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Happily married to a beautiful Korean woman, but a lover of shared wife stories. In my single days I was lucky to both be the bull for a married couple as well as the lucky boyfriend whose girlfriend would enjoy other men on occasion

I run a few Fetish Based Online websites and always looking to delve deeper in yours and mine Fetish.

Married four years to a great guy. We love exploring the world around us and giving ourselves the freedom to dig into new experiences.

I love wearing sexy lingerie!



No that is not me in my avatar.

Professional woman, divorced, with two teens. I sell precious metals for a large Canadian firm.

I am 28 years old, recently divorced, and a bit worried about worried about reentering the "market." This seems like a good safe start.

I'm a straight, gay dog who has spent nearly ten years as an advertising copywriter for radio and television. This has left me with a debilitating work-related disability. I had always planned to try my hand at writing the Great Canadian Novel and several years ago decided to begin during a two-we...


race horse from the waist down

I want to break out of the rut my life has become. I have a friend who joined lush about 6 months ago and she advised me to come here before doing anything else. She said it gives her time to think.

I'm a single guy, 28 years old living in Canada. I've had a few relationships, but they've just never worked out. I'm just here to have some fun and meet interesting people. Most of the time I've got all kinds of fantasies running in my head, but for the most part I love thinking of older women. ...


I am divorced guy trying to raise two kids. (She left me with the kids for another guy.) Any parenting advice is always appreciated. My daughter is 13 and my son is 11. Help!!