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Caught by my Teacher (Part 2)

It's not that this is what I wanted, or at least I thought so...

I walked into the small office. There were papers scattered on the floor and various surfaces around the room. The stacks of old books lining the walls of the room made it look much smaller than it actually was. An old oak desk, pushed up against the back wall, took up the majority of the space. I tried to avoid my teachers eyes as I scanned the room for something to focus on besides her. ...Read On


Caught by my Teacher

I turned around and standing at the doorway was my history teacher...

It was hot as hell in the old school library. I was sitting in one of the study rooms in the back of the building on a hard wooden chair. My tanned thighs were sticking to the wood and my tank top was nearly soaked through with sweat. All of a sudden, I had a rush of arousal. I tried to ignore it by turning up my music and attempting to focus on my history paper. It was only a few hours...Read On


Cum Covered Camcorder

His name was Michael and looked about thirty five years of age when I first met him. At the time, I was nineteen, a college drop-out, daughter of divorced, dysfunctional parents who knew nothing about me whatsoever. They loved me of course, but we weren't exactly close; distance was more acceptable and far less uncomfortable than a sweaty hug from my old man and to feel my mother's tight...Read On

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Wanting To Fuck A Stranger

Strangers Can Be Fun

You ever have one of those days when you bump into someone who is so downright sexy you want to take them right then and there? That was me today. I’m minding my own business jogging down the same path I have always jogged down, for almost a year now, and I slam into this gorgeous man. He wasn't paying attention to me, as his phone started ringing, and I didn't see him, because I was...Read On


Bathtime Delight

Jack surprised Moira with a bath, who takes it to the next level.

Moira leaned back in her seat and stared at the traffic stretched out before her, the roofs of the multitude of cars glaring with the sun's blinding reflection. A pounding headache was beginning with a dull throb settled right behind her eyes, and she slumped in resignation. "Another day, another dollar, my ass," her mutter was quiet and she nearly gasped in joy as the traffic finally began...Read On


Pleasure For You

It's been a long day and my body feels tense. I feel like I need something, some way of relaxing and making myself feel good... I smile. I know what's up and I know just the thing to fix it. You. My hands run along my body and I sigh softly. I feel so needy and I ache for some kind of release. I need to cum, I need to pleasure myself, now. Thoughts of you always fill my head when I am...Read On


Taking off, Getting off

Peach gets too turned on before her flight, and has a little surprise.

I was getting ready to go away for the weekend; trying to get dressed and pack my suitcase at the same time. I was running around the hotel room wearing my satin white panties and looking for something to wear. Sorting through my clothes, I pulled out a white lace and sheer lingerie set that Hunter and I had picked out a few weeks ago. We ended up having some fun that night without it, so I...Read On


Never Enough

One hundred percent autobiographical account of not so pure lust

I pull my smartphone from under my pillow and look for that message icon on the top left side of the screen. You are the only one on earth who knows my private messenger name and who has ever heard my voice through the cyber channels. Over the past month, I’ve slowly revealed myself to you, but not less intimately. I realize I might have made you uncomfortable yesterday when I exposed my...Read On


Is It Okay if I Watch?

"Oh man," Stefan growled as I stopped kissing him and pulled myself off of his body. "I have to stop," I said shyly. "You're too big of a tease, Avery," he replied while he took a deep breath. My boyfriend Stefan and I had been dating for over a year. I was still infatuated with him and loved our relationship, however, I felt like having sex too early would be bad and we still hadn't...Read On


Sexting Self Love

Peach spends some quality time with herself when Hunter is busy

She could hear her phone beeping from down the hall. She knew it was him and was already excited before she even read what he had said. “Hi, beautiful,” read the text from Hunter. “Hello, handsome,” Peach responded back. “Alone?” he asked. “Yes, my husband just left ;),” she replied. Peach was waiting to be alone again so she could play with Hunter. They talked and flirted all day,...Read On


Make Me an Exhibitionist Slut

Woman listens to sexy demands and masturbates at the window.

I lay in bed, laptop on my lap. It was my day off and I planned to make the most of it. I logged on to Lush for a while, catching up on the latest stories and reading a few I had bookmarked. Sufficiently worked up, I headed to the chat rooms to find someone to chat with. I started a few chats, none really piquing my interest or leading anywhere. Beginning to become bored, I opened one of...Read On


Sexting Shared

Peach sends sexy pictures to her man...and his friend.

She already felt herself starting to get wet as she pulled each thigh high up, feeling the softness against her legs. Peach loved taking sexy pictures to tease Hunter with, and his reaction turned her on even more. Hunter had requested every piece of this outfit; she was finally home alone, her husband at work and couldn't wait to show Hunter her new outfit.  They played this game many...Read On


Amy Awakened

He forgot to turn off the webcam, giving her a show that left her breathless

( A Les Lumens Story ) Amy awakened, startled by the phone ringing, and picked it up. She smiled at the computer screen in front of her, seeing exactly the same message that Jason delivered to her when she brought the phone to her ear. “Go to bed. You’re falling asleep in that chair.” “Sorry,” Amy responded, twirling a lock of her brown hair on her finger, tingling all over from the...Read On


Amber: Saturday

A man with a knicker fetish goes on a date with a schoolgirl and buys her some new underwear

It was a stressful 24 hours. It was what I wanted; of course it was what I wanted. But sometimes you just can't have what you want, or rather who you want. Amber. My schoolgirl fantasy; my knicker-showing tease. A date. It was ridiculous how excited and scared I was at the prospect of going on a 'proper' date with Amber. Excited, scared and stressed. And there was something that...Read On


I Never Saw Him Cumming

This time I could definitely say that curiosity did NOT kill the cat.

“This is Luke Cross reporting live from our living room. As you can see, we’ve just purchased a new sofa, which cost us a month’s worth of groceries.” My 30 year old roommate, Luke, circled the sofa with his camera like an offended animal. Only instead of grunts and hisses, he pretended to shoot lasers at it. “Pew pew,” he went. Here we go, again. “Jen and I will most likely starve, and...Read On