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I'm an Korean male, happilly married, but has some kinky/taboo fantasies.
Since most fantasies can never come true, but luckily there are some nice stories here on

*If you want to be friends, at least try to be civilized and send me a message instead of just inviting me. Seriously, if I don't get to know you, you might as well leave me alone.*

Thanks for visiting my profile.
I'm a Dutch guy, my international friends call me Mike. I've been coming to Lushstories for years, reading stories, finally last year I decided to make a profile(so much better!).
Hope to keep reading more stories for years and I'm also trying my hand at writi...

I just like to write; sophisticated erotica, or thrillers, or fantasy; it depends on my mood. I'm here to share some of my erotica, which has its own style luckily, and I write m/m most of the time because I can get easier into a man's mind. Ha ha.

Hi I am Selea. I really like to read erotic fiction and get naughty when the mood is upon me. Would like to meet some nice guys and girls for the occasional sexy times and some nice chat. I'm always open to have a nice talk and I try to be a good girl, but I usually fail horribly. Add me if you want...