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In a great place ;-)

I'm fit, fun and forty...ish!... love this site, people are so fab!
Travel all over Europe, love all sexy women!

In the south


18-year-old crossdresser wants to suck her first cock and also wants to get fucked by it.




I have a talent for writing, and I like to write hot stories. But as English is not my native language, I'm a bit reluctant.

Hello, My Jordi. And I recently started using Lush. I'am a social and outgoing guy that likes to broaden his interest and be honest about myself.
I Have a degree in Hospitality management and would like to on day work in a top notch Restaurant/Hotel/Cruise.
At the moment I'am currently stud...



I am a 50 year old male from the Netherlands who loves a lot of sex: reading stories, seeing sometimes movies, being bisexual. But I have other interest too. I am a breeder of lovebirds, my biggest hobby. Lots of music, (hard)rock, blues, pop, soul, classic.

The Hague

The Hague

Slim, trim well travelled European blond living in Holland. I have always been a sexual creature. I love dirty, exciting sex and secretly enjoy being a slut. Although I'm not as wild as I used to be I still have the ability to surprise my lover in bed. I enjoy reading sexy stories and love watching ...

Third rock from the sun



Consultant working from home or travelling. Straight (as in not bi, bi-curious or gay). I do a lot of sport - running, weight-lifting, horse-riding, tennis - to be fit.

I'm usually horny and love to look at and talk about porn with women who like to do that too so pm me if you're up for it...



close to the hague

im simply a way to horny young guy. altho im still a firgin i have read more than 1000 storrys and am probebly the best informed firgin alive hehe.


I guess one could say I'm one of a kind but then everyone starts calling me arrogant again lol. Well, I just like to paint women in every possible and impossible way. ;-)

68yr curious voyeur