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Easy going fella, from the land of the Santa Claus.

I am an sexy young 24 year old, enchanting blue eyes,a mesmerizing smile, long legs, an abdomen that is delectable and a hot tight body that will drive you crazy. I am here for enjoyment and I love to have fun. I have an open mind and love to play as only you and I can play together. I love being ...

A kind mature married guy. Just chatting and having fun, and practising my English.

I'm 21 year old girl from Finland. Why i am here is
read great stories and chat with people

I am a student of sport-related sciences from Finland. I became a member on Lush to be able to process and express my sexuality in a new way.

I like to write about infatuation and love; and the resulting desire to have intimate relations with that specific person. I also enjoy going into gr...

I'm very shy and unexperienced. My boobs are 90DD, hips 84 and ass 91.