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65. Male. Recently widowed. I'm 6' tall, a regular-looking guy, with a body going to seed. I like intelligent conversation with sensuous, attractive, interesting women, leading quickly to bed. That's when the fun begins. I'm not particularly looking to meet anyone on this site, which could add much ...


HI, I'm Jamey, I'm of Asian - Norwegian descent. I'm a professional fashion photographer, and on the rare occasion I do some 'nude' shoots. I love women more than men. doesn't mean I don't like cock, I do, as well as pussy. I know this will probably be considered strange to some people, me being a l...

New Zealand

Hi, I'm Dani, I like horse riding and horses in general. I quite like male humans too, with the odd occasion of the female messing around and the often random hook up with either sex. I'm straight, but open minded about most things, I haven't put any stories up yet as they are still to be edited.

New Zealand

Just your average male but who loves porn and incest, I am not ashamed to say I have a thing for my sister. Had some experiences when younger with my mother. Anyway I love this site and hope to make some like minded friends here, nice to know we are not alone in our thoughts, be happy........

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I am from S E Asia. very sensual and i love great sex and stories that get me excited and wet. i will post some stories of my adventures too. I am always exploring new avenues of pleasure.

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Hi just love LUSh, 50+ male who would love to have the body of his former youth with the experience and maturity I have today, still horny as ever some of my friends would say that I am a sex addict, truth is they are most probably right I love sex in all it's varieties just not into pain, humiliati...

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Shh! Its a secret ;)

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HONESTLY, I am not like normal girls. I have a side of me my friends describe as sadomasochism. So don't be suprised if we're chatting and I ask some pretty perturbing questions, thats just my EVIL BRAIN. Deep down, within my ANGEL HEART, I am a extremely nice and caring person





I'm 61 years old and thoroughly enjoying this site. There are some god stories on here, which can really get the juices running. There are also some really nice people who I have had the fortune of conversing with.

Just a Joe blogs average bloke. Looking to fire up the imagination. 5'7' New Zealander. Hard working tradesman.
Fav stories would be about two people who have been together for a while but still know how to fire each other up. Random meetings and romantic evenings.



I am just a normal guy with a high sex drive. I like bondage and domination I give and take. I like cyber, fetish, roleplay well to be honest I like almost everything. Feel free to add me as a friend or my messegner addy is


Looking for lust in all the wrong places