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Voices (Chapters 11 to 13)

“You have no idea what sort of effect you had on me...

Chapter Eleven “Okay, that’s great,” Sera spoke into her phone, “I’ll bring the deposit cheque when we come in to sign the contract. Thanks. Bye.” Sera clicked off her cell phone and sighed as she rubbed the side of her head. She sat cross-legged on the floor of her bedroom with a mess of papers in front of her, a pen in one hand and her phone in another. She reached for her day-planner...Read On


Voices (Chapters 5 to 10)

Sera makes up for lost time with her former teacher

Chapter Five It had been raining all day long the following Thursday. It matched Sera’s mood. Even working the day shift and getting home at around dinner time for once wasn’t enough to shake her from her doldrums. Angela had left some salad and roast chicken on a plate for her before heading to her evening classes. That was a plus, that managed to put a little smile on her face. ...Read On


Unexpected Surprise: Suspense

Time between visits makes...well, something grow fonder! ;)

My life had very quickly become boring in the aftermath of  "Pure Lust".  After we parted ways, we had kept up with our usual chats on Lush, but I just couldn't remain happy with this form of communication for long. She was so alive in person, and text just wasn't cutting it any more. So, I decided I had to act quickly before I ended up in a straight jacket! I made my arrangements and managed...Read On


Fantasy Fling

Man and woman fantasize about sex in a Coffee Shop

He's sitting in a local coffee shop. Back in the corner where he could see the entire dining room. It's about 3:30 in the afternoon. He left the office early for some peace and quiet so he could finish some work. There were too many distractions there. This time of the day the coffee shop is rather quiet, with only a few customers. He sees the door open and a woman walking into the shop....Read On


Voices (Chapters 1 to 4)

After many years, Sera finds her former high-school teacher at his bar.

Chapter One Sera Dizon walked slowly home from work. It had been another late night closing up the store and she felt like she was dragging along every minute of her ten -hour day. The sidewalk traffic was slowly thinning but more energetic, boisterous people were constantly passing her. Many were out on the town for some entertainment and none of them noticed the ghost of a woman...Read On



He seduces one girl at a wedding, then makes arrangements for another in his room later

Megan By Paris Waterman It was a typical wedding. Two hundred or more guests, most from Sully's side. I learned that Shelly had a very small family and that only a few of her friends were making the trip from Philly to Jersey City. As best man, I was to be paired up with Tracy, the Maid of Honor. I wasn't getting laid there. She was engaged and her boyfriend was going to be there. Now...Read On

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I’m the one you never see in your daily grind. Coming and going, you pause to notice so many others, but perhaps that’s as it’s meant to be, for I am no one special in the scheme of things. If I told you my name, you would quickly forget. My whole existence would become a fleeting, forgotten shutter-snap in your life’s history of insignificant things. But I am at peace with being a secret,...Read On


How I met my Soulmate

My first meeting with my soulmate

It was another boring day at work. Coworkers were steadily coming and going from my office, showing up to dump the next problem on me, and goon about their day. Finally, five o'clock came and the stream of new problems ceased. "Just a few more hours and I can go finally home, get some sleep, come back, and start again, " I thought. How could I have gotten into such a rut. I guess that's why...Read On


The Crush - The Friendship - The Final Farewell

The crush that lead to a wonderful friendship.

*The Crush* The first time I met you, a feeling never experienced before came over me. It did not take long to realize that it was called the crush. You were much older than I. A woman whose knowledge and travels were willingly shared with me. I was fortunate enough to spend every weekday from late August to early June with you. Everyday when it was time for me to leave, I came up...Read On


Jane's Story

Once a voyeur peeking into a passionate tryst via her camera lens, Jane finally gets her own story.

Jane sat at her desk staring out the window while the rain poured down outside. It didn’t matter what the weather was like outside today because today was the day she would finally be free. In just a few short hours, her life would start over. At last! She opened the top drawer of the desk and fished out an envelope. Carefully Jane removed the paperclip that held the contents in place...Read On


My Best Friend's Brother

Tanner was back in town

The music pounded into my ears as I leaned forward to take another drink order, trying not to think about the low cut V of the tee shirt that proudly bore the name of the bar I worked at. I loved the job-most of it-but I was not a fan of the shirt when the customers stared down it as this guy was presently doing. “Your order?” I reminded him, smirking as he blushed and looked into my bright...Read On

Recommended Read

Journey Through the Rabbit Hole - Part 2

Crystal learns who her mysterious lover really is.

Daniel slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I decided needed to stretch my legs, so I climbed off the bed and wandered to the dresser to look at the pictures. It was then I saw something that shocked me. I grabbed a picture of my ex-husband Robert and his younger brother Edward. It was the last picture taken of them before they had their falling out in college. Daniel walked in...Read On


An evening with you

We just met but after tonight we leave the friend zone

  Thoughts of you being in the shower with me were shattered when the phone started ringing. I quickly grabbed the towel that was hanging on a hook and wrapped myself as I picked up the receiver. “Hello?” “Hey You, it’s Me, are you busy?” “Never too busy for you… I was just taking a shower, what’s up?” “Well, I know we’ve only met a couple of times, but would you like some company?” ...Read On


When Two World's Collide Part 2

Robin and John continue their blossoming romance.

I awoke around seven the next morning from one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had. It was at that point between sleep and awake that I thought I had dreamt the past day or two. Then I realized it wasn’t a dream. I had just spent the night with the most beautiful woman in the world, and I couldn’t help but smile. When I looked over I saw that Robin wasn’t beside me, but as I sat up...Read On


All Of You

Stella realized who he was after the kiss

It was going to be a long fucking night. The bar was crowded with college students drinking and watching the basketball playoffs all over the large room or just gathered in booths talking, and they were particularly friendly tonight. I'd been flirted with, propositioned, and fondled and mostly by the same table of five guys that thought their actions would suddenly make me want them. I...Read On