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Losing A Friend

His stairway to heaven ... I lovingly remember you

When I woke this morning, you were gone The news came, and my heart broke My friend, my love for a friend Gone in an instant. How could this happen, We were just together Dancing and laughing Loving and hugging You were so close to me A caring friend, love that was safe I smiled at you, and touched your face We stood together in a long embrace Shared our lives, our future hopes...Read On



know me

... Dawn bleeds into the stars. My arms enfold you, heart wooing you  to taste my desolate beauty. These kisses cover your heart in silent words. Oh beloved, this is a deep rich thing, this awakening, this forever rising. I breathe my longing into your flesh faster and  deeper... pressing you  until that moment  you become utterly uncontrollable. Mists rise...Read On


What Once Was

Watching drops of rain Feeling you warm beside me Cocooned in the down In peaceful silence Surrounded by raging storm Electric feelings Hands drifting over Exploring each other's love Insatiable lust Kisses softly, sighs Sweet, tender ministrations Piercing ache inside Hot breath, teasing bites Succulent sensations, yours Sparks combust around Excitement courses Veins pushing...Read On

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Piano Blues (A Love Story) Part 1

This is the introduction to a romantic,sensual love story, part poetry, part prose...l

Piano Blues (A love story) (If you don’t know Pintop’s Boogie Woogie, by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, have a listen. The references in this will be clear. This is Part 1 of a love story.) 88 keys, Black and white, Unlike life, Blur the two. The blues are beautiful, A girl dances, And an empty bottle spins. She sways in her gold dress, Caress the notes, Everyone...Read On


The Greatest Loss

Words of love were spoken. Trust was asked and given. Faith in truth was broken. Hope and hearts were riven. What does this betoken? All my life I'd striven But her oaths were lying. Even though protesting Honor, vows were dying. Pledges made, attesting To the end denying, Twisted lies divesting. *** At the start we married Both our souls became one, And our hopes we carried...Read On


When The Stars Refuse To Shine

I will love you, Even when the stars refuse to shine, I will cherish you, Even when the moon stops its gentle beams. Butterfly kisses, In the bright of day, I feel their lingering touch, Even when the stars refuse to shine. I feel your presence, Wherever I am, I feel how close you are, No matter how far. I don't need the light, I can see where I'm going, You light up the sky,...Read On


A Moment of Relaxation

A special moment..

Listening to the rain hitting the tin roof, The aroma of sweet smelling candles filling the air Slowly twirling my hair up onto the top of my head, letting my dress fall, crumpling on the floor. Getting warm sensations all over my body stepping into the tub, my muscles relaxing after the rigorous day.  Body disappears as the bubbles brush over my skin. I smile to myself as the door open...Read On


I loved

I loved Figuring you out Well-known quirks and well-kept secrets Whispered words in Private places Different antics with Friends and strangers. I loved How you allowed Me to unearth Your hidden wonders For physical pleasure Emotive indulgence Your faultless timing For each reveal It kept my attention Engrossed my cognition. I loved Teasing, forcing Carefully extracting Each part...Read On


Flesh on flesh

A poem I wrote for my lover

Kisses that linger on my warm flesh Strong hands caressing my soft breast Heart pounding inside my chest. Stroking a fire deep within Bodies touching, skin on skin. Bringing me to my peak, again and again. Both of us slick with sweat A night I'll not soon forget Only you can get me this wet. I scream out your name Letting you know I came Soothing the fire only you can tame....Read On


Rhythm Of Love

The new dawn is in its morning-glory And the joy of a new day begins  Longing to have each day's promises The clouds billowing in the sky endlessly  From above, you look so beautiful Shrouded in mystery clouds Where the wind is rising and passing softly by  It begins to whistle a sweet melody  Openly   Eagerly Everywhere birds are singing in the trees  Leaves dancing in the breeze ...Read On


Let's Fight

Looking into myself

As I stand here I think to myself, "Let's fight ," as I look into your eyes. I want to scream, "You can't take everything!" As I think to myself,  This won't help. As I sit down All my fight disappears. I look at you as I start to cry As you walk away. I let you go And I look deep inside. I'm not afraid of you, I stand my ground as you tear me down. Piece by piece I build myself...Read On



Whatever the hurt and pain That we carry deep inside Let it be healed and resolved May all of our tears be dried For hearts that are shattered May they feel real love again Get past the tears and heartbreak Let our faith in love begin May we believe in ourselves Identify and conquer our fears Lift ourselves back up again Smile and wipe away the tears Show others the strength of...Read On


My Love

From the very first day, I could see, That you and I, Were meant to be. The most special person, To fill my heart, Making me whole, We're never apart. I'll hold you closely, Look into your eyes, I'll kiss you all over, And enjoy your sighs. Exploring everywhere, My tongue caressing, Nowhere hidden, I'll keep you guessing. Eyes closed for you, My trust complete, Your...Read On


What is Love?

What is love? I’m a man, thus have to learn Many things that women know intuitively. About emotion, commitment, trust and Being able to give fully even knowing the risk. The birth of children was my first clue That these feelings dwelled so strongly within me. Easier to gaze upon those tiny faces and feel the void filled At least for a while. Learning at a much greater age that...Read On


What Is Love?

For someone special

What is that I have been asked? What does love mean? To me it means you love someone With your heart and soul. It may start out by a chance meeting. It may be a stolen kiss. It may be a feeling of excitement when you see that person. It may be a good laugh. It may be a touch upon your skin. It may be forgiving someone who has hurt you. It's about sharing yourself with another. It's...Read On