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Im neisha im bi-sexual I love sex

22 year old guy, likes playing sports, interested in a whole load of different things sexually, any questions just hit me up. No good at writing stories, although I do like reading them, for some reason I do love written erotica, it does the trick very well.

I am a very open-minded, horny chick who thinks about sex 24/7. I work in a hotel as a receptionist on the front desk, but in my spare time i love to read about sex, occassionally i like to write my own stories.

pm me if u wana chat xx, wont accept freind request if u have no pic


Update: I have had a accident that will limit the time I can be on here so bare with me ill be back later

i am a single mom of a teenage dau

I am a event planner ( offer adult extras on all events , ask to find ou...

this is what my ass looks like in real life... and still owned by my master even tho we live in different countries... just cos it says i am owned, don't mean to say that i can or will listen then you don't no me at all... don't assume that i'd listen to you... i am me and that's all i ever will be...

Hi. I am Kareena Jones. 30. Mistress in real life. And, Online, I am mostly a Sub. I love doing role plays. And submit myself. And have a lots of fun….(Preferably with women) I love to be treated as a wh*&e., & that is why, I am Mistress Billy's filthy little slut, I will please her and only her I...

I'm 18 years old, single and looking for a man to treat me like his little slut. I'm currently a student, and I live in a little town in New Zealand. I've always been interested in being owned after reading fifty shades of grey and I hope from this I can meet someone who can be my master in real lif...

Updating my bio ...

So here we go firstly I know what I like and don't. I'm straight to the point and have an opinion it's mine and I'll agree to differ ... thank god for differing opinions, otherwise what a boring world we would live in ... if it were black and white, I dare say the wor...

I am outgoing, and is enjoying everything life has to offer. Working part time and studying part time, Hoping to travel after study, maybe work on a cruise ship in a year or so. Love being on my parents farm, but also wanting to spread my wings. I am adventurous and love sport. I swim, surf, ski and...


I enjoy life, love to go out and dance, have fun with family and friend's fun is my life motto. I will chat only if not already chatting to someone I like to commit to one person at a time so don't be offended if I don't chat with you must be chatting already.


hie, im a femme guy...


Hi I am very new to all I this, I wrote a couple of stories for a girl and she said I should upload them somewhere, so here I am.
I also love meeting new people, so If you want to drop me a line or maybe have a private chat let me know



sweet as candy


Hello everyone. I am a single guy. Heard a lot about lush from a friend. So, joined. I have never ventured this side of the world. So, here I am.


Hi there I'm not hard to get along with, mainly just here looking for friends (especially local)
If you are keen on chatting outside lush let me know ...