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I love to create beautiful images with my camera. I am yet to photograph people, naked people in stunning locations doing beautiful things... you could be my first...
I have a hubby am I'm a little naughty as he doesn't know I'm on this site, so it's our little secret. Shhhhhh

Up to have some fun and get to know different people. I would like to explore my kinky side, find out what i like and what i dont like.

I have 3 tattoos, they are all personal to me and have a special meaning to me.

New to this, I am bi curious and would love to try a guy but probably with a woman also. I have a few sexual fantasies to share and would love to chat to others

lonely and bored

Male, 43, from New Zealand who loves to chat and flirt with ladies.

Hello! I'm Megan but most people call me Meg, or Meggie; the latter being my little name (: I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who is also my Daddy, so sorry guys, I'm not particularly interested. If you would like to contact me, please respect our dynamic and ask his permission to do so fi...

This is is the the old "ant". Had to retire from lush, but back now and happy about that

I'm not sure what to put here But... I like to make new friends and chat with others from all around the world

i LOVE being a slave. listening to someone telling me wat to du with me only give a yes or no answer or good or great, or the hmm fuk, i like it alot

Im christina. Im a nice person I love to talk, im always in a good mood for talking Im Really fun to talk to, i say the randomest things. Hah...

I'm a 40-something single, professional fella.

I'm looking for new female friends to chat with, at least initially. Maybe more if we "click", or make similar noises in harmony. Be warned: I have a dry-yet-quirky sense of humour and I am prone to flirting outrageously.

It has been a...

we are a couple and hubby like to show me off, its lots of fun :-)