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I'm a 40-something single, professional fella.

I'm looking for new female friends to chat with, at least initially. Maybe more if we "click", or make similar noises in harmony. Be warned: I have a dry-yet-quirky sense of humour and I am prone to flirting outrageously.

It has been a...

we are a couple and hubby like to show me off, its lots of fun :-)

Im neisha im bi-sexual I love sex

Updating my bio ...

So here we go firstly I know what I like and don't. I'm straight to the point and have an opinion it's mine and I'll agree to differ ... thank god for differing opinions, otherwise what a boring world we would live in ... if it were black and white, I dare say the wor...


i am a single mom of a teenage dau

I am a event planner ( offer adult extras on all events , ask to find out more)

I love sex and ilove to share about experinces.
I work hard and play harder.
I love...



I enjoy life, love to go out and dance, have fun with family and friend's fun is my life motto. I will chat only if not already chatting to someone I like to commit to one person at a time so don't be offended if I don't chat with you must be chatting already.


hie, im a femme guy...


I love giving...what can I say? Finding Lush as a place where I can find woman who just need to relax, wind down, release, and helping them do this is a huge fulfillment for me. I'm no sub, but seeing you cum is about the biggest turn on I know. Hi I'm Jack, nice to meet you.


Hi I am very new to all I this, I wrote a couple of stories for a girl and she said I should upload them somewhere, so here I am.
I also love meeting new people, so If you want to drop me a line or maybe have a private chat let me know