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Love Poems

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Giving Thanks

I want to taste your piss To me, it’s as sweet as a kiss I want to taste your ass Though I know that others might pass I want to taste your cum I find it more intoxicating than rum But mostly I want to be your kitty You always make me feel so pretty When I’m running naked through the house Chasing after a pink fuzzy mouse My collar tags going jingle-jangle A ball of yarn...Read On


Making a Memory

A kiss for luck as I climb shakily into the saddle. Your smile giving me the confidence I need. You look so at home and so at ease. The bright sun makes the beach golden. We sit atop your chestnut ponies. Walking them slowly. Wet hoof prints scuffling through the sand. They wait patiently for our cue. We talk and laugh. I've never seen your angelface light up this way. So full of joy. We...Read On

Editor's Pick

Second Act

The senses waken and wait

There’s next to no sense in anything fun: Whims, like winds, startle roofs with their rages. We’ve liquored and loved, before, till the sun Shushed us off to sleep like sober sages. Quiet, this house now keeps saner hours Where wandered wishes’ eyes I kiss tight shut When, wistful, I wonder upon our bower, That bed, where, lonely, I toss in a rut. No fun! But fitful dreams pen hard demands...Read On

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I Don't Love You

Maybe one day I'll be able to say that I don't love you.

Maybe if I say these words, That will make them true. Maybe if I concentrate, I'll get over you. Maybe when I see you with him That will be enough. Maybe when I know you're happy Things won't be so rough. Maybe I just have to wait For these wounds to heal. Maybe then I can forget The way you make me feel. Maybe you'll come back to me, Though I start to doubt it. Maybe...Read On


101 Words: Make Love To Me

Making love - sex as an expression of love, bonding a couple together

Your torso like a sturdy tree, You dip your branch down into me. Your gentle touch upon my face, You filling what was empty space. You push your body into mine, Shivers running up my spine. Your kiss so hungry on my lips, Muscles flex, muscles grip. Merging, dancing, us entwined, More than bodies: one shared mind. Love me, fuck me, make me come, Gasping, trembling, going numb. ...Read On



This poem only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. There's a whisper on the night winds As they kiss my naked skin; There's a fire within the starlight For this empty heart to win. There's an urge within my longing, Deep desire to be with you; There's a passion in this aching For the things I want to do. There's a tingle in my fingers, And a...Read On

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A man loves

Through clouds of fantasy. I touch you. The world holds its breath for a second, a snapshot in time, forever remembered. The rustle of silk dropping to the floor, showing your pale skin in the moonlight. My tongue salivating at your innocent glance, as you reveal yourself. A maiden of grace, of beauty. That first kiss as some things soften, some become harder under...Read On


Let Me Surround You With My Love

not written for anyone on here. smiles

Let me surround you with my love. Let me take you to heaven above. I want to kiss you from head to toe. Up and down your sweet body I truly adore. Let me be the one you want to caress. Let me give you all my tenderness. Let's pickup where we left off. Don't let all the sad songs come true, Between me and you. Don't make my brown eyes blue. Just continue to be my oh so...Read On


Wild Girl

Wild girl Beautiful wild girl No one can catch you and  You can't be tamed. You have a wild heart You do what you want. Flying and soaring Can't ever be caught. The rules don't apply to you Running wild and free Loving and leaving Trails of broken hearts. Wild girl Beautiful wild girl Most lovely With raven black hair Dark slanted eyes, full lips Tempting those who ...Read On


Dangerous Lure

your hands move on the instrument and I lean forward unable to look away or relax with the others. my hand moves to my lower lips and I gather the drops there unable to stop myself or maintain my composure. your mouth applies pressure to the reed and I watch every subtle nuance unable to divert my thoughts from your tongue caressing. my mouth sheaths my fingertips and I...Read On



A guy capturing his girlfriend's beautiful moments

It was a moment, A brief moment Where I could picture you Smiling and enjoying; So a click! You moved around, Around the garden full of flowers Where I couldn't differentiate between The flowers and you; So a click! You walked along, Along the path of breeze Sidelining your hair And watching over the magnificent sunset; So a click! You were looking up, Up on the blossoming flowers Which...Read On



Life will really kill you sometimes. You think you have it all lined up in your nice little plan, then the kind faced doctor looks at you and whispers his harsh truth in a voice of pained empathy. Everyone says you handle it well, that it will get better with time and with healing. And I suppose that’s true to some extent, wounds can’t bleed forever. The scab will form on...Read On


The Voice Inside

Trust your inner voice to be your guide.

We all have a dark part of ourselves That we desperately try to hide A part that is full of worry and fear Engulfed in envy, lust and pride Society too often becomes obsessed With only our outwardly existence Forgetting what's inside matters most Our insecurities must meet resistance So drop all your walls and let love in You can grow if given the chance Open your heart honestly...Read On


Today I Choose...

dedicated to the one who has stolen my heart

Today I choose to love you With every part of my being Today I choose to ignore the doubts Leaving behind old wounds My heart reaches across the miles And seeks the warmth of your soul Closing my eyes, my skin tingles Surrounded by memories of your touch Slow are the minutes, hours and days The longing, the yearning, the hunger grows Two lovers, two hearts,...Read On


A Sad Little Day

A lil blue Monday

A sob catches in my throat A tear trickles from my eye The heart breaks into a million pieces Locked inside with silent cries Thru my mind I wander Lost within this maze Looking for some balance As I walk this tight rope trapeze Falling to my bed Pillow soaked with tears Alone in my head Dark rooms filled with fears Tears pouring down my face Where are you? Where am I? ...Read On


