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Alone Time

Alone time can be incredibly satisfying.

I found myself alone for the evening, but not without an agenda. I had been given very specific instructions as to what my night time activities would entail. He had written them for me in painstaking detail and he would expect me to comply fully and completely just as if he were there to carry out his demands himself. During the day, in anticipation of an elaborate session...Read On


Truth or Dare

daughter's friend with benefits

There are some advantages to being divorced. Not many, but some. I can watch all the ball games I want without getting nagged. I can put my shoes up on the coffee table. I can.... actually the list is pretty short. But at least I can dream of having sex with any number of gorgeous girls, and no one ever demands to know what I’m thinking about. I was doing just that the other night, watching...Read On


My Hot Aunt Debbie Part1

My Aunt gives me a week to remember.

During Desert Storm, I was serving in the Air Force and ready to come home on leave. At nineteen, I was in very good shape with a very firm body and neglected cock after being gone for so long. I was given a couple weeks leave after being gone for a year, so I immediately started making plans.  My mom had a goof-ball boyfriend living with her, so I didn't want to stay there. Next best...Read On


Feeling Fruity

A true confession from a woman who wants to share her fruity frolics

This is a confessional by a friend who wants to remain anonymous. The story is hers, but the words chosen to tell it are mostly mine. Her name isn’t Emma, but that’s what I’m going to call her. She’s a grown woman of 27, with a young son and happily separated from the boy’s father. The father is still around and their relationship is much stronger now that they’re not living together,...Read On


My Morning With Beth

It was a Saturday morning, and my wife was away, so I was doing what I do whenever she is not home - searching for porn. It was early - only 7 AM - but it is never too early to jerk off. I was wearing what I sleep in - jogging shorts made of a quick drying fabric and a tee shirt of the same material. My penis was already tingling. It was time to retrieve the newspaper, so I headed to the...Read On


Getting Caught

The first part of this story is true. The rest? You decide.

Most of my adult life, and in my teen years when I figured out what it was, jacking off was my primary source of release. It didn't help that I was in two basically sexless marriages. Doing it on my own damn self was a way of life. Then along came DJ. As I wrote on one of my blogs, there is nothing she won't do. If I come up with an idea, no matter how weird or perverse, she's all over it....Read On


Tending The Gardens - Part One

When a search of a service provider takes an intriguing turn for the better...

She awaited his arrival, heart thumping loudly in her ears, as she tried to collect herself. She had only known him a few weeks, discovered his service by sheer serendipity. So many calls later, she finally struck gold. Of all those she contacted he was the only one willing to deal with her peculiar requests and personality. He was so polite, polished, poised and confident. This appealed to...Read On


Turning the Skeptic

First time playing with prostate massager

---"I'm fighting the war against prostate cancer!!" I can remember hollering that to a family member in an attempt to get them to leave me in peace once, and that's all I'd say to the prostate's credit. My doctor claimed it would be both good for me and feel good, but I never bought it. I'll admit to being a skeptic freely--hell, I still am today in a way. I wasn't sure it was even all...Read On

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Quick, Slick Wank

This is a transcript of a voice message from a lass to her new lover, guiding his masturbation.

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Message begins: "Hiya, lad. It's me. I said I'd call and leave you a message... I feel really embarrassed now, just talking to nothing but your ears (even though your ears aren't there). But remember, I said that next time I left you a message, you'd need a cookie and some lube? Okay, with...Read On


Average Jane

Jane gets entertained by a longtime online boytoy...

Absently, Jane ran one hand through her light blond hair. As with most days, she wore it loose so it fell in waves around her face, ending a few inches below her shoulders and giving her a casually classy air. Her blue eyes flicked to the laptop's screen again and her painted red lips spread into a wicked smile. He was online again, though he'd announced he was going to bed almost two hours...Read On


Busted, I really ought to be more careful

There is a judicious blend of fact and fancy in this story but I hope the line between the two is su

I am sure wehave all to a greater or lesser extent, experienced the “Mid-Cycle-Madness”; you know, when you have the sort of itch that no matter how many times or with what intensity you scratch it, it simply does not go away. Of course the downside of that is, you know that within a week or so, God reminds us why we are special by visiting upon us the monthly curse. I was at work,...Read On


Insatiable Awakening - Chapter One: Forgotten Fantasy

Katie fucks herself to awakened memories.

Katie lay sprawled across the bed. The attic room had been hot before she arrived home, as it always was by late summer. Devoting the afternoon and early evening to fingering and fucking herself had raised the temperature even further and made the air close and humid, smelling of teenage sweat and pussy. Now the fading sun shining gently through the low window at the far end set the room in...Read On


Danger Wank

For when an ordinary wank just isn't enough.

To his right was a brand new box of man-sized tissues and a small bottle of baby oil, Harry's favourite lubricant. To his left was a small digital alarm clock, correct to within one second. He sat on the edge of his bed, anxiously wringing his hands as he watched the time tick by ever so slowly. Just two minutes remained before the start of his greatest challenge to date. At exactly 15:55,...Read On


My Naked Experience at the Movies…At 19

Teenage Exhibitionism At It's Finest

When I was in my 2nd year of college, I was 19 and starting to get very adventurous, with my sexuality. During my summer break, I woke up one morning and it was already so hot. Wasn’t sure on what to do, but was feeling very naughty and horny. Wanted to do something I’d never done before. Then a thought came across my mind. Something I’d really wanted to do for a while. I decided to go to...Read On


It's just touching...

Vacation roommates seek some relief

Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. Almost there, but at the same time he was enjoying the feeling of holding off. Tiffany was waiting for him to get out, he knew, and he was taking a little longer than he should, but fuck it, it felt good to finally get a chance for some relief. Tiffany…fuck. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face...Read On