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Love Stories


Anticipation and Gratification

Bill and Sandy meet at last; a fantasy relationship becomes a reality

Anticipation (Bill’s story) “Meet me – in the bar by the main lobby – airport hotel – 8pm tonight” The note was signed “A Dear Friend” – not much to go on, I thought. The note, handed to me by the waiter where I had stopped for lunch at a downtown diner, seemed to be clearly in a woman’s handwriting, which didn’t tell me much. I lived in a big city, but didn’t really know...Read On


Found (Chapter Six)

What Happens When You Can't Have The One Person You Want Most?

"Only know you love her...when you let her go..." Danny sings into my ear, his lips softly brushing my earlobe. My eyes move down to his fingers strumming the guitar in his hands. Danny is the lead singer in the band, but every now and then he likes to play his guitar. I remember when he just turned sixteen he begged our parents for a guitar. Of course they had said no, that it would...Read On


Some Day was our mantra, Mya made it come true, 2.

Women are the smarter sex, and that saved my life. I own a small store and I sell mineral specimens to collectors. Also jewelry and Grateful Dead memoribilia. I'm not a DeadHead, never been to a concert, but my partner has been for thirty-five years. He spends all but six weeks or so each year on the road. Mineral shows all over the world and he knows thousands of dealers. I run the store. ...Read On


My Best Friend

My best friend, the guy I've known forever, just said he loved me. And I loved him...

My name is Aria. I'm seventeen. I'm 5'4", 125 lbs and I have Dark brown/black hair, dark melted chocolate eyes and bronze golden skin. Kind of like what you get when you toast a marshmallow, as my best friend likes to say. And I have the body of a Greek goddess, as all the other guys I know like to say. My boobs aren't that impressive, I'm not flat, but they're not that huge either. Like a...Read On


Summer Love Part 4

will they be together forever

About three hours later, Ella woke up and rolled over, facing Channing and peeking over her shoulder and looking at the clock. It was 3:00am. “Baby,” she said, shaking Channing. “Mmmm, what is it,” he asked, sleepily. “I’m horny again,” Ella said softly and a little bit sheepishly. “What?” Channing asked, waking up a little more. “I’m horny again,” Ella said a little bit louder...Read On


Never Been Kissed - Chapter Eight

A tale of love and romance

He swallowed. "You love me?" I flushed, feeling foolish. "Yes. I think." I knew how it sounded, like I was besotted and obsessive, yet I still said it. The weight in my chest lifted. I just had to say it. I felt a compulsion to do so, as if saying the words might make Nicholas reciprocate and profess undying love for me. I knew at once that I had said the wrong thing. One simply did not...Read On

Editor's Pick

Bread of Heaven

Curl up on the couch in readiness for your weekly helping of the nation's favourite TV chef.

Auto-cue 1 The mass-production of our daily staple (waggle the limp, blanched slice till my tits jiggle) has debased it, devalued it, ripped it (dramatically tear it in half) from the core of our diet to lie curled and pasty on the periphery (toss it over shoulder; pick up wine glass and toy with it). I have barely (steal a glance at understated Rolex) twenty-five minutes to eradicate...Read On


Aria and The Guys Part 1

An introduction to Aria and the men that star in her sexiest fantasies

As usual, the small coffee shop down the street from my apartment is packed and buzzing with the morning’s rush. Let’s Grind has always been my home away from home with its dark red walls, over stuffed couches, worn coffee tables, and the seemingly ingrained smell of freshly ground coffee beans. A sigh of contentment escapes from me as I lean back into the soft love seat. I can feel the...Read On


You Give Me the Best Christmas Present

My lover fulfills my dream

I come back from the café with coffees, tiptoeing into the bedroom. I place them quietly on the bedside table and stand still, watching you sleep. I can only see the top of your hair and hear a little snort now and then. It makes me smile. I sit softly on the bed, but my weight causes you to move, and you stir. The aroma of coffee has filled the room, and you stretch awake, the...Read On


A Meeting of Pleasure at Midnight

A friendly meeting that led to touching... and developed in to much more.

I have been texting and chatting online with a girl I met while working for a restaurant. She was one of the boss's daughters, but we were instantly attracted to another from my first day on the job. We kept our chatting to a minimum at the restaurant, careful not to raise suspicion, but online we some times talked all night. Our conversations were usually very personal, talking about...Read On


Meeting Cindy

"Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright and locked position; we will be landing shortly," the flight attendant announces over the intercom, waking me with a startle. I had drifted off to sleep, if anyone can sleep on an airplane. As I rub my eyes, the plane banks left and I hear the landing gear lower and the flaps come down. Lower we glide toward the runway....Read On


Fallen Angel Part Two (Lovers)

After the dream.

Fallen Angel Part Two ( A Lovers Conversation) "Sir, you are cold, wet and shivering," my pet gasps. Her soft cheek pressed lovingly into my chest, she tightens her arms around me. "What horrible dream could inflict such cruelty?" Her voice filled with loving concern. "The most terrible of dreams, my pet. A dream so cruel, I want it erased from mind and soul."  I do not hide from my...Read On


Summer Love Part 3

What will Ella and Channing's new life bring?

Ella and Channing were sitting in the garden under the maple tree a couple of weeks later, thinking about life and the future. They had been talking about getting married a lot lately. But whenever Channing raised the subject, Ella just shut like a clam. He was beginning to think that Ella wasn’t interested in marrying him at all. Two weeks later, Channing proposed to Ella. They went out...Read On


Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 1

Tamara was surprised that a simple touch from him sent a bolt of heat through her core.

After checking in and dropping off her luggage at the hotel, Tamara freshened up her clothing, hair, and makeup. She had only been in Atlanta a little over an hour and the heat and humidity was already making a mark on her usual cool appearance. With her hair neatly pinned back in a tight bun, and her makeup flawless, she headed down to the Bagley & Stephens technology conference in...Read On


Found Chapter Four

What Happens When You Can't Have The One Person You Want Most?

"Gracie, are you going to come along to the club with us?" I hear Jeremy's voice call out from the kitchen. I peek my head out of the bathroom to see every member of the band crowded in the bus, something that rarely happens. "Which club are you going too?" I ask. "Ember. It's a new type of night club. I heard that every hour they have random blasts of paint fall from the ceiling,...Read On