me on fire. My body longs for you and  You please me like no other. Wrap me up in your kisses, Hold me in a tight embrace. Take me again...Read On

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Bright speck, cast against the backdrop of blue. Ascending, unconcerned of the drop that would drench all. Escaped from the cankers of life, Suspended, An updraft of support. Wax pain, and tears  Bereft of wings. Connection in wane, where we once as one stood. Bleating against the span, Your back faced to me. Indifferent now,  Shadows cast where all was sunshine. Fists beat...Read On


In Your Arms

The world had become an awful place kicking me in the gut, day after day more bad news was the daily routine Doctors and nurses had little to say Bitter and broken when it was done I thought sadness was my new way of life My status quo an empty existence a future without my dear wife The day you and I shared our first embrace comfort flowed to me easy and pleasing Your care and concern...Read On


In His Arms

The world is a beautiful place It can take your breath away But sickness and sadness surround us Waiting to ruin the most beautiful day Battered from life's curve balls I felt my sadness was permanent Just a new part of my personality My three wishes, long ago spent The moment I felt his loving embrace I felt something I knew I had been missing The fears residing in my head quieted ...Read On


Catch me

Delighted with your friendship Enthralled by your beauty Touched by your kindness I feel it is my duty to inform you I could fall Would you catch me?...Read On


Brown Eyes

Seduced by mystery.

Dark brown eyes of mystery, what hides in your soul? Do you hold joy or pain? Does a heart of love hide there? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you stare at me? What do you want with me? Will you steal away my soul? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you mesmerize me? What is your temptation? Will you hypnotize my heart? Dark brown eyes of mystery, what feelings do you hide?...Read On


Goodbye My Love

for Lynar (Robert) I love you with every fiber of my being. Always.

It's time to say goodbye, my love. The words I never want to hear. My heart is broken, And I feel old.  My heart is hollow inside. Goodbye, my love. My world is colorless and gray now. I'm all alone in the world. I feel like the only human on Earth. My soul has frozen. My blood has turned to ice. We've finally ran our course. I'll always love you, sweetheart. Goodbye,...Read On



You've been in my heart each day since we met. So many years ago that was and yet I still remember each day we spent together. I wish I'd known it wouldn't be forever. Searching your name on the world wide web, No trace of you anywhere, perhaps you've wed. I ask friends about you, they just say forget her; But what can I do? My love is forever. The age old traditions of bygone years...Read On


Bruised Heart

Our Love stands strong ... Take your lies and move on

A bruised heart, a tear falls I sit in silence looking at the walls Thinking how deep my love is for you How all of our promises were given and true A single word, a sentence so vile All were delivered in guile Why must one hurt another's heart It was done to try to tear us apart Through the lies and deception I see It was done out of hatred we both agree A jealous path never ends...Read On


I'm A Masturbator

We... mighty stroking through the night...

I'm a masturbator. Ohhh most certainly yes! But not for me you see, That's right,… for you… agreed,  Good guess! For my own good pleasure, My good girth and length, Wetted stroke, to feel my strength, You'd be the one to measure. For you however, treasure my lever. Expressly yours, for tease, Lie back, relent, bend knees, I'll stroke for your good ease… say please! Me --...Read On


Morning with Kay

Every morning waking up to you

Putting out the hand I hear a buzzing reaching for the night stand eyes half closed and blurry Looking for the phone pushing things off as I search, where is the damn phone? I realize it next to the pillow where I had left it as I had fell asleep reading your good night messages I can't wait to see your message see what you had sent me this time half asleep I...Read On


A midsummer’s night dream:

She dances on meadows under the full moon, Nightingales singing songs of beauty. Her skin glowing like ivory, Her hair with a golden shine. Fireflies twinkle in the air And with childlike wonder she reaches for them. He watches her with awe, Not wanting to disturb. Sitting down she weaves a crown of flowers, Placing it on her head. To him, she is an image of...Read On


The Abyss

Touching my hair with a gentle caress  Bringing me back from the darkest abyss Showing the tenderness I had so missed  With softness and pity my lips were kissed. Gazing with eyes that glittered with tears  Stroking my face and erasing my fears  Hugging me closely and giving me strength  Rocking my body you soothed me at length  Never believing that I did not count Your faith was...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Lost in a storm of passions unmet, Flayed by the lash of Salt-sour tears, Flesh trembles cruel from the Raking of the gaze You do not burn Into my skin. Writhing, entwining on wings of Dank and dreary Dismayed dreams And webs asunder, The howl of the moon is as lonely And lost As I In its...Read On



Does time really heal, even a shattered heart?

