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Married guy 51 yo, not into gay male, incest, love poems, BDSM, interracial,

I'm just a South African dude, but I've been all around the world, love sex, love meeting people and I love reading erotica! I might try my hand in writing too once i get the confidence. Anything you want to know? Just add me and ask

I'm only interested in women who likes women, no bi & definitely no men.

Happily married - late 40s. I have a dry sense of humour and like words to be clever. My writing is play-time I'm taking for me.

Suddenly my life had a coin flip. As a result i started writing a bit. Not only am I giving Erotic stories a go, but I'm working on a novel as well. I do hope you will find my writing enjoyable. XOXO