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08 Apr 2014 12:04

guess that's over with now................

28 Mar 2014 11:53

Missing someones......

25 Mar 2014 12:09

damn really needing something right now......

20 Mar 2014 15:30

Husband left this Morning to go be a Drill Instructor to Future Marines! deffinetly will be missing him but glad to know he will be safe an probably be having the new Recruits Hate him! lol

11 Mar 2014 15:27

Omg! I knew my husband kinda resembled a actor I've seen before! Lol

04 Mar 2014 13:47

Hubby is officially a drill insctructor for the Marines! so proud of him!

05 Feb 2014 16:17

Omg I am soooo proud of my hubby he is soon be to a certified drill instructor!

28 Jan 2014 10:29

Saturday was my hubbys birthday! he is now 30! OMG he is old! haha but I hate that we couldn't celebrate it with him due to the fact he is off at training to become a drill instructor! I cant wait to see you baby I love you!

23 Jan 2014 13:33

OMG my hubbys birthday is coming up soon, an baby cast is just growing and growing waiting to make his debut!

16 Jan 2014 05:57

09 Jan 2014 13:17

Baby Cast is contunining to grow and grow it is a boy he currently does have a name if anybody would like to know what it is please don't hesitate to ask me or my husband Ryan!

16 Nov 2013 15:24

14 Nov 2013 11:55

Ryan is officially Home and doing better, just resting but keeps complaining he is ready for work already haha sounds like my husband, but thank you everyone who kept him in your thoughts and prayers

12 Nov 2013 16:01

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Ryan or said thoughtful things to me, for a update he is currently awake now an doing good just now has the broken ribs should be home someday soon!

10 Nov 2013 10:13

For everybodys information, Ryan was in a motorcycle Accident a few days ago an he currently has broken ribs, an is in a Minor coma and they said once he is awake they would go from there, so I am please asking for prayers thank you very much!