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New here and loving the stories ..

I and not sub and never will be ..

hello im a clown
im as smooth as a caterpillar

kissing a boy = their tongue having an erection and thrusting at you... your face covered in saliva and sweet past rash. overall sloppy.

kissing a girl = a intense mouth orgasm yo...

I enjoy reading erotic stories, am a member of other literature sites and thought I should give this one a go. I believe that everyone is sexy in their own way (and shape) and what does it for you doesn't necessarily do it for someone else. I hate egotistical people who put others down - not a sexy ...

I'm 18 years old, single and looking for a man to treat me like his little slut. I'm currently a student, and I live in a little town in New Zealand. I've always been interested in being owned after reading fifty shades of grey and I hope from this I can meet someone who can be my master in real lif...

im young and single just lookin 2 have fun wud love 2 chat xox