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Love Poems

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Life and love, are they one?

Life and Love, Are they one or are they separate? Can you have one,  Yet not the other? Life and Love, Two very different things. Life being forever, Love being everything. Life and Love, Do I choose my life, or love. Do I choose you,  or myself. Life and Love, I can't have both, can I? I can... I can have both. I can have life. Love will follow. Life and Love, Together as one. A...Read On


Under My Skin

Afternoon loneliness takes its toll

FIRST TIME EVER WRITING ANYTHING ON HERE, (Not meant to have any kind of iambic pentameter or rhyming scheme, just how it happened) Standing with an all knowing stare, You make me feel so bare, But when I reach for you, you are not there. And yet I have to be there for you. In your time of need And your time only, I have no say You set the deeds I have to play by your rules, ...Read On


What He Heard

There is a big difference between what a woman says and how a man interprets it.

I love you she said, I want you he heard. I want you, she said, I need you, he heard. I need you, she said, I love you, he heard. Put your arms around me, she said, Protect me, he heard. Please hold me, she said, Take me, he heard. I’m afraid, she said, Don't leave me, he heard. I hurt inside, she said, You hurt me, he heard. I’m feeling insecure, she said, ...Read On


I Am Rom

Rom Gypsy Finds Love In A Gypsy Woman, Only to Lose Her and Return to His Semi-Nomadic Life

I am Rom, My life it doth fly, Through hither and yonder, We ride you and I. Through the earth’s golden valleys, To the mountains above, We hang, heads in sorrow, No-“where” to call home. Twas ever a “one day,” A moment of bliss, Saw first my “Dark Eyes,” In the heavens domed skies. Stars all a glitter, The augury told, Fate it embraced me, My heart...Read On



Expressions of torture

If with a stroke I could wipe your face from my mind I'd cut off the offending hand.  I want to approach and speak of attraction  Of you as a woman and I as a man.  To see you up close, to hear your mellifluous voice That would be almost too much to bear.  I'm on the edge of a cliff here.  Uncharted waters.  Will calmer heads prevail?...Read On


Forever Grateful

She once thought smiling was overrated Now her smile brightens up the room He guides her through all her toughest times She sleeps in peace knowing he will be by her side She learned that fear only exists in our minds He’s the light among the darkness in her life The answer to all her prayers Hope was not real, only a dream In front of others she wore a mask Keeping...Read On


Why Do I Need You

Sometimes it's just not meant to be

Why Do I Need You We met and talked every chance we could find Our affair was on again and off On again and off The last time we spoke I said that I needed you Your simple reply was “Why do you need me?” I need you because you make me Happy and sad. I need you because you make me Laugh and make me cry. I need the feel of your lips on mine. Your arms embracing me ...Read On


Cam Slut

I give it all away, far too easily; I should make them work, to get a chance at me. When I am in the mood and he is looking so fine; Something snaps inside my head and I want his ass to be mine. A sweet personality quickly gets my attention; An exhibitionist teasing me with views I just can’t mention. That does the trick to throw me into a hot lust; Sexy men giving me what I want...Read On


Breakfast at Shoney's

bacon and eggs, coffee with sugar and deceit

There was a time almost two winters ago when I had a genuine love, but didn’t know. A silly old man with his hair all gray, he sat at my table every weekend day. I never told him about the young lover in my bed, so why not play a while with the old man’s head? He gave me gifts and kind words to show his affection. For seven months I let his heart move in the wrong direction. One day I...Read On


Strippers Booth

a fuck in private I see you standing there  In my booth you stripping bare  You turn around your pubic hair  I cannot fail but just blush and stare  Your sensual movements in front of me  You touch your toes your clit to see  You waggle your bum I think I might  Fuck your pussy it looks so tight  My arms around you for the night  I'll squeeze your breasts and twist your nipple  Take...Read On


The Colour of Your Eyes

What colour does your gaze cast upon me?

The rosy pink blush of dawn and the cerise of the rising sun Warm my face as you sleepily smile at me in the morning. Luscious green emerald depths of the grass soothe my soul as you hold me in your arms And murmur to me of our growing closeness. White delicate blossom petals swirl like sweet snow As you kiss tenderness over my face. Fierce black clouds gather and gloam when the...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 5

16 year old school boy has sex with his teacher in front of his class

Teacher down on hand and knee, Wiping up my spunk, you see. Riding up, her little skirt, Then her winking, the little flirt. Lisa’s pussy t’was all forgotten, Look right there - teacher’s bottom! Could I do it, in front of class? Or would I sadly, have to pass. Teacher gave a little sign, To let me know that she was mine. The girls all gasped as on my knees, My cock pushed...Read On


Every Time - Redux

I miss you. You left, as you should, with every right and every reason. And asked me to find my answers. I expected the pain, but not the loneliness. This time, it made sense, and it feels right. Except... I wish that it had ended differently somehow I wish that it would hurt my heart less somehow I wish that it would all make more sense somehow. Every time I remember your...Read On


First Kiss

First Kiss   You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and kissed me I couldn ’ t even speak You leaned over and kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and kissed me A kiss that I will remember ...Read On


One Step...

It has always been her my girl with curls

One step.... That is what I tell myself everyday A new lease on life  To laugh with her To hold her Somedays it seems so far away One step... Closer to her Smile keep your chin up Don't let the anger lead you astray Think of the first touch Think of the first kiss But get the steps going First one then two And you know she will meet you half way Her smile Her...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Part 2

Schoolboy can't control himself when he's sent to the front of the class

Screeching girls, heart aflutter, Teacher seeing, words did stutter. Purple bell end, sticking out, From out my clothes, my dick did sprout. First consumed by cloud of fear, But something else, not quite clear. A new sensation: great appeal, My body filled by thrilling feel. A sudden impulse taking hold, Could I really be so bold? What would happen if I did, Of my clothes,...Read On


101 Words: Indecent Exposure - Finale

Teacher gives a lesson that these 16 year olds will never forget.

She pushes back, and then again, Taking inches but not quite ten. Then she seems to have a thought: Thirty girls that should be taught. “Girls gather round, come have a look, Come and see how you should fuck.” Scraping chairs, muffled words, Surrounded by some thirty birds. “Concentrate, oh girls you must, See how he does it, as discussed.” I do my best as they watch on, But soon...Read On



Waiting on Master

Waiting She waits for him Kneeling by the front door Hands clasped behind her back Breasts high and firm Nipples taut with desire Curvy ass resting on her heels Thighs spread wide Pussy smooth and glistening Head high Raven hair flowing down her back Eyes downcast Lips curved in a secret smile Waiting for her Master to return home...Read On


Twisted Moral Compass

A tale of pain and loss

There's another you say Fair is fair you say The line is drawn The rules are in place Is it a twisted moral compass Or honor among thieves I miss what was The play, the teasing The easy fun The way we were Friends you ask So I smile through the tears And say Friends...Read On


So I Promise

Man reflects on his past loves and his wife survival of cancer

I lie here in bed tonight My wife sleeping in my sight Quiet is her breathing now Breaks the silence of this night. Sometimes I wonder if a past lover Were lying here in your place I cannot recall all their names At times not even their face. But all I see now is you Sleeping near me on our bed I don’t know what life would be If they were here in your sted. We've been through much...Read On


Day Dreamer

D ancing images A crobatic thoughts Y esterdays failures, tomorrow's advances D ramatic interlude R ecurring nightmare E ngaging the unknown A lienated surroundings M idday adventures E lusive fantasies R eality stalking, ever present in the shadows of my life...Read On

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I Want Your Ass

I know all my boy's dirty little secrets!

Spread those ass cheeks, so round and smooth. So I can give you everything that’s your due. I will take all of your breath away. Making every bit of your juice spray. But I will completely drive you crazy first. Tease you so bad, you’ll feel like you could burst. I’ll dress up all sexy and stir all of your desires. Your cock will grow so big till it can’t get any higher. Moaning...Read On


This Love

The ache and fear of emotion

It seethes inside me, this desire. Hot, it roils and churns, This need! Emotion, so dark and terrifying, Writhing for release, aching for freedom, Threatening to undo my life. But I trap it, I hold it back, Scared and afraid of what havoc it may wreak upon the world. Scared and afraid of what havoc it may wreak upon me! And so I hold it in, I keep it hidden,...Read On



Never Again Will I be able To taste apple butter; Never Again Will I be able To hear fireworks in the distance; Never Again Will I be able To stand beside rushing waters; Never Again Will I be able To see mountains and skies; Never Again Will I be able To eat a peach; Never Again Will I be able To do those things, Without ...Read On



Chasing It’s when you turn and look away, From me your eyes do shift and stray, My heart, it sinks into dismay. It’s when it’s night and we’re alone, In leaving me you are so prone, To then ignore my saddened tone. It’s when I know it’s not your fault, We’re not the same, like pepper, salt, The way you think, brings the result. It’s when you’re not aware of me, That’s...Read On


My Special K

Poem to a friend

My special K Your breath on my neck  The softness of your skin  The touch of finger tips  The sharpness of nails Excitement and passion floods us, marks us  As you welcome me, I sink into your soul  We leave earth and become one  Whispers exchanged  Steeling from eternity  We kiss deeply  And smile at what can never be  I wait for you again tonight, to be with me In my dreams of...Read On



Sleep - the kind healer

Sleep, the kind healer of my soul, forgiver of the day’s defects, who banishes anxiety that stole my peace of mind, my hope, my self-respect; who brings oblivion to a troubled mind for welcome hours until a better dawn brings new perspectives, leaving fears behind, and darkness, real and feared are gone. Sleep is a lover who holds, caresses, cares, embracing joy...Read On


My Soul Mate

Dedicated to my soul mate Dwarf63 (Mark.)

How do I go through the day without you here? I don't ... I can see your face all around me, everywhere. I feel... You kiss caressing as a soft breeze, sweet as wine. I think... Never lonely now, I can’t believe you are truly mine. I desire... To surrender to you, body, soul, and mind, forever. I want... You committed to me yesterday, today, tomorrow. I need... Passion, understanding,...Read On


Tasting You

I can't get enough...

How I enjoy tasting you. Kiss the head softly as I take your half-hard member in my hands. Put my lips over it and swirl my tongue on it, Pop the head in and out of my lips. Hearing you moan as it grows in my hands. Gripping it tighter now that its fully hard Looking up at you, I open wide and suck your length down my throat. You gasp, seeing your hairs against my lips, knowing I am...Read On


Just for you

if only I could, I'd transform into god.

Transforming into air I want to fill your lungs with everything I am as If I wasn't even there. And I'd inspire you to write with the stroke of my breeze against your cheek Transforming into water I want to be in your shower and be the main ingredient of your morning tea And I'd soothe you when you're down playing serenades on your windows and tin roof Transforming into earth I want to...Read On