Moriah Teaches Sex Ed

Moriah leaves the classroom and comes back mortified.

The alarm clock went off and James reached across the bed in exhaustion from last night’s exploits. Moriah twitched and moaned in her sleep, her body begging her not to get up. James shook Moriah awake after waiting five minutes. “Honey, it’s time to get up. Today’s the big day, and you are going to be late if you wait any longer.” Moriah growled and lifted her head up to see the neon...Read On



Moriah's First Adventure

Moriah has her first girl-on-girl experience

The chilly wind blowing through the multi-colored trees left a crisp autumn scent lingering in the air. Moriah lay under a tall Maple near Lake Juniper, a small hidden area in which she normally goes to meditate and reflect upon her life. She likes to take in the fresh air and commune with nature whenever the opportunity presents itself, and this particular spot was the opportune place to do...Read On



Moriah The Exhibitionist

Moriah indulges in the exciting world of Exhibitionism

“Another drink, Moriah?” I asked with a hint of laughter. She just smiled and raised her eyebrows, holding her glass up in expectation. I got up from the leather Harley-Davidson bar stool I was sitting on and made my way to the kitchen. I felt a smirk slide across my face as an idea came to mind. I began expertly pouring in vodka, coconut rum, apple juice and orange juice to make...Read On

Group Sex(1)


My Girlfriend Becomes the Prize

Moriah is the prize in my friend's competition

I love my girlfriend Moriah, she is the first girlfriend I have ever had that I felt this close to. She is also the only girl that I have ever liked to watch parade around in front of my other friends in skimpy outfits, or to see flash random strangers. She's a bombshell, 5'4", 108 pounds, has long natural dirty blond hair although it's now dyed a sort of mahogany red color. Her breasts are a...Read On



Moriah: Before she was Mine Ch.1

Chapter One: Home Alone

Prologue: Her Life  To most avid readers here on Lush, it will not come as a surprise to you when I start this short story the same way every other couple story starts on the website by saying, “My girlfriend Moriah has to be the most desirable woman on the planet." Nevertheless, this seems as though it is the proper place to start such a story as this one will be. My girlfriend...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Moriah's First Date

Moriah enjoys a date with another man, while her boyfriend watches

I was in bed anxiously awaiting their arrival, slowly stroking my cock thinking of what kind of trouble my sweet innocent girlfriend could be getting herself into. Tonight was our test run, we wanted to breathe life into my biggest fantasy. I had sent her out dressed like a slut, low-cut club shirt with her best push up bra, a short jean skirt with no panties on underneath. There is no way...Read On



Making the Grade

What happens when you accidentally send your Professor the wrong file?

I sat in wonderment at the embarrassing fix. I shook my head as hard as I could, trying to convince myself it wasn't true, that I didn't just do the single most embarrassing thing I've ever done. My cheeks burned with the blood from my blushing. My whole body was quivering with fear and anticipation. I just wanted a reply so I could explain myself. Then the realization kicked in, and I...Read On