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I'm a 26 year old female submissive collared by a male dominant that I am very lucky to have. I have been with my Master for almost a year now. While we do not yet live together, our relationship is more or less a 24/7 one. We do have many vanilla moments, but he holds the reigns in all aspects of t...

Sex deprived! would love to try a lot of things and it includes: - a hard quickie in the elevator! - sex all over the house especially above the dining table! - sex in the car - might try one in the movie house - in the office

Just a regular guy who happens to love (straight) sex.

Shy by nature but really like a kid at heart. If I warm up to someone, i can be quite chatty.

i guess from my outlook I can come across as someone quiet and nerdy but in truth, I have this passion for physical intimacy whi...

i m a bi, love sex. love to have more girls around me