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hi everybody i live in belgium and im a student if you want to chat with me, just add (and tip, i am straight!!)

I am a curious girl not only about sex but also a lot of thing. I admire people who don't have boundaries and strong imagination

Hi, I came across this site by lucky accident but decided to read a few stories and now I'm hooked. Due to Krystenah's stories I discovered some more about my sexual self, because I didn't know that I was into the M/s relation ( with me being the Master). And so I started to explore the world of M/...

i'm somebody very curious, want to interact with people and read their stories... Maybey chat and exchange stories privatly if contact is made, but thats the beauty of life, adventure and attraction!!!

I'm a Belgian student in business comunication, I'm a trilinguist and this is the first time I join such a website or social network as Lushstories. I really got into it, and I'm even thinking about writting some stories but we're not there yet. I don't really have a specific type of story I like mo...

Hello, I'm Savannah, and I just wanted to write my sex diaries in here, even though it's not all sex and a lot of back-up, I just wanted to share.

Want to be my toy? Add me. But treat me like a princess! I love owning girls, telling them what to do, calling them names, punish them if they do something I dislike. I don't do any bathroom play, neither anything which will resolve in a bloody mess.

If you wish to be my toy, that's great! ...

Career military currently stationed in Belgium. I enjoy reading stories of just about anything however I tend to enjoy most often the voyeuristic stories of other members and will post my voyeur adventures as well as special encounters while deployed or traveling.