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i am a man.
i am selfish but i like to please as long as i am pleased, but i am not here to please people for the seek of it.
i have learnt my trade.
I have travelled a lot but i am still open to surprises and they come more often tan you think. Just need to understand and be ready for ...

I am a father and husband, here spice up my life. what u see is what u get

Im new on d block so i will b trying to express all the dirty thoughts of a writer as best as i can,and i wil follow thoz who see to lead mi in the write direction but not the blind,mainly i lyk incestous,milf,wife lovers and bdsm stories.

52year male, straight but am bi-curious. Have been in a foursome before and the thought of tasting cock turned me on but was not sure about the other guy so left it alone.
Had bi experience many years ago while at school. Usual schoolboy stuff playing around with each other. Remembering those y...

I'm just a South African dude, but I've been all around the world, love sex, love meeting people and I love reading erotica! I might try my hand in writing too once i get the confidence. Anything you want to know? Just add me and ask

I'm only interested in women who likes women, no bi & definitely no men.

Happily married - late 40s. I have a dry sense of humour and like words to be clever. My writing is play-time I'm taking for me.

Suddenly my life had a coin flip. As a result i started writing a bit. Not only am I giving Erotic stories a go, but I'm working on a novel as well. I do hope you will find my writing enjoyable. XOXO