She isn’t devastated anymore. She isn’t rolled up into a tiny ball, Unable to get up, to leave the house. She sleeps, dresses, eats. There is a smile on her face more often, At times it even reaches her eyes. She isn’t torn apart with grief now, Shattered by the goodbye out of nowhere, But the sadness still lingers inside. When darkness falls, Little voices...Read On


A Million Kisses

Kisses are a way to communicate A unique language all their own Kisses are also a crafted skill One you can practice and hone Each kiss we give away to another Serves its purpose when placed You can never get that kiss back Once given, it can’t be erased A soft kiss on the forehead Easing an ailment or a disease A lover’s kiss placed on your neck Making you weak in the knees Maybe...Read On


This One’s For You

A tribute to the one I adore…

There’s darkness all around me It’s too early to arise But something inside is stirring That I just can’t put aside I find myself awake now Just lying in my bed I can't stop thinking about you Your beauty dancing in my head What a glorious problem to have To daydream about my dream A life filled with passion and love Is the constant, soothing theme Yes, I've captured the...Read On


I am Yours

I've fallen for you Hook line and sinker And like the barb You've pierced me You're in my mind I follow your word To break it would break me If given the choice Between myself and you Your word would win, hands down I want to crawl into your lap Never leaving taking shelter from the storm You fuck me like I've never felt You dominate my mind Anything you ask I will do There is nothing...Read On


You Had Me At Hello

You had me at hello

You had me at hello The crinkle of your smile The softness of your eyes The palest blue of summer skies You had me at the first handshake Firm, warm, the touch of a lover Leaving me wanting more To discover everything about you You had me with your first glance Passion I'd not seen before Short of breath, I felt the floor Whirl away beneath my feet You had me at the first dance...Read On


My Everything

Why is it that when you're not here, that I can feel fear? It's because... You are my everything. And when you return, and my heart starts to yearn, it's because... You are my everything. All the times that we kiss and it feels like pure bliss, that's because... You are my everything. We make love almost nightly, and you still always excite me, that's because......Read On


The Poisonous Pen

That time waits for no one

THE POISONOUS PEN The poisonous pen Articulate in its prime Spills forth with illusion Onto white pages as if by design  It's dark purpose unthwarted It's author intense Spiral words too long unspoken Set here now she vents Surrounded by Foolish Mercurial Light  Mere fancies of mockery Unhinged in its' plight  Dense canopy of promises Now laid to rest ...Read On


A World of Love

A world of love Gazing into your eyes so blue I am caught in a world of love Your soul is strong and true Like an angel sent from above As I hold your hand in mine My life feels safe and calm Your touch is so sublime My heart within your palm When I press my lips to yours There's tenderness in your touch My joy flows like rain that pours There is magic in your clutch ...Read On


I Miss You

for Robert. (Lynar)

Do you feel me missing you Across the miles? All the while I ache and long, For you to say The words I need to hear... I love you. I miss you. Do you feel the Wetness of my tears, As they fall down my cheek Over and over again? Sliding down, trickling down. A tiny river they have become. I love you more than anyone. I miss you. I miss you as sure as my heart...Read On


The Transformation

A vision of the redemptive work of love...

Such a fragile, beautiful creature, Breathtaking in every sense of the word. Whether gazing at your lovely form Or considering the tenderness of your innermost being. What I see is all good and above and beyond Even the harshest critic’s scrutiny. But you did not always believe this to be so Because of the dark season... For years ago, Before the new you was formed, They came at...Read On



My hands smell of coconut and vanilla. Lingering warmth and your skin. Memories of you. Fresh. Your blanket curled around you. Tired eyes. Gratitude. The simple comfort of my hands on your feet. Just hours gone by. I miss you already. Every moment spent together For all eternity won't be nearly enough. ...Read On


My Everything

You are the one I love. You are the light in my eye. You mean everything to me. You are the one I think about every day and every night. You are the one always running through my mind. You are my warmth when I am cold. You are my best friend, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. You are my lover, my friend, my one and only. You are perfect for me. You...Read On


The Chill

The chill sets in whenever I approach,  It's been that way since she lost faith in me. However much I try there's still reproach. This cannot be the way it's meant to be. Forgiveness now would be a kindly act For what our love has been to her and me, Because my faith in her remains intact And she must see how great our love would be. It all began with something that was done That cut her...Read On


Shades of You

Everything in her colors.

Everywhere I look, I see shades of you. Coloring my world. The sweetness of your smile. The freedom of your laugh. The flash of fear in your eyes. Tremble of your lip. The quiet stubbornness in your posture. The darkest of nights is nothing to the depths of your eyes. Glossy and shimmering Like moonlight on dark, still waters. Your joy is the sunshine of my world. ...Read On



Trying to make sense out of the chaos in this life…

Our world's filled with confusion Sometimes we're desperate to belong We long to be someone's destiny And the focus of every song It seems as though if we were To just vanish in the haze We fear we’d be forgotten Inside of just ten days It’s a crazy time we live in With uncertainty all around Unsure of where we’re going Or if peace can be found There is no consolation Second...Read On



Sometimes she just feels small, Like she can’t meet the day, Overwhelmed, haunted by memories. She has worked hard to get away from pain Both physical and emotional, sometimes crippling, But some days it is like hitting a wall, Climbing it seeming an impossible task. Those days, having His strength means everything, Having His lap to curl up on, Arms to hold her close and safe. If...Read On