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Hello all the beautiful woman
I'm Diana...
I'm 6.1 feet tall with proper curves & shapes
I love to read erotic literature...
I love spending my time reading and chatting out here... But ...

Happy go lucky lawyer with a passion for photography. A combination of a wild imagination and a certain shyness means that I've written stories but not published anything yet. I

grew up in eastern europe

im a 30 yrs old lady from holland, i am married and faithfull in "our own" way.
i'm not exclusive but my HB knows or is present with others. since almost 2 years i'm a mother of a beautifull son!
my looks: 160 cm darkblond hair that falls over my shoulders, my eyes are blue/gray but more blu...

I am a divorced womanl of 39 yrs.
Very kinky and love a lot.
I try at least everything onces and keep the nice stuff.
Don't hate men but i am into girls the most.
see what happened here and wait.

A large city

Cpl (f-25, m-28), a lot of experience with cuckolding. It was my husband, at that time boy friend, who brought it up, more then once. He had to convince me before I decided to give it a try. I told him that if we would do it, it might be permanent. And indeed, there is no way back. he loves to watch...



I am a lover of all straight stories with a preference for interracial ones. I also like to chat and to mail. Send me a mail and I always reply.


My name is Beaudille,

My friends call me Beaux, I am also known as “Beautje”, or Beaux Angel.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10th of October 1986. My mother is a real Brazilian beauty, and my father is a handsome Dutchman born in the crazy city of Amsterdam.

We ...


Back around, feel free to hit me up~



Hello I'm michella from the Netherlands.
Am a shemale 18 years old and only interested in women!!!
So men don't try to have contact or add me,I will block you!!


A horny hello to our readers and fellow writers! My brother (-X-) and I (-Y-), are dedicated towards bringing to YOU, our sexiest and deepest perversions and fantasies.

Bask in the heat,
Give your ass
A tight squeeze,
Read our lusty tales
They'll make you wet,
When a...


Hi everyone.
I'm Rob (yes the picture is mine) from the Netherlands and I'm loving it here. I came to this website for the amazing stories and meeting new people and that I certainly have found here. I am currently attending University here in Holland. I am up for almost anything as long as you...


Born and raised near Amsterdam, Holland, I grew up in the only country where weed is legal to buy and smoke. This being such a free country, very few things are considered not to be done! I am currently attending the university of amsterdam, and have a free mind in almost anything.


I'm interested in erotica to widen my imagination and skills. Also to get out of daily life because lets be honest only rare ones can feel free and follow their fantasies in daily life we all have a things or boundaries that limits us. Another important thing is that I want discover myself deeper i...

-I am a div. single man of 49 now.
-Enjoy my life and am young in mind.
-Interested in other people's life , thinkings and fantasies.
-All ages have their beauty and excitement and are just numbers.
-Nothing is strange.

Would be nice to exchange MSN add...