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Love Poems



another one I dusted off. I quite like it. smiles.

Can you hear me calling you and calling you names? Can you feel my need for you and see my heart bleeding? It's bleeding just for you. Don't know what I've done to turn you abruptly away. Guess you can't handle someone liking you apparently. This is how you treat a friend, this is how you care for me? Your kindness was just a facade to get between my legs. You really aren't worth...Read On


Nature's Rewards - Consummation

She took, I gave, she asked, she received...'s only just here, and already I can feel it's effects.  As other organisms in nature begin to respond, so to do I. An awakening of sorts, a stirring from deep down. My own nature stirs in earnest, hungry and anxious  For new and fertile ground to flourish in. My root grows in it's desire to plunge deeply,  Gathering strength and girth as it does so,  Seeking a moist,...Read On


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, Before she became who she is today, She had a restlessness, Needing to realize and admit Who she really was, What she needed to be whole. As truth wants out, The day came when she no longer denied, Stopped keeping her eyes closed, To avoid seeing the obvious. Accepting all sides of herself Gave a whole new peace. She found giving up control, Submitting with...Read On



*please read as if you don't know me, for those who know me. thank you*

Thank you for Breaking the chains That bound me To you. I tried so hard Not to let you go. I thought if I Held on tightly enough, We'd still see each other. Or you'd want to Change your mind. Instead you broke free From the chains That bound you to me. You slid through my grasp As I stood there In disbelief and agony. Little did I know This was the best thing ...Read On


Questions of Love

Questions of Love Is love but a fleeting feeling? Or something that is true? Is it just a passing emotion? Why is it drawing me to you? Is love about finding beauty? Why is there so much pain? Can it truly mend a broken heart? Can it make me whole again? Is it love that bonds us together? Or is it lust that controls our minds? Can my love be a soulful promise? Or did...Read On


Remember When

Do you remember when we met Or have you started to forget It's been so many years ago I wonder if it's yes or no You took me to your secret place Above the mundane world in space A tower built to watch for fires I thought my love would fill desires You never left my heart you know Not even when you let me go And pledged your troth to someone new Rejected I still pined for you He flashed...Read On


Let Me Surround You With My Love

not written for anyone on here. smiles

Let me surround you with my love. Let me take you to heaven above. I want to kiss you from head to toe. Up and down your sweet body I truly adore. Let me be the one you want to caress. Let me give you all my tenderness. Let's pickup where we left off. Don't let all the sad songs come true, Between me and you. Don't make my brown eyes blue. Just continue to be my oh so...Read On


Crimson Tide

Deep dark recesses of your mind, allow me your guide Foster and cultivate the primitive instincts you were taught maligned Take my hand to guide you to the proverbial ledge Dangle me over, release, and drop me past the edge Sharp pain does my flesh, beg for and praise Forceful edge on contact, to your hands I raise Hold my heart between your exquisite and powerful grip If it pleases...Read On


Twenty Years

It’s just me... thinking.

I used to sleep close to your heart you held me tight, kissed my head goodnight. You said, "This is how I would have us sleep all of our nights." I stayed because I loved the sound of your heart beating while I slept. I would wake up and you would look at me and kiss me good morning. One night your hold on me loosened. No more good night kisses. No more...Read On


You Are My Love

For my lady in red...

I love you more than life Darling, my heart is on fire Burning with pure desire For your love there is no cure Because your love is so pure I loved you once before And I love you now even more You will always hold the key Because you are you You're pure as love can only be You show your love to me so freely You are etched in my heart for eternity I will love you...Read On



Twisting, turning, she can’t find sleep. Tired, yet restless, All her thoughts are with him, Longing for his kisses, His touches that awaken her body And reaches inside her soul, Making her come alive. Her insides feel like a smouldering volcano, Molten lava in her veins. She knows he can’t be with her tonight, He can’t bring her to the edge, Then letting her body erupt, ...Read On


My Demons

Everyone battles their own demons.

They are indistinguishable Too closely defined One Fear, one pain Clawing their way Ripping my soul Unrelenting Unforgiving His love is a light in itself A flickering light in my hell He saves me each day Day after day after day Healing my soul Unshakable Never wavering Each night the battle begins The pain and fear so loud Demanding my attention Tearing my soul apart My demons to battle...Read On


Conquering the Great Divide

Reflecting on what is and what is yet to be…

Divide: to separate To part from something else To cut off or keep apart To disconnect, end These are not endearing words They actually sound punishing, even harsh. They don’t bring unity, Rather they allude to just the opposite. Yet sometimes a divide is needed. How else would you recognize the glory of adjacent mountains Unless there was a separation between...Read On


My Obsession

About him, he should know who he is. You gave me unmeasurable pleasure.

You are my obsession. My only thought and Only care. You're the reason My heart keeps beating. I need you every day. I need your love. Please don't ever go away. Stay with me forever. You're my one desire. You're the one who Sets me on fire. My body longs for you and  You please me like no other. Wrap me up in your kisses, Hold me in a tight embrace. Take me again...Read On

Recommended Read


Bright speck, cast against the backdrop of blue. Ascending, unconcerned of the drop that would drench all. Escaped from the cankers of life, Suspended, An updraft of support. Wax pain, and tears  Bereft of wings. Connection in wane, where we once as one stood. Bleating against the span, Your back faced to me. Indifferent now,  Shadows cast where all was sunshine. Fists beat...Read On


In Your Arms

The world had become an awful place kicking me in the gut, day after day more bad news was the daily routine Doctors and nurses had little to say Bitter and broken when it was done I thought sadness was my new way of life My status quo an empty existence a future without my dear wife The day you and I shared our first embrace comfort flowed to me easy and pleasing Your care and concern...Read On


In His Arms

The world is a beautiful place It can take your breath away But sickness and sadness surround us Waiting to ruin the most beautiful day Battered from life's curve balls I felt my sadness was permanent Just a new part of my personality My three wishes, long ago spent The moment I felt his loving embrace I felt something I knew I had been missing The fears residing in my head quieted ...Read On


Catch me

Delighted with your friendship Enthralled by your beauty Touched by your kindness I feel it is my duty to inform you I could fall Would you catch me?...Read On


Brown Eyes

Seduced by mystery.

Dark brown eyes of mystery, what hides in your soul? Do you hold joy or pain? Does a heart of love hide there? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you stare at me? What do you want with me? Will you steal away my soul? Dark brown eyes of mystery, why do you mesmerize me? What is your temptation? Will you hypnotize my heart? Dark brown eyes of mystery, what feelings do you hide?...Read On


Goodbye My Love

for Lynar (Robert) I love you with every fiber of my being. Always.

It's time to say goodbye, my love. The words I never want to hear. My heart is broken, And I feel old.  My heart is hollow inside. Goodbye, my love. My world is colorless and gray now. I'm all alone in the world. I feel like the only human on Earth. My soul has frozen. My blood has turned to ice. We've finally ran our course. I'll always love you, sweetheart. Goodbye,...Read On



You've been in my heart each day since we met. So many years ago that was and yet I still remember each day we spent together. I wish I'd known it wouldn't be forever. Searching your name on the world wide web, No trace of you anywhere, perhaps you've wed. I ask friends about you, they just say forget her; But what can I do? My love is forever. The age old traditions of bygone years...Read On


Bruised Heart

Our Love stands strong ... Take your lies and move on

A bruised heart, a tear falls I sit in silence looking at the walls Thinking how deep my love is for you How all of our promises were given and true A single word, a sentence so vile All were delivered in guile Why must one hurt another's heart It was done to try to tear us apart Through the lies and deception I see It was done out of hatred we both agree A jealous path never ends...Read On


I'm A Masturbator

We... mighty stroking through the night...

I'm a masturbator. Ohhh most certainly yes! But not for me you see, That's right,… for you… agreed,  Good guess! For my own good pleasure, My good girth and length, Wetted stroke, to feel my strength, You'd be the one to measure. For you however, treasure my lever. Expressly yours, for tease, Lie back, relent, bend knees, I'll stroke for your good ease… say please! Me --...Read On


Morning with Kay

Every morning waking up to you

Putting out the hand I hear a buzzing reaching for the night stand eyes half closed and blurry Looking for the phone pushing things off as I search, where is the damn phone? I realize it next to the pillow where I had left it as I had fell asleep reading your good night messages I can't wait to see your message see what you had sent me this time half asleep I...Read On


A midsummer’s night dream:

She dances on meadows under the full moon, Nightingales singing songs of beauty. Her skin glowing like ivory, Her hair with a golden shine. Fireflies twinkle in the air And with childlike wonder she reaches for them. He watches her with awe, Not wanting to disturb. Sitting down she weaves a crown of flowers, Placing it on her head. To him, she is an image of...Read On


The Abyss

Touching my hair with a gentle caress  Bringing me back from the darkest abyss Showing the tenderness I had so missed  With softness and pity my lips were kissed. Gazing with eyes that glittered with tears  Stroking my face and erasing my fears  Hugging me closely and giving me strength  Rocking my body you soothed me at length  Never believing that I did not count Your faith was...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Lost in a storm of passions unmet, Flayed by the lash of Salt-sour tears, Flesh trembles cruel from the Raking of the gaze You do not burn Into my skin. Writhing, entwining on wings of Dank and dreary Dismayed dreams And webs asunder, The howl of the moon is as lonely And lost As I In its...Read On



Does time really heal, even a shattered heart?

She isn’t devastated anymore. She isn’t rolled up into a tiny ball, Unable to get up, to leave the house. She sleeps, dresses, eats. There is a smile on her face more often, At times it even reaches her eyes. She isn’t torn apart with grief now, Shattered by the goodbye out of nowhere, But the sadness still lingers inside. When darkness falls, Little voices...Read On


A Million Kisses

Kisses are a way to communicate A unique language all their own Kisses are also a crafted skill One you can practice and hone Each kiss we give away to another Serves its purpose when placed You can never get that kiss back Once given, it can’t be erased A soft kiss on the forehead Easing an ailment or a disease A lover’s kiss placed on your neck Making you weak in the knees Maybe...Read On


This One’s For You

A tribute to the one I adore…

There’s darkness all around me It’s too early to arise But something inside is stirring That I just can’t put aside I find myself awake now Just lying in my bed I can't stop thinking about you Your beauty dancing in my head What a glorious problem to have To daydream about my dream A life filled with passion and love Is the constant, soothing theme Yes, I've captured the...Read On