The day

The world was dark, as black as night.  I walked in shame. But in my life, glowing brightly,  you just came. I knew that nothing, could ever really,  be the same. On the day you met me. You took my hand and pulled me up,  you dried my eye. We gently kissed, I wet your lips,  which once were dry. We loved for hours underneath  the open sky. On the day you took me. We bought...Read On


Waiting With Bated Breath

for someone new

With bated breath I wait For you to tell my fate. My voice escapes and I hope For the best. I am like a small diamond That twinkles in your eye. I shine so brightly for you, But you hold in your hands My tender heart and it beats So loudly as I wait to hear from you. For I do not wish for you to turn away. I silently hope you stay.  This is my wish for me....Read On


Heart of Roses

A colorful heart of roses, Around my neck I wear. Representing the love  I have for you. The first rose meaning I love you dear. Secondly is the sun and the moon and the stars stolen from the skies. Thirdly, is my heart  In which I so gently give. Lastly is my submission. Loving my heart of roses, I wear them near and dear to my heart. Touching them softly when I think of you....Read On


Merry Go Round of Life

I am here for so many hours in a day,  Why don't you reach out in some kind of way. A phone call or a text seem rather nice, You seem rather cold, your mood like ice. I am always doing nice things for you, I'm starting to get sad again and feeling blue. I know you are busy with your job, You come across like a total snob. I have feelings and often feel sad, I'm at my boiling point and...Read On


A Cherished Love

Love is the strongest emotion we know...

My love, I want you to know that not because we are not together that I don’t love you I’ve never stopped loving you You are... my angel my life my best friend and most of all unforgettably my one true love Your presence... your smile your laughter your gentleness your kindness are some of the blissful memories of you I hold dear to my heart You are blessed with...Read On

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Strength to Let Go

It is in herself, she will find the strength she needs

The moonless night, black as ink, Motionless and quiet. All that's heard are snarling beasts, Nose in the air sniffing out Your worst fear. Those Hell hounds constantly Gnashing at your feet. Your past and present demons Trying to shackle you In your own nightmares While you kick and thrash in protest. Nobody can hear you scream, For the war is waged in your mind As the enemy tries...Read On


Six Kisses

How I feel About HER

Six Kisses. Oh, whatever have we gone and done? It started as a bit of harmless fun, And now I find I'm hanging on your every single word Cursing the fact that you are really someone else's bird. I never fucking meant to fall in love, And let your light illuminate me like the stars above, And when I'm shining now I shine for You, My love for you is honest, pure and true. "Where do...Read On


Gasp Out Loud

It is in the wee hours of the morning In that moment before waking When the world is blissfully silent And the whole universe turns on a sigh That I dream of you... Your hand as it reaches for me The brush of your fingertips against my brow The supple touch of your lips against The corner of my mouth I inhale as you inhale And smile The sweet caress of...Read On


Sun Rising

The final hours of darkness before the dawn.

The shadows of the night claw desperately to these rocks, Roiling in fear at the thought of the breaking of Day As it pours blinding light and heat over the soil and moss, Rending the darkness into pieces, Exploding the monsters to nothingness, Squeezing rainbows into the dewdrops Before wiping them up and consigning them to feral history. These grey-green morning mists choke the earth...Read On

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Her eyes dazzle, like the rising of the morning sun, Glinting from each rising swell of water. As serene as a beautiful summer's evening, The calming lapping of waves on the shore, The beauty of a thousand seas. As deep and mysterious as unexplored depths, But as warm and comforting as a Caribbean sea, Cleansing and washing away the aches of the soul. With the temper and...Read On



I ache... To be near you, To sense your burning skin on mine, To softly feel your breath sing upon my skin, and inhale it as an effervescence to my soul. I ache... To taste your lips, To enter your eyes and delve into the depths of you, To feel the sensuous warmth of your smile, and absorb it as a catalyst for my heart. I ache... To slide my tongue upon your sex, To feel...Read On


Late Night

I have missed this.

You come in the night. I wasn't expecting you. It has been so long. Your kiss is fierce. I am yours to claim. You want my mouth,   Around your cock. I want your seed, Inside of me. As you slide in,   You give me what I need. I listen closely, To hear you stroke. We talk and play. Oh, you know me well. My body responds,   You make it ache. It only takes your voice, And a word...Read On


shooting star wishes

The universe sings

Tonight I heard my own voice  Being sung out of the stars. The verses were Passionate calls  For your hands on my body, Your mouth on mine, Your erect length worshipping  The ebb and flow of my heart. Notes pulsed with  Heart  Stopping  Orgasm. The chorus, however, Was a lament  Full of love And longing And shooting star wishes. The repeating refrain  A haunting measure... ...Read On



Temperature is a physical property of matter that expresses the common notions of hot and cold

You run hot and cold I should have been told The day you clicked on I'd become your pawn Its hard to think clear When your words are flowing You run hot and cold Too sexy, too knowing You run hot and cold You change like the weather Imagining our juices all mingled together I like it too much My sex I can smell You run hot and cold Now please, go to hell You run hot and cold This too...Read On


Can't Sleep

Never seem to have time for what's really important...

So cold and lonely,  My world was sleeping.  A sweet but troubled  Voice called out to me… She said… “Baby, I can’t sleep.  My past, it haunts me.  Please, will you come see  Why it torments me?  And, Baby don’t let  Shadows consume me. Oh, Baby don’t let  Lost hope define me. Baby, don’t let these  Demons possess me!” So sad and weary,  Her soul, it touched me.  Something about...Read On