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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Being Is Deceiving

You gotta show your emotions Show your aspirations While stirrin' your potions  And making love  Dancin' in your rekindled pie You gotta stop your double dealings Discard your drunken swillins' While day dreaming and deceiving  In your daily misgivins' Bumbling in your affairs Being is deceiving When not even believing Your own lyin' words Which you scribe You gotta...Read On


Sweet Emotions

You know how this was writen.

Dancing in the rain... Enjoying the warm drops on my face.  I look up at the sky... and I see one single star, it shines bright through the darkness, with an inviting light... The twinkle I see, makes me want to never blink. The water caresses my face. A single drop mixes in with my salty tear. I am glad to know the tear will not be seen. A smile on my face others will see, only a...Read On



I always wonder, Wonder what your heart is like, Wonder if I get drunk off your love, Wonder if I get high off your heavenly kisses, Wonder why your skin is so soft, warm, and smooth, Like silk. I wonder why, I’m so lucky, In so many ways, To have you as, A friend, A lover, A guardian angel. I enjoy watching you, Moving around, As you dance, As you move your sexy hips, To the beat, To...Read On


How I got my collar

I never thought I would...

You say "Come here" and I crawl over to you swaying my hips. Only stopping when I get close kneeling in front of you. I hear you clear you throat and say "Baby, look at me." I look up, seeing you looking very serious holding a black collar in your hands. You look into my eyes an ask "Would you please wear this?" Pausing for a moment and then I nod and...Read On



About wanting someone more than anything

I've poured through a body of work no one has continued, no one else will see the messages scattered and decode you like I can. They're all the same phantom framed around ink, ciphers waiting to be unearthed through the narratives, the unnerving breadth between hesitation and touch, belonging to who will never belong to me. Never questioning the fire looming over us, the hungry flames...Read On


A Single Tear

That is all you will ever see, then a smile.

A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. I tried to prove and not so well, to give you my love and heart, but only an illusion came of that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Madness is where I dwell, Darkness is in my heart, You will never see that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Sometimes love is just not enough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This particular poem was written...Read On


The One

One day I will find him, The one that calms my soul. The one that makes me crazy. The one that wrecks my pretty little life. The one that bring passion and all its colors. The one that was made for me. The one that I submit to. The one that wants only me. The one that makes me see how beautiful I am. The one that shows me how to be happy. The one that sees all of...Read On


The inevitability of love when fate decrees it

Little did we guess at our first meeting That from the beginning we were destined By generous fate to become lovers. Vainly we thought that we could be just friends, Embraces merely marks of affection, Kisses no more than a simple greeting. Hopeless in the face of overwhelming truth, Every day brought us closer to the point That we were forced to surrender to love, Inspiring...Read On


Maiden's Sin

In scripting with my ambling pin, 'Neath trees in green orchard lay,  Wisp of whispers, speaking to me  And butterflies dancing, maiden's sin.  Setting of the 'oontime rum, My swill 'bout to overtake me, Halos in bright of my peeking, Playing seeing's on my flask.  Sensually awakening my dreaming be, Flirtatious she, tempting my sanity, On shadows of written afore pages, My...Read On


The Missing Piece

Aching, the toughest thing in the world.

I've felt that. That aching,  Aching for something. Something which I can't find, Something which I'm yet to discover. I know I miss something, But I can't say what it is exactly. Been travelling for long-long-time, Far too many places, Searching for what I miss,  But all in vein. It hurts. It hurts more not knowing what you miss,  Than knowing what you miss! But...Read On


Little words

Words can be brief, but their echo goes on forever...

Some words carry within them So much meaning, such depth, Modest, little letters put together, Becoming almost sacred in their meaning. A single word can hold magic, Make me tingle with delight, Feel proud and at peace, Make my heart beat out of my chest. Home.. Want.. Mine.. Love.. Small words that mean everything When spoken by a special someone, He that holds my heart, ...Read On



My Love

Happy Birthday Sarah You were taken from me so quickly, I miss you so. If I had listened and trusted more, you would be still here. If I had been a bit more brave, you would be still smiling at me. If only I had listened to your heart, instead of mine. If... so many if's that I ponder. But to have another chance, I would do anything you would ask. Life is forever...Read On


Falling Out Of Love

I have come to realise something important lately, I have fallen out of love with you, Everything that I was used to,  Shattered now by my feet. The time that I spent with you, Was like holding onto a whole bunch of balloons, Enough to make me fly, But slowly they've been popping and coming loose. The fall hasn't been quick, Not like someone cutting the strings, Just like my grip...Read On


I Love You

When I dream, I dream of you Because you're the one person I adore. Trust me, this is true. You're the only one I can fall for. I'm sure you already knew, Because when I'm around you we can soar. The words 'I love you' are long overdue. I'm not alone anymore. We had problems but we pulled though, Because we both know what our love stands for. We always look at each...Read On


Love me tender

A poem based on discovering acceptance and love from another.

