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Fun loving average Canadian girl who will keep you very warm in the long Canadian winter and very hot the rest of the year.

Love shopping, especially for shoes, but what girl doesn't?

I'm just a sweet girl with a naughty side...


If there is something you want to know ask me. I am a pretty open book.

Hockey loving, beer drinking, and fun loving male.


Once married, thankfully divorced. Very Bi, prefer women to men. Not terribly interested in new male friends. X hubby put me off men. GF's helped save me. I'm 41 brunette, slender, small breasted, 34B. Use to play volleyball and run track. Less active now, I have PPMS.
Quite active on a...

I will be a sophomore at a midwestern college. That is not me in my avatar, sorry... And no, I haven't decided on a major yet.

**Please Note: I'm not able to chat because I'm using a mobile phone!**

I'm an outdoorsy type and nature lover so I enjoy any time spent outside. Camping, hiking, get the picture. I'm a deep thinker with a sarcastic sense of humour. Now, enough of the mundane stuff...I...


I found this site when I was looking for kinky stories. I'd like to make friend with those who enjoy the stories so we can have fun together. I'm all for sex, I am down to try anything and make love basically anywhere as long as it's adventures.

and I don't know how to change my profile pic...

we are a fun and 420 lovin couple... looking to chat with younger females, and males. Other married couples and older women are always welcome He is 30 and she is 41. Together 11 years... Come say high some time


I'm in my mid 40's and am a retired Officer from the Canadian Infantry. I am a gentleman and treat women with respect, which is why it always takes me forever to make a "first move" sometimes to the frustration of who I'm with. Once I get in the bedroom however, I am really adventurous and open m...