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Hello all. I'm Jack. I'm not any good at writing stories, but I do love to read and I'm here to do that and make new friends. I am dominant, and like to be in control. I can be hard and rough when I dominate, but otherwise I am just an average man living his life. I'm 6ft1, shaved head, blue eyes an...

So...these bio things are never easy to write if you ask me. I mean, when one knows themself so well, it's difficult to put that in, we'll look at it from the perspective of why I'm here...hmmm...looking to meet and chat with like minded people. Exploring fantasies, desires and being able ...

I'm Sam, I'm from New Zealand and I have secret fetishes for authority figures, such as teachers and cops. I also have a huge thing for daddy stories.

Have a little thing for girls, not in a huge way... not enough to be Bi, but I like tits.

⬅ That sexy mama is not me, but I would so turn lesbian for her any day!

This is my first relationship so...
No more sex chats.
Sorry not sorry.
Don't send me friend requests if we haven't even chatted yet.
Don't send me messages or friend r...

Easy going guy, live in NZ, play cricket, love to write about anal sex, incest, lesbians, first times etc

Owned by him and only him

Hi firstly I am owned, I belong totally to my Master who is a good Man and good to me. I adore and love Him.

Please don't disrespect me, I am very happy in my life and with the choices I have made. I don't judge others so I request the same in return.

I am on here to make friend...