Members located in New Zealand

Im a 22 year old from newzealand I have a good job and im looking for a bit of fun.

20 year old male from new zealand love sport and having fun. message me or leave me a comment im always ready for a chat

I love reading erotica but please don't send me porn if I wanted to watch that I wouldn't be here.
Not interested in one night chats they do nothing for me unless I know you so don't bother chatting unless you want to get to know me and want me to know you.

hi I am zac. im 23 years old. i love the outdoors and keeping fit. i love sex, group sex and have a huge fetish for role play. feel free to message me. im always up to chat

Hey im leo. Im not that great at writing stories but love reading some of the amazing ones on lush, and i hope to draw inspiration from them

Hi, I'm Felix and come from New Zealand. In general, I am the more shy, reserved, and nice type of guy and do not have much experience when it comes to relationships/sex. But I am friendly, enjoy a good laugh, and can certainly chat once I'm past the shy barrier. Anyway, I guess the reason I'm on he...

Before you go any further I'd like to you take note of a few things.

I am NOT looking for a man, I already have a wonderful partner. Yes, he knows I am on here.
I will NOT post ANY pictures of me or my body so please don't ask