He touched me so tender, so sweetly I began to feel bits of happiness leak from the corners of my eyes, leaving trails of surrender down both of my cheeks. My heart was swollen with an almost painful truth. It's been years, years since another has noticed me, loved me so softly. I didn't want this all encompassing warmth. I just needed a hard body, to remind me every once in awhile that...Read On



Some people are like ghosts

I knew the shape of her face as well as my own,  but true contact marks us deeper than skin,  beyond flesh and vapor,  realizing that we can never go back, to a world's beautiful axis without being suspended inside its crippling inertia. When pulled into eyes like oceans, vast enigmatic depths below such a glittering surface,  a place I could long to be enveloped by, but never know how...Read On


Silver Lining

Out of hardship, they found happiness

We met at a time when we were both facing difficulties, after having being hurt and shedding many tears. One day we started talking, learning, sharing, and growing closer as we gradually become friends. We started sharing more personal details as we grew even closer. Now we comfort and support as we are each other's confidant. Then one day we pulled one another closer, shared a...Read On


Scattered About

Still of silence wafting, Like stale skies potpourri,  Scent of yesterdays kisses  And death of my dahlia,  In a room without straw. Cracked panes, the windows, Soot on the past embers,  Frozen dust in the corners, Memories of our fires And kindling love. Years before aging bones, Dancing in twilight, our desires,  Now the harpsichord has dead keys  And wreath of acorns in...Read On


Perfectly Sweet

As I sit in my old chair, your gaze has me transfixed. My heart lays enchained in front of me. Body unable to do the simplest task. Yearning and pleading to you, the kiss. So sweet, so irresistible, flawless. I know it is dangerous, I know it will cost me everything. Like the series of old, she compels me and denies me. Those lips calling to me, kissing a hurricane would be...Read On


Essence Of Meditation

In quiet I compose silence and meditation Whispering senses of tranquility about me Coming incense of spirituality Sensually opening ways of my soul On waves of my thirsting surf rising I sigh the fruit of tantric psalms Hands caressing my virility Hence the aura of serenity I feel Like soft flesh of orange essence I thrill new awakening...Read On


Tears of Joy

You didn't see or feel my tears flow when you held me last. I was naked, in your arms. They were happy tears, tears of joy. As we held each other tightly, My heart was in a state of bliss. You don't know the effect you have on me. We made that connection that takes us To another level. I know I have an effect on you, More than primal, more than sexual. I am touching your...Read On


The Way It Hurts

The way it hurts, Has made me turn to nicotine and alcohol, Made me go against everything I am, All because of the pain you gave me, The day you left. I don't know what I'm meant to feel, Broken, or sad, or alone, Because you took away the ability to tell, The difference of one emotion from the other, All I know is I'm not happy. Down a whisky, Light the stick, Why did you have...Read On


A Call For Love

Don't just watch love... be an active participant

The TV watched the Old married couple Sit night after night. Eyes blank, lifeless, Staring at him without Saying a word, Just watching... Tender romance, Sensual love, Hungry lust. Why watch me when Right beside you Sits the one that Used to stir your soul, Make your heart leap, Cause your juices to flow? Smile at each other, Look into eyes that live, Re-introduce your lips And feel each...Read On


I Knew You Would Come

I now have all that I need…

I remember the very first time we spoke, The way my heart just beat like a drum. Though I was married I couldn't help those feelings inside, Within moments I knew you were the one. I've had my eyes open for all my life long, Searching and praying for my perfect complement. The bar was so high it reached right to the heavens, I knew only an angel could make me content. But then...Read On



Sometimes you almost get too close

We charted the lonely contours along one another,  provinces that may have been better left undisturbed,  because the shape of lands can lie as longing bodies do,  familiar horizons weathered into strangers. I'm still on fire when I'm near you,  our forms helpless elements reaching and scorching,  sweeping around the damage we'll cause one another. When the starless sky settles, ...Read On


Tapping's Of My Heart

In still, the shadows hint the stirring of trees,  Coming of the dusk, insuring hours of hark, As my pulse quickens in lusty fashion And I in my candor, reading Annabel Lee. Sloshing of the tides upon the rocks slop And I in nightshirt take big chill, Of the visitor in my day dreams, Caressing the passion of my be. In mist of clouds, my seeing eyes blear, As I adjust comfort on...Read On


Declaration of love

Dedicated to my great love NickC

"When you find me, You hold my hand. Sometimes I see a crow; He squawks and my ears burn. Why does love find all of us? No it does not. It is a thing innocuous, Holding and holding. But it is not there or here. It is a cloud, A mystery. You love me, And so do I." "When you find me, You touched my heart. My love for you is like the ocean; Wide, deep and untamed. ...Read On

Recommended Read

The River

Dedicated to my beautiful SydneySider

Fresh dew upon the green, Moist against her skin. Ageing trees cast shadows, The gentle breeze creeps through. Swirling hues of liquid, Lick at her fingertips. Beaming sun’s reflection, Still no answers she finds. Whispered, silent wishes, A river of lost dreams. A glint of hope remains, She calls for love once more. Soon her prayers are answered, He is there, in her dreams....Read On



This is for me, read if you wish

Out on the ledge, I sit and I wait. Unknowing which way the wind will blow Behind me is safe and a land of familiars In front lies adventure, love, and freedom Above me a sky streaked with beauty and colour Below me sits yesterday’s life that I’ve lived To jump and to fall takes me back to the past Nothing gained, nothing lost, just where I was then To jump and to fly, like symphony on...Read On


You Are

You are the brightest rainbow After the darkest storm has passed. Bright stars in the midnight sky, The ones I look at when missing you. Hoping that I will see you again soon. A silent moon, on a starless night, Guiding my heart safely home. Tiny whispers on the wind, Telling me you love me again. The gentle warmth of the summer sun, In my garden. An unending field of roses, ...Read On