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Love Poems

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A Night at the Maple Leaf

Another romantic poem from my back catalogue. I hope you enjoy.

  I dance through the narrow lanes, As Tipatina gently plays, My life is syncopation, That only she hears. The lanes are groves, And the tune rattles like a smoking train on buckled rails, Stumbling thinly through the night, Its single light picks out the traveller walking on, Who has no place to go, But beyond where he has been before, The plotted route of tracks...Read On


To Stand With You In The Sun

The secret lives we lead with online friends who are very special to us.

To Stand With You In The Sun I sometimes wonder  If it's right or wrong The line between the two Blurs so easily With a special friend With whom I connect, Laugh so easily And share openly Desires we hide From the rest Of our world It's my secret life Here in the shadows Far from inquiring eyes Who would judge Without understanding It's my freedom To be someone I...Read On


Dove Wings

Sometimes we have to soar

Dove Wings As I hear you enter the room To make love to me I feel sun warmed kisses Fall upon my lips. Moonlit touches Caress my skin. Dove wings flutter  In my stomach wildly. Hands are tied to the headboard Blindfold creating darkness. Every sensation is doubled in Intensity as you touch me. Nipples pucker as feathers Float across my breasts. I feel a wet tongue follow...Read On



now is all there is

... I gaze at the moonlit sky and I am full of you. you are my meditation. I am mindful of your face, caught by the sound of your voice. the sensuality of you holds my heart in peace and joy. there is no thought other than you, the real you, the hidden you. my heart knows you and loves you now. there is no yesterday. there is no tomorrow. you are...Read On


Day Dreamer

D ancing images A crobatic thoughts Y esterdays failures, tomorrow's advances D ramatic interlude R ecurring nightmare E ngaging the unknown A lienated surroundings M idday adventures E lusive fantasies R eality stalking, ever present in the shadows of my life...Read On


Beyond My Comprehension

Attempting to grasp the unattainable…

I look at your face, My streaming tears you can’t see, I can’t believe this beauty Could love someone such as me. Though you’ve sent but a picture I see through to your heart. A love that’s so vivid, Just where shall I start? I witness your passion It shines right through your eyes. It’s in your sexy, sassy smile And on your blown kiss it lies. Words cannot express The...Read On

Recommended Read


Her eyes dazzle, like the rising of the morning sun, Glinting from each rising swell of water. As serene as a beautiful summer's evening, The calming lapping of waves on the shore, The beauty of a thousand seas. As deep and mysterious as unexplored depths, But as warm and comforting as a Caribbean sea, Cleansing and washing away the aches of the soul. With the temper and...Read On


Is It Futile

Is it always going to be useless? Will she ever really understand? Has the truth been lost in the mist of misunderstanding? Tomorrow, she will get it. Tomorrow, she will get me. Tomorrow, she will know all. Tomorrow, I will not feel the futility. Until then Until that time Until she understands Until she gives me succor I will continue. Go on. Make do. Never give up, never give in. ...Read On


Counting Down The Days

For you, my love.. See ya soon

Oh my gosh, it's getting near! Oh my gosh, what will I wear? Nothing too expensive, He's promised he will tear. Oh my gosh, my head is mush. How come now I feel so rushed? Tomorrow I will do more squats, To impress him with my juicy tush. OK, toothbrush, that's for sure, Sexy lingerie, is sure to lure. I need to do more cardio, Make sure I can endure. OK yes, kegals, they always...Read On


Looking At The Stars

You are one in a million, thanks for everything!

Looking up at the moon and stars Always reminds me of you. Remembering conversations Moments of fun and laughter. Laying wrapped in your arms, In the back of your truck. You will always mean so much to me Because we were more than lovers We are best friends. You have stood by me And taught me so much. As you help me deal with my current events. Reminding me to have faith in myself...Read On


Gathered Dust

Prose is only as meaningful as the words expressed. If from the soul, of sensualities keep chest. At times they have set, and gathered dust. Upon the shelves of time, but never forgotten.  Now years have past. Time has caught up with me.  My memories have remained, as if yesterday's kiss. Poetic love, bundled and tied. Like ribbons in your hair, never turns mellow. ...Read On


Oh, As the Moth Doth Fly

Oh, as the moth doth fly on fickle wings Towards the fiery flame that unfolds, So to do I flock the same as the moth Towards the brightly burning heart that you hold. And as the moth doth warm his weary wings As to bathe in the basking of the light, So to do I soak in a sea of love And rest in your comforting arms of night. And though the moth may knoweth not Why...Read On



Poetry inspired by a special person.

Your greetings appear within my browser,  and I feel warmth cascade over my being. A lustful smile stretches across my face, prepared to respond in kind. Our fantasies twist through our words, coalesced and infused together. Painting the vivid dreams of our hearts, spilling out our carnal desires freely. We co-exist in worlds of torrid beauty, as I grasp at the thought of you ...Read On


My Addiction

I think I found you at the perfect time I had almost given up trying I was struggling to live some kind of life Swallowed whole by my fear of dying I welcomed you gladly into my world And you turned my own personal hell Into a sexy and beautiful place A grown-up version of a girl’s fairy tale Your deep kisses stole my breath Leaving me wanting many more The way your hands touch me now...Read On


Heaven Sent

Brilliantly composed, her heavenly body exposed. Never reaching for heaven, when she's near I know it's close. Instigating unusual prose. Internal vault rigged to explode. The heist of the century carried out by a one woman show. Visual Dolce. So amazing. Breathtaking. I'm salivating. Everything about her elating. She keeps me patiently waiting. She's my heart, my amorist,...Read On