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My name's Elena, obviously. I'm from Santiago, but we currently live in Norway. I love Chile and some day I AM going back there. I'm a bisexual, although right now my heart belongs to my boyfriend. His name is Alex, and he's the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most gorgeous person I know. It's illegal,...

I live in the beautiful country of Norway where we keep ourselves warm using exercise, drink and sex. I like them all.

Im a very acktive male with a lot of lust for life and people. Love to read the stories in here and getting to know new peoples fantasies and life exsperience. Im sorry my english is not that good,but i try;-) Dont be afraid of contacting me for what ever.

Norwegian viking :) Blond, blue eyed and tall

An active guy, 21 years old. Interested in sharing interesting conversations and chats ;)! Love to read erotic stories on this webpage