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Love Stories

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Long Commute

She welcomes her man home from his traffic delays

The car radio cut out and I tore my eyes from the brake lights in front of me to glance at the in-dash screen as the Bluetooth displayed the incoming call. Maryann's name appeared on the screen. I thumbed the talk button on the steering wheel. "Hey, baby," I called laconically. "Hi, honey," she called from the car speakers. "I figured you'd be home by now. Are you far?" "No, I stopped at...Read On

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All Of Me

A woman's emotional road to love and happiness...

Raindrops spattered the windows of Tracey's twenty-fifth floor office. The grey gloominess of the seemingly never-ending day matched her mood. Tracey was in a funk, and she had been for some time. Her thoughts drifted as she pecked aimlessly at her keyboard. “I need a break because this shit ain't working.” She glanced at her closed door, “Fuck, why does my life have to be such shit?” ...Read On



What was he doing here?

"Huh.” Celeste heard the simple word spoken by her new friend and fellow bartender as they stood beside each other getting glasses of the featured beer, recognizing the tone of interest as she shook her head gently. “Huh what? Who caught your eye now?” "End of the bar to your right,” Hadley told her softly as she turned to hand the cold glass to the regular, grabbing the one that Celeste...Read On



Tatum had not one clue how she ended up here, in the midst of organized havoc. The dimly lit room reeked of cheap beer and rich kids with poor morals. Portland wasn’t notorious for family friendly neighborhoods, but she had the faintest idea that underground fighting rings were simply a myth.  She found a stool along the bar and hugged her arms to her body, inhaling the aroma of hard liquor...Read On


Jail Break

Felon escapes jail to spend Valentine's Day with his lover.

I was sitting at a table in the commons playing cards with three other inmates when I heard the correctional officer call my name. Warily, I approached him. I wasn’t expecting any mail, and he was handing out letters to the inmates. “Calhoun?” he asked. “Yes sir, I’m Rodney Calhoun.” “The next time I call your name, answer immediately or you’ll have to wait for next mail-call to get...Read On


The Bus Yard

A quick rescue leads to steamy fun with the bus driver.

I was returning to my district's bus yard to park my school bus for the weekend. It was Columbus Day weekend and I was excited for three days off. The streets were black without a single vehicle on it besides mine. The Lakewind High School District's transportation department was placed in the middle of nowhere. Lakewind Township consisted of vast farmland and miles of long, winding...Read On

Editor's Pick

Stacey's Choice

A walk leads to the unexpected

It was one of those perfect June days that we wait for all winter. The sun was warm, the sky a clear and intense blue without a cloud in sight. It felt like slipping into a warm bath rather than the sauna that the heat and humidity of August would bring. There were even people out sailing at midday this Friday as Stacey gazed out of her office window toward Lake Ontario. They were starting...Read On


Princess of Persia- War of the Gods

Do not lay with thy enemy ...

Blood. It is all I have ever known. From the moment I was brought into this world, shrouded in it, to present. I carry sword and shield in hand, leading my army to battle, feeling the blood of the enemy spray onto my face, covering my body with crimson rain. War. It is all I have ever known. They call me the God of War, not knowing that my reputation precedes farther than what is...Read On


Rings On The Bedside Table

LUSH lovers finally consummate their cyber relationship with the removal of their wedding rings.

Rings On The Bedside Table We had met on-line on LUSH and had had many pleasant conversations about our respective lives and also about what brought us to LUSH in the first place. And as can often happen, our little remarks became flirty and that led to more and more and we eventually became cyber lovers. Being involved in a cyber relationship truly was not something either of us expected....Read On


California Here We Cum Part 2

A young man searches for a lost girl; together they find true love

Part Two – Emma and Luke discover each other The long days on the California trail continued. The wagon train had entered the dangerous Apache country, and there was a sense of nervousness among all the travelers; all of them, that is, except for Emma and Luke. Traveling apart from each other, never speaking to anyone about their chance encounter at the riverbank, they...Read On


Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 2

She let herself believe that this was their world, just the two of them and the raw lust they shared

Tamara left the meeting and headed directly to her office. She was glad that Billie was away from the desk, she needed to vent out her frustration about this proposed merger of resources and personnel that Bagley and Stephen set forth. Under this new merger, local regional branches would work in tandem on major campaigns. First up to test the new merger was the Marketing departments. The bid...Read On


Chastity, Part Two

She left years before, but suddenly she's back in my bed

Chastity and I had been a couple. We lived together for two years and enjoyed a wonderful sex life before it ended. I was certain then I would never see her again. It was a shock when she reappeared in my life. I was working in the city at a daily newspaper. I was a member of a journalists’ club that stayed open after closing time, and often went there after work to have a drink. It was...Read On


Chastity, Part One

The greater the love, the harder to fall out of it

Chastity was nineteen when I met her. I was nearly twice her age. Maybe I should have had more sense than to go all mushy over a girl so young. Maybe I should have given more thought to the risk, but truth is, she stole my heart. Then she stomped it and kicked it to the curb. She was a part-time writer at the suburban newspaper where I worked back then. I had noticed her but we hadn’t...Read On


Farewell To Cindy

Saying goodbye and moving on to love again

Farewell To Cindy "Thank you for flying with us today," the flight attendant said as I exited the plane. I acknowledged her statement with a forced smile. There was no joy in such a smile, as it was hollow and empty at best. This flight to Alabama I knew was to be my last. Ever since cancer had claimed her life, I had made this annual pilgrimage. Each summer I would come to spend time...Read On


Aria and The Guys Part 2

A continuation of Aria and The Guys Part 1; A taste of lust between Aria and Dean

“Excuse me, my name is…” My words die in my throat as the first man turns around. “Aria? Hey, it's good to see you. I didn't know you worked here.”  It’s Dean! Fuck, fuck, fuck.  I bite my lower lip in a nervous habit. Calm down, Aria, keep cool. He’s just your neighbor… your smoking hot neighbor. Damn it, he looks so sexy in a suit. With it being a casual business affair, Dean...Read On