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Love Poems

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The silence is deafening As she listens for a Heartbeat of Hope In the cold Dark night. She remembers your touch Like it's Seared Into her soul, And your warm Kisses That you whispered Into her heart... You are mine.  Now, she is no more than A forgotten thought, Or just a sweet Memory Of desires past. Now, her words Ricochet into the Empty room,...Read On


Stolen Moments

I never get enough of you

Every time I'm with you It feels like a stolen moment I take what I can get And always want more A soft spoken word A tender kiss, or whisper in my ear Another stolen moment And again I want more A promise of tomorrow's A lifetime of always A gentle touch on my skin Arms tightly wrapped around me Another stolen moment And again I want more Pressing your body hard against mine...Read On



Please Stay....

I was about to leave  when you reached out, grabbing my hand.  Pulling me closer, placing me on your lap. I looked in your eyes,  as you wrapped your arms  around my waist.  Resting my head on your shoulder,  as you rest your head against mine.  Enjoying a brief moment before turning to ask. What can I do?  A tear runs down your cheek, and you said "Please stay,...Read On



Chained with passion. Chained with Lust. Chained in worship, worthless dust Held in bondage Heart and head. Body craving. Make me beg. Standing o’er me, make me wait. Your finger scratches. Bright red paint. It touches, uses, steals my air Gasping, rasping, need you there. On me, in me. Sodden, soaked. Please release me,...Read On



As the rays of sunlight peeked in I awoke and said a silent prayer I needed my dream to be real I turned over and you were there We had planned and we had prepared This first date had finally arrived The first touch of your hands and your hungry lips I no longer felt that I was deprived What had started as a friendship Meeting and being online alone Had grown into this sweet romance...Read On


Someone I Thought I Knew

It should have been a love story

You were someone I thought I knew When we were together our passions grew But somewhere down the line You were never truly mine I thought I held a special place in your heart But others always came first and tore us apart Even now when I speak your name It's hard for me to extinguish the flame I will look back at this and have no regrets But the heart bears scars...Read On


His Inspiration

Considering what drives this man to be his very best…

My thoughts, As always, Turn to you. My desires, Just like every other day, Are about you. My goals, Both the near and far reaching ones, Have you at the very epicenter. My desire to grow as a man, As a father, as a friend, as His son, Have been encouraged and supported by you. My work in caring for people - Loving on them, building into their lives - Has been enhanced...Read On


The Affair

A relationship torn apart

A relationship that was once happy, ends,  The couple involved can't even be friends. Their situation now has changed, These two lovers have now become estranged. Nothing can bring them back together, The love has been crushed, they're no longer lovers. There was a time they were happy with each other, Spending time and loving one another. They were with each other for many years, But...Read On


Emotions are Shit

To hell with a broken heart we can bounce back from it it just takes time.

We are placed on this earth For some unknown reasons No one knows what their purpose Or reason is I know mine My reason to be here is for my friends and family Always placing them first No matter how I Hurt Cry Laugh Smile Frown I am here for them Always hiding my true emotions Never letting them show No one ever sees the Pain Fear Passion Love ...Read On



Saved from the pain that was in my head, heart and soul you took me into your arm and held me tightly are we meant to last will everything be right in the world together we fight to save each other from everyone who hurt or tore us down we save each other in each others arm starting off fresh we are starting anew me and you something different and meaningful holding together a...Read On


For Him, I Live.

I kneel at the end of the bed, my knees cold against the hardwood floor. My head is hung low and my breathing is steady. In and out, I breathe, in and out. Footsteps echo down the hall and my patient heart skips a beat. Excitement overcomes me but I push it away for later. For him, I am patient. For him, I am calm. The door squeaks with that familiar sound and I take a deep breath. “Hello...Read On


Lady of Cythera

Have you ever felt it? That stab? That nick? That cut? I did once, in another life it seems far away and distant. She is the salt that stings it. The papercut that never heals. She is the open-heart surgeon that massaged my cardiac muscle. The moment she waltzed, Unknowing, into my world I was lost, gone and sold to Aphrodite reincarnate. That all too brief a period I was born for....Read On


Piano Blues (A Love Story) Part 2

The morning after a party, and watching her dance...memories

Morning, She’s dancing still, In a black dress, An empty stage, Silver bangles and that cool grace, That red smile, that shape. One kiss and I could die happy, Everybody wants to die happy, And go down, And be living still. A smooth glass in her silk glove, We live once she says, We must know love and laughter. Each new day is beautiful. Suddenly...Read On



Please see me and love me for who I am Perfection I have found unattainable I am flawed and I am damaged But the worn edges make me beautiful My life has not always been easy Sadness and pain have become familiar Hard lessons taught me to find strength within Only then could I see a path that was clear Through all of the heartbreaks and loss I never let my faith in love falter Though...Read On



Realizing no matter what I do I will never be good enough for you

Packing my things For a long journey A journey I must make On my own I need to find myself again My heart needs time to heal After having it ripped out Toyed with like a feline Does a mouse Just before she eats it There is a hole in my chest Where my heart use to be I gave it to you Trusting you wouldn't break it But like normal I was a fool Now I walk away ...Read On