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I'm mostly lesbian, making an exception for my long-term boyfriend who lets me pursue pussy as my heart desires. I write about things that I did, things that I'd like to do and things that I only dream of doing. Which is which is something you need to figure out for yourself.

Almost all my ...


Hi my name Jerkeisha but u can call me Keisha.I'm 5"0.I'm 25 year old.I love me meet people.

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Very horny love white an Asian women they just turn me on an taste so good but do like all women

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Blessed with a 'Geek' mind (Mensa member) trapped in a Jock's body (no, I do not mean I wear a kilt) I am able to test my physical body's ability to keep up with my sexual imagination. Old school 'power play' type of guy with the ladies, has a broad interest that stops short of serious BDSM, pain or...