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Love Poems


Siren Sappho

A beacon to lost lesbians

Homeward I sail to the shores of Lesbos Sappho is my Siren Once outward bound I faced away And saw not home and comfort My course was plotted by others’ hands To learn the worldly way And seek what others sought before Our nature to betray We did not know the sails we set Were sewn by hands so foreign That we would lose the memory Of lands where we were born And now...Read On


Four Remembrances

Remembering being young and in love...

Cafe, dancing girl, rich girl and Romeo, Cigarettes, whisky, cheap and grainy video, Neon, moonlight, long past midnight In Paris where, Syncopated second line And dancing to the ragtime, Make her head spin, And she though always splendid In silk and lace, Hides her beauty in another place. -  Riverside, fairground ride, laughing girl and Romeo With little...Read On


I Guess

When you think of moments ago,  Of words said in silent whispers,  Empty shadows of one's soul.  Falling snow, upon frozen dew,  Sipping thyme tea most eloquently,  In darkness of the quivered quill.  Feelings of my endearing lass, I cast my self on your eeriness, With love, I confess my ever'ness.  Aura of my musing companion, Sensing vibes, I confide, Inclinations of...Read On


White Knight

Even vagrants live by some golden rule That love makes one act like a fool Or that money isn't what makes the man I'm just a poor boy wearing a poetic heart On weathered sleeves unraveling apart And I just don't seem to give a damn My love for you is like no other What you certainly won't get from any ol' lover It's the kind you read about in fables I am your white knight with greying...Read On

Sonnet: Love So Fleeting And So Rare

A poem of love lost, not about anyone specific, but just reflecting my mood at the time.

Ah me, that love so fleeting and so rare Should touch me for a moment, and then fly, Never to return. Love divinely fair, So tender and so sweet, I can just sigh That you were briefly mine, but now despair, As alone once more, in dull grief I lie. The truth I ponder, so in sadness now to yield, And think no more our hearts were destined to defer The march of time; the hard and brutal...Read On


My Unwanted Bedfellow

Sometimes you don't get to choose your bedfellow

While the rest of the world sleeps Pain creeps in like a villain in the dark It is a formidable opponent to battle The contrast it creates is quite stark My curvy body, is so readily sexual But it now betrays me while lying here I can feel the pain's grip on me so strong My whole body shivers as I also feel fear My veins are filled with liquid adrenaline My body ignited as the...Read On

Recommended Read

How I Loved You Then

A sad little take on a Break-Up

  The shining sun still shines the same We, smiling, play the older games And paper over wounds and pain Knowing neither of us are to blame. And in the air a hint of rain, We're heading for a storm again. Know you were my closest friend and How I loved you then... I see it in distracted eyes, Avoiding rows with sad soft sighs, Whispered excuses and White Lies, Creating a space where love...Read On


I'll Stand Aside

I'm causing problems. I love you enough to leave.

I can see that I'm causing you problems.  I can see that my presence causes stress and pain. I don't mean to be annoying. I don't mean to get in your way. Maybe you felt bad for me at first and came to my aid. I know I'm not the worst, But I am tired of this charade. I can see I'm not helping you No matter how hard I try. Everything that I do Ends up not being right. It's got to...Read On


Innocent Smile

You can’t forget the first love; you search her in every girl

She is back again I lost control, trying to regain She looks gorgeous than ever I savour the moment forever She is smiling, she looks happy Can’t express my feelings, she will be unhappy I loved her, when I met her first time Arghh it’s tedious to write a poem in rhyme She got engaged a month ago I heard, my heart sank, can’t let her go Loved her very much, continue...Read On


I Love You Even Though You're An Ocean Away

Loving You Each and Every Day

My cyber lover brings joy to my days, I love him so much in so many ways. I enjoy him every day when we chat, We talk about this and lots of that. Sometimes we fight and I get very upset, It hurts just as much, even though we never met. We turn each other on and make love every day, The cyber sex is hot when we start to play. We've played a few scenarios and they're very hot,...Read On


Looking Glassed, Rabbit Holed

Her voice penned in the journal of my mind Takes me back to an earlier page and day One abreft of sunrise or moonset Bereft of ending and beginning In most peculiar, abbreviated way Scribblings of her laughter, ambient Return me to that unique time and space Streams of joy dribbling down my cheeks Heart skipping forward in a three legged race Since our abrupt parting, dreams there have...Read On


When we're apart

When we’re apart my mind and body ache, In half divided, angry, naked, bruised;  A gift so rare I leap to reach and take, But stumble, miss, and fall again, bemused.  When she is mine I heal as if from prayer, My halves rejoined, my focus sharp anew  On thoughts and pleasures only we can share  In hours late, a rapture meant for two. In breath, in voice, in body, spirit, mind, ...Read On


In and Out Of Love

From the moment I met you, you touched my soul  We had this deep connection, a bound  We became one, you in me and me in you  It never crossed mind that we could ever part  You were my heart, my everything  This is the last time  The last time Together we lied, we cheated , we stole  Together we won, and we lost  We stood by one another through it all  And just like that, you...Read On


Pretty Little Dead Thing

That saying, If you love someone, then you should set them free Well, you really don't seem to get it I suspect you're not even listening to me Pretty little dead thing Don't come around here no more Let the past be as it was I've already asked you this nicely before Pretty little dead thing Why can't you just rest in peace? And let me move onward with my life I'm begging...Read On


A Special Song

A Special Song A special song for you and me Written in words only we can see It wraps us up into a tight cocoon Drawing us deeply into its womb A melody woven with fine spun gold Gently pulling us deeply in its fold Like a silken thread it weaves our past For bonds like ours are meant to last This song is sung to us alone Enduring love will build our home Holding you in my warm...Read On


His sleeping beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

He watches her sleep, Careful not to disturb her peace, Her breath deep and even, A small smile on her lips. Where are her dreams right now? Maybe she is in a meadow, flowers all around, Warm sun on her face, breeze in hair. Or perhaps she is in his arms, Snuggled up, sharing hopes for the future. The serenity on her face makes his heart warm, Its every beat...Read On


Shadow Bright

This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Hawthorn petals gently rain In faerie kisses lightly lit; They fall upon her pale, pure brow, A soft, white veil of spicy scent. There dwells she in moss-dark shadows 'Neath the ancient trees young-wise; Dabbles she her fingers in The sweetest spring betwixt her legs. Nectar oozes down her...Read On



Sometimes it makes it everything better To sit down at the kitchen table And write you a letter My how the time does fly when we're apart Although it seems like it was just last week When I resolved to give you my heart The calendar tells of a different tale Of weeks and months and years gone by Since our paths merged into a single trail My eyes well up with tears over the lost days Leaving...Read On


You Have a Lot to Learn

He’s pleading the case for freedom…

History's been established No you can't go back in time What's gone before will come to pass again There is no reason or rhyme This life's been quite the challenge And it will be until the end You'll serve and love completely Yet you’ll hardly have a friend You're fine, have grown accustomed To neglect being the norm Though you'll love until you're bleeding And stand alone...Read On


The Fight

As you step from your long hot shower, I get a tightness in my lower gut. It frustrates me you have this power, To open what I now have shut. One moment, I'll be filled with anger. Then I see your body dripping wet.  You do this so I'd no longer be mad. This view of you makes me forget.  Water drips from your breasts, And puddles upon the floor.  What was that fight about? I remember it...Read On


Touching her soul

It is like he awakens her soul Every time he caresses her body, Touching something deep inside, Not just her skin. His fingertips rousing her nerves and her spirit, Her heart rejoicing when his desire shows. His kisses are like a breath of life, Making her truly come alive, Not just existing. When he holds her close to him, It is often like handing her a life...Read On


Meet Me On A Wild Street Corner

Running away with love...

Meet me on the wild street corner on a rainy night, When the wind howls and the midnight train Calls it’s lonesome song, Meet me on the crossing with your possessions packed, Your hair tied back, And tell me that your fears are gone. Steal a rose from your garden, To hold against your heart, And let your wild eyes speak of love and passion, And we shall tell no one...Read On



It’s a perfect world, And perfection is what everyone seeks; A perfect curve, A perfect body, A perfect heart, A perfect love! Is there anything called “Perfection”? No! There isn’t! Everything is imperfect And nothing is flawless; Imperfection is the perfect thing. I know ‘m imperfect But can you prove you’re perfect? I love you with all my heart And ‘m ready...Read On


Paths II


Dancing on her path, Dizzy from her winding pace, She crashed right into him, Falling in to his warm strength. He took her by the hand, They let their paths converge. The steady liked the rocky and the rocky liked the steady, That is how the separate paths were merged. They had to cross some rivers, And almost lost their way, Through the darkest nights, When tears fell like the rain. ...Read On



Life will really kill you sometimes. You think you have it all lined up in your nice little plan, then the kind faced doctor looks at you and whispers his harsh truth in a voice of pained empathy. Everyone says you handle it well, that it will get better with time and with healing. And I suppose that’s true to some extent, wounds can’t bleed forever. The scab will form on...Read On


The Long Journey Home

A journey of miles, uncertainty my sole companion In reflection of recent times, a false smile I fashion. On my way through, rough roads were travelled Often I was abandoned and branded collateral. A fork in my path, had left me confused Misguided and a failure, to myself I accused. Stranger's eyes, from all angles attacked me I the center of, their personal storm blasphemy. False hope...Read On


What is Love to Me?

I am a romantic, a silly crazy romantic. Love is something that is not tangible, not replaceable, not conditional, not faltering, not perfect, not sacrificial, blind. Romance, however is conditional, faltering, replaceable, sacrifice, perfect. I am a princess. I am His kitten. Love is protection, protective, carefree, simple, easy, hard, helpful, hurtful. My love...Read On

Recommended Read


Adrenaline rush, Shaking my core. Pounding heartbeat, My spirits begin to sore. Your gaze shy and deflected, Still sets my breathing raw. Beautiful and radiant, Your glow leaves me in awe. Closer we near, our bodies shaking, Through fear, our minds quaking. We approach as strangers, Unwilling and timid. But once our eyes meet, Our souls connect, The bond between...Read On


This Boy and this Girl

A hot summer romance, forever...

This boy and this girl Walk along this leaf filled street (arm in arm) High on love and life and laughter, High on together, Young and carefree, In the heat of a summer night.  And she is beautiful And he is handsome, In suit and tie, And her in a pretty summer dress, And that was us, So many years ago.  The green leaves have dried and turned golden ...Read On


Poet Trees

Echoes echo Throughout the willowed hollow In secret gardens no one else knows of Like creeping vines that twist and wind Embracing the branches up above Interlaced in loving weaves And laying to rest Placidly on my ledges and eaves These faded remnants of your voice Once upon a time they were Such bright colored leaves Still Your tone resonates Penetrates the many seasons Having grown...Read On