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The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part Six: The Neighbor

With Auntie Tania out for the evening, Henry visits the new neighbor.

My encounters with Auntie Tania were everything a teenaged boy could dream of, short of actually having intercourse. She sent me to bed on many a night during that summer of ’86, a quivering, spent mess and I loved every favor she granted me. But, the ultimate goal was yet to be satisfied. By late August, I had given up on getting it from Auntie Tania, but I was entertained by her...Read On


Sex Stress Test

Senior citizen visits doctor for a physical and becomes part of a sex study.

I just turned sixty five and received my Medicare card. My wife was bugging me to get a complete physical, and a prescription for Viagra. I have been to many doctors over my lifetime, but if anyone is going to stick their finger up my ass and hold my balls while I cough, I prefer a female doctor. I made an appointment to see Doctor Mia Kim. After waiting, what seemed like an eternity,...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part Five

Henry's been a good boy and Auntie Tania gives him a present.

After the rough treatment I had received from Auntie Tania’s slaps during her bedroom lesson, my scrotum was swollen and bruised. My little soldier was capable of nothing other than urination for six days. It had paid quite a price for the gloriously intense orgasm she had granted that night. I treated the problem with ice packs and was careful to hide it from my parents and my devilish...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part Four

Auntie Tania lets Henry into her bedroom for a show.

After Auntie Tania’s daring footjob at the dinner table where my parents were present, I retreated to my room a quivering, wet mess. My dick was relaxing in spent delight, so I peeled my cum-soaked underpants and shorts from my loins and kicked them to the corner. My bedroom was permeated with the scent of my seed, but I had no way of getting the incriminating evidence out of my room and...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part Three

Auntie Tania pushes Henry's envelope.

It was two days after my three a.m. adventure with Aunt Tania before my body recovered fully from it. Throughout that day, my balls were sore to the touch, so I avoided contact as much as possible. It was the first day in weeks that I didn’t feel the need to leave the house to hide my constant hard-on from everyone. The thought of Auntie Tania’s silky soft stockings and warm feet bringing me...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part Two

Auntie Tania grants Henry second lesson.

The hot summer days that followed my Auntie Tania’s first lesson were maddeningly, deliciously frustrating. She had left me a dribbling mess that first night because I could not control myself and follow her instruction. I had been forced to salvage what orgasm had been left within me, beating off to a Bananarama video on MTV in the middle of the night. It had taken hours to get any sleep...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part One

Auntie Tania teaches her teenage nephew a lesson in patience.

The obsession with my mother’s adopted sister, Tania began a few weeks after she moved in with us in the summer of 1986 after her failed attempt at becoming an actress in Hollywood. I was only seven when I first met her during a Christmas visit with my grandparents in 1975 and I remember her being very quiet. It was told to me that her shyness was because of her Ukrainian accent. It seemed...Read On


Mature Wifes First Threesome

57 year old wife has first threesome True Story

My fifty-seven year old wife had only ever had one cock, mine. In our late fifties we still enjoyed an active sex life. My wife Amy has a petite build and is still an attractive lady for her age. Despite our active sex life I had always had a strong desire to see her being fucked by another male. Amy had always maintained that she could not meet someone and then get into bed with them and...Read On


A Memorable Backpack

I meet a younger girl while backpacking and have a ball.

I pull my car into the trailhead parking lot. Great, not another car here, I think, as I pull to a shady spot and turn off the ignition. This is a popular spot on the weekends because it is a perfect one day hike into the pools and creek area that the locals call the 'shut-in'. I have a week off and decided to take a couple of days to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It has been a mild...Read On


Jared and Jennifer, Part 2

There relationship goes to the next level, and they never look back

My mind was racing. Did that really happen? Did Jared really kiss me? Why would he do that? And why did I kiss him back so passionately? I wasn't falling for this kid was I? I was. As I drove home I started to put things together in my head. When we had our first tutoring session, I was in a bad place. My life was falling apart and I didn't even want to be a teacher anymore. Jared...Read On


Jared and Jennifer, Part 1

All he wanted was good grades, he got so much more

I wanted to get straight A's my senior year of high school. I knew I'd need help so I signed up for my high schools tutoring program. Little did I know I'd be leaving high school with more than good grades. You might call it fate when I ran into Mrs. Brooks that day at the supermarket. My mom needed some things to make dinner and I offered to get them for her. As I was walking passed...Read On


The Cruise Chapter 3

Liz meets the Captain and the Entertainment Director.

I leave the bathroom and rummage through my luggage with just a towel wrapped around my body. David comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and whispers in my ear, "Don't wear a bra or panties, sexy.....easier access." I smile at him and wink, "My thoughts exactly, love." I pull out a white miniskirt that has blue roses scattered over it and a royal blue camisole that...Read On


The Cruise Chapter 2

Liz get washed up!

I look at David and say, "I should get cleaned up. Do you want the bathroom first or can I go first?" "You go ahead love. I need to get some clean pants out." He smiles and waves me toward the bathroom. I grab my toiletries and walk into one of the most luxurious bathrooms I have ever seen. On one wall is the counter with two sinks and a wall size mirror over the sinks. There is a...Read On


The Cruise

Liz, a 40 year old widow, takes a vacation on a sex cruise in the Caribean.

I would have never dared to do this before but my best friend had given me the tickets as a birthday surprise. We had been best friends for over twenty years and she had been there for me when no one else had been. Tina and I had been roommates in college and had become very quick friends. We had even been each other's maid of honor for our weddings. We have always been very close and even...Read On


Office sex

wife visits her hubsand at work

We backed toward my desk. She unbuttoned my shirt and I stuck one hand up underneath her dress, stroking the folds of her pussy gently. Alora rarely wore panties, and today was no exception. She was incredibly wet. I felt her spread her legs, so I obligingly inserted two fingers into her dripping sex, making her moan with pleasure and melt against my bare chest as I pumped her slowly. My...Read On