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I love to wear female clothes (by force or willing). I love pretending to be a girl thats 16yrs - 25yrs old (or from 12 or 13yrs old when wanted) in the company of girls, guys, couples or all, from ages of teens to grans. I am also try to liberate() clothes from girls (try to catch me if u can, if o...

Hi im a submissive slave looking 4 a mistress 2 obey

In real life: My wife and I are swingers and particularly enjoy group sex (the larger the group, the better). I'm bisexual. In 'Lush' life: The stories that I enjoy most are: gay male, anal, group sex and bi. I enjoy cybering especially with guys.

I am a normal guy with a wild streak. Been reading lush for a long while now and finally decided to join up. I am very shy (but with many surprises if you get to know me) so it would be a good idea of you started talking to me first.

Hey, I'm DanceWithShadows. I'm currently a student and I'm a virgin- and I plan to stay that way until marriage.

I'm always up for a chat, and I'm generally easy to get along with. I started reading stories here for a brief burst of.. enjoyment. But now I'm looking for stories that delve b...

I think this was in need of change Im K-Rev. To be honest, I really dont like writing about myself- I more of a caht with me and you will see. Im straight :) Love all females, black, white, indian, purple, pink,red. Whatever. If you were wondering im indian. No im not from India. Yes I live in Sou...

So this is me, exploring my sexuality, I believe our sexuality defines our personality! feeling each others desire through passionate touches only to simulate the senses of our personalities

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