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46 year old bisexual male

I spend my days working as a youth worker in my old high school. In my spare time I'm a musician who plays with different bands.

I'm a 19 year old guy from New Zealand. Second year university just completed. Loving being a student and at getting with the slutty girls at uni. I love reading stories about older woman fucking younger men and public sex stories.

whaat you see, is whaat you get baby ;)

Hey my name is Mark, just a typical kiwi guy. If you wanna know more feel free to have a chat to me, Im pretty friendly, I like a good conversation.

Not a big writer, but really enjoy reading sensual stories. I have a fetish for girls smoking, big tits and clits and pissing girls.

i like watching and reading porn, especially having... well the username is self-explanatory.. willing to chat to horny guys and sexxxy sluts but send me private messages, theyre the best way to chat to me

Love to Chat about anything, I'm open to most things. Private Message me if you want to talk and be friends, i dont often open a chat window with someone i dont know.
(I dont post pictures on my profile, but i do share ones of me with my FRIENDS, So lets have a chat and get to know one...

I really want to travel the world but to go off the beaten path a little bit and see the places most tours won't take you. I would prefer to start somewhere in europe but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The photo is an old one but it's the only photo i have of just me. Will hopefully b...

We are a couple in our early 20's looking for fun with another woman.

I'm a pilot who is looking for fun loving, adventurous people to chat with.
If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask.

I like fast cars,and fast women! I am married in an open relationship which works for bothof us. I have a very slutty wife( nymphomanic),which is good to have around!! We go out to swingers partys ,which are fun.Also have been into naturisim for last 3 years, mainly on camping hollidays.I like to c...