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Hello people of lush my name is April and i am currently single. Let me lay down my rules, Okay well if you want to talk to me you better start a conversation because if it's all im horny lets cyber isn't going happen you have be my friend for a while for that to happen i dont want any creepy 50 yea...

I like listening to music and reading action/fantasy/romance filled books. (but not twilight) ...I'm more of a sub than a dom. I like being spanked, tied, etc.

single mom looking for some fun

a 23 yr old male that loves lesbian taboo.

I will tell you my real name when i feel comfortable with you. i am 19 and i am interseted in all types of story roaming around from non-sexual stories to sexual stories. its my first time reading them. i am also a bbw. i am a big girl and dont care if i am fat. if you dont like it. well simply fuck...

A thirty something male, bi-sexual with couples, very open and honest and always curious to talk about experiences. I am tall, slender, very good looking, polite and respectful. I thoroughly enjoy reading erotica, and want to give writing a shot.

Writing smut since I was a teen. Love the word smut - it's in its own groove, somewhere between erotica and porn. Writing the stuff is a sort of mental masturbation - getting off on your own words and hoping others do too. Me? Male, straight, getting on in years. Love women, fascinated by their unde...

Crossdressing sexy bi male. Wanting to make connections with same. Love lingerie, mini skirts and gorgeous silky cock.

Just a friendly kind man who loves reading erotic stories

Im a RL submissive, and enjoy writing. I write stories about BDSM, vampires, S&M, anal, virgin, reluctance, etc.

i am about 5'2". i love ready sexy stories. i love the ones that are kinky and nasty.