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The King of Spin Has His Head Turned

Some webs no matter how devious in design have happy endings.

SCENE 1: Gordon Set Direction: Dimly lit living room in the Hollywood Hills; panoramic glass windows overlook the distant flickering lights of LA. A man seated on an expensive sofa holds his head in his hands. Gordon held his head in his hands. His head was spinning in circles and his chest was so tight he could barely breath. The message from DC had confirmed it, but the picture...Read On


Top Spin

Emma is assigned a new tennis coach to teach her top spin.

The cold inconsistent wind was irritating her, blowing her long brown bangs into her eyes, swirling around her bare legs, and teasingly lifting her short blue skirt. Emma cursed her uniform under her breath. It was autumn and the temperature was dropping, even as the breeze swept golden brown leaves onto the court. Emma took a slow breath, knocking stray thoughts out of her tired head....Read On


My First

Aurora had always loved Julian even when she pushed him away years ago

Aurora felt the vibration of her phone against her thigh in her purse, groaning as she looked at her best friend Callie. “It's him again. I just know it.” “He's still being a twat?” Callie asked her after ordering two drinks and looking at her with her knowing emerald eyes. She was all for her friend rebounding after her break-up, but her choice hadn't been the best. Too much alcohol and...Read On


Sex machine

Two parts of a living, loving machine assemble in the darkness.

The machine was built for pleasure. Independent of external forces, it rocked and rolled, ebbed and flowed on cushioning foam and silent springs. Touching parts were exquisitely oiled so they moved freely, yet still maintained sufficient contact. A delicious necessary friction. The machine was tireless, drew on an infinite primeval power source. Its cycles were random, yet...Read On


Never Been Kissed - Chapter Three

A tale of love and romance...

A few minutes later, in silence, my frustration turned into anger. Who did he think he was? The arrogant bastard. I glared at the spot where he had stood. One moment he wanted to kiss me, the next, he tells me to kiss a different boy then, he does the opposite. On the cheek - like a child! What does he want? I must be mad, I thought heatedly, as I paced back and forth. What was I thinking?...Read On


Found (Chapter One)

What happens when you can't have the one guy you want?

I've always feel out of place on the bus. Sitting in the corner, studying on my laptop, or reading a book in my top bunk. I'm expected to clean the bus once a week and cook, which is a lot since none of the guys know how to make anything other than pizza. I sigh and my long blonde hair moves over my eyes, again. I push it away behind my ear, as I continue to read my latest romance novel that...Read On


From Surrogate To Wife

My Girlfriend's Daughter Went from Surrogate To Lover To Wife

I met Arlene on a business trip to Denver about two years ago. She was the secretary to the division chief of the department I was doing business with. She was one of those kinds of women who every man wants. She had a sense of sensuality that one couldn’t put their finger on; it was just there and oozed out in every direction and turned the head of every man within sight. Maybe it was...Read On


When Two World's Collide Part 3

Robin and John's story concludes

I was unsure what to say to Robin. Had I just proposed to her? I was a bit unsure. I decided to go with it, “I guess it is as crazy as everything else between us. I’m not saying go tomorrow and do it, but yes, I think I am asking you to marry me.” She smiled, and threw her arms around me, “I would love to marry you.” “Well, looks like we are going ring shopping then,” I said smiling. ...Read On



Leetha needed him...

The double shift at the bar had been a bad idea, along with the shots Leetha had shared with her friends afterwards. She sighed and pushed her purse further up her shoulder as she took the stairs to her one-bedroom apartment. The busy Denver street noise carried over to her, typical for a Friday night. The laughter and words blended together as Leetha headed down the small hallway to her...Read On


Loving Carlton

I always felt the heaviness of his sexual release pool at my internal base

The dim light of the room was enough to highlight Carlton's body lying under the covers of our bed. His long frame was silhouetted delicately as the sheet and blanket draped over his naked body. Every muscle of his slender frame was showing through the somewhat thin fabric placed over him. The contoured mound of his manhood, prominently showing, was highly erotic and stimulating. My pussy...Read On


Never Been Kissed - Chapter Two

A tale of love and romance

"Would you like a tour of the grounds?" I should have said no. But how could I have done so when our gazes were locked and his voice gentle, deep and hypnotic? And so, I said yes. And so, in my leather jacket, faded jeans and converse shoes, Nicholas Howard smiled at me with sparkling eyes. I really should have said no. My heart gave a little squeeze, my stomach turning like butterflies....Read On


The Spinning Watch

They would do anything for love.

Myths About Hypnosis People often fear that being hypnotized will make them lose control, surrender their will, and result in their being dominated, but a hypnotic state is not the same thing as gullibility or weakness. Many people base their assumptions about hypnotism on stage acts but fail to take into account that stage hypnotists screen their volunteers to select those who...Read On


Never Been Kissed - Chapter One

First Encounter: Ever meets Nick.

Early June - England:  Fuck, so that's a castle. I lifted my sunglasses to glance at the sight before me. There are no words to describe it. It was beautiful, with elegant lines and symmetry. Briefly, I wondered how it would be, to live in such a place. "I'd like to go straight to the Howard's please," I said, ruefully to the driver. I'd have liked to see more of the beautiful...Read On


All In Time, part one

Sammi finds herself oddly attracted to her new step-brother.

“They’re moving in with us? Mom! There’s hardly room for us, let alone those two!”Samantha huffed and leaned back in the deck chair, crossing her arms under her breasts, and bounced up when she felt the slight adjustment of the heavy plastic under her considerable weight. “Sammi, baby, I love Quentin, and Diondre lives with him for the same reason you live with me; it saved you money...Read On


Never Been Kissed - Prologue

A tale of first love and romance...

"You're no good for me." His soft, deep and masculine voice murmured near my ear as he stood behind me, his erect cock pressing warmly into my back. He was silent. His movements light and agile. There were no footsteps for me to hear his approach and yet, I knew the moment he entered the room. I faced the fireplace with my focus on the framed pictures above the mantle. A cold shiver...Read On