Members located in South Africa

I am looking to learn ..
very opened minded
They say knowledge is power
interested in discovering new things

Love to chat, love talk some spice and get that feeling of excitement moving through my body.

I am an openminded person. Me and my wife love to try out new things in life. I am a closset dresser and she approves. We like to meet simular people and enjoy friends and attention.

We are a vibrant couple who enjoys everything and anything. We have experimented with alot of things and keep the things we love. To find out what we enjoy please invite us and we will chat.

I'm here to enjoy the stories, the forums and sometimes chatting with friends.
While the young guys are hot and have staying power (or the ability to 'recover' quickly) - I must admit that I enjoy the older, more experienced man who really knows what a woman wants!

Okay, clearly this